Internet Service Providers in Wisconsin

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There are 11 internet provider across all of Wisconsin. 98.2% of homes can get more than one wired (cable, DSL, fiber) internet provider, which is above average. Competition is generally good for the customer, which means internet in Wisconsin is more likely to offer competitive speeds or prices. All home internet providers are listed below.

DecisionData Team
April 13, 2021

Internet data in Wisconsin



47.7% of homes can get Fiber. Wisconsin has 38 Fiber provider.



89.8% of homes can get DSL. Wisconsin has 38 DSL providers.



94.5% of homes can get Cable. Wisconsin has 17 Cable providers.


Wired internet

98.2% of homes can get Wired internet. Wisconsin has 93 Wired providers.

DecisionData Team
April 13, 2021

Wisconsin Internet Service Providers

Summary of Internet Service Providers

Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
AT&T 67.52% Visit site
CenturyLink 10.76% Visit site
Spectrum 91.81% Visit site
Frontier 10.77% Visit site
HughesNet 100.00% Visit site
Ceom 24.02%
BendBroadband 39.53% 7.36%
Viasat 100.00%
Skycasters 100.00%
Bertram Communications 23.59%

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Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
Xfinity 1.64% Visit site
Mediacom 1.71% Visit site
Skybeam 5.59%
Mercury Network 1.90%
Geneva On-Line 1.71%
Netwurx 5.13%
AirRunner Networks 2.01%
Excel.Net 2.41%
Bug Tussel Wireless 3.45%
King Street Wireless 5.36%

Internet Provider Summary in Wisconsin

Internet Provider Types

96.3% of Wisconsin homes can get some type of internet. The table below shows which types of service are available.

Internet Type% of Wisconsin
Fiber Optic8.98%

Wisconsin Internet Speeds

Speed RangeDownload Speed
21 to 30 Mbps 2.06%
31 to 75 Mbps 1.02%
76 to 100 Mbps 24.29%
101 to 250 Mbps 0.42%
251 to 500 Mbps 62.30%
501 to 1000 Mbps 1.63%
1 Gbps or more 1.63%

Wisconsin Internet Provider by City

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