Internet Providers in 43713 Barnesville, OH & Cable/TV Companies

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There are 4 home internet options and 2 business internet options in Barnesville, OH. 88.4% of homes can get fixed-line service. Competition in 43713 is about as competitive as the average US zip code. There are 4 home internet providers in the entire zip code, which is average. The majority of 43713 residents have three to five options for wired internet service at their homes.

DecisionData Team
April 24, 2020

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Internet data in 43713



0.8% of homes can get Fiber. 43713 has 1 Fiber provider.



88.3% of homes can get DSL. 43713 has 2 DSL providers.



80.5% of homes can get Cable. 43713 has 1 Cable providers.


Wired internet

88.4% of homes can get Wired internet. 43713 has 2 Wired providers.