Internet Providers in Minnesota & Cable/TV Companies

There are 182 home TV and internet providers and 217 business providers across all of Minnesota. 80.4% of homes can get more than one wired (cable, DSL, fiber) internet provider, which is below average (#32 out of 52, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.). Competition is generally good for the customer, which means internet in Minnesota is more likely to offer competitive speeds or prices. All home internet providers are listed below.

Minnesota Internet Service Providers

Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
CenturyLink80.8%Visit site
Nextera Wireless48.8%Visit site
XFINITY (Comcast)45.6%Visit site
Spectrum19.5%Visit site
LTD Broadband14%Visit site
Mediacom10.3%Visit site
Frontier Communications9.6%Visit site
MVTV Wireless7%Visit site
Hiawatha Broadband Communications6.5%Visit site
Midco5.7%Visit site
Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
Nuvera4%Visit site
Radio Link Internet3.7%Visit site
King Street Wireless3.1%Visit site
Consolidated Communications2.4%Visit site
Windstream2.2%Visit site
Wisper ISP2.1%Visit site
Paul Bunyan Communications2.1%Visit site
GTT1.5%Visit site
AirFiber1.5%Visit site
Jaguar Communications1.5%Visit site
Allstream1.4%Visit site
TDS1.2%Visit site
Arvig1.1%Visit site
Info Link Wireless1.1%Visit site
CTC1%Visit site
Broadband Corp1%Visit site
Benton Cooperative Telephone Company0.9%Visit site
Vast Broadband0.8%Visit site
Cable One0.8%Visit site
Back 40 Wireless0.8%Visit site
Cooperative Light & Power0.8%Visit site
Wiktel0.7%Visit site
Rise Broadband0.7%Visit site
Park Region Telephone0.7%Visit site
AcenTek0.7%Visit site
Eastern Oregon Telecom0.7%Visit site
702 Communications0.5%Visit site
Garden Valley0.5%Visit site
RSFiber Cooperative0.5%Visit site
Fallsnet0.5%Visit site
KMTelecom0.4%Visit site
A Better Wireless Internet0.4%Visit site
SCI0.4%Visit site
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Gardonville Telephone0.3%Visit site
Velocity Telephone0.3%Visit site
Federated Telephone Cooperative0.3%Visit site
Halstad Telephone0.2%Visit site
Hanson Communications0.2%Visit site
Lake Connections0.2%Visit site
Red River Communications0.2%Visit site
Runestone Telecom Association0.2%Visit site
FiberNet0.2%Visit site
Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co0.2%Visit site
Albany Mutual Telephone Association0.2%Visit site
Lonsdale Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
Pine Island Telephone Company0.2%N/A
West Central Telephone Association0.2%Visit site
Star Communications0.2%Visit site
Southwest MN Broadband Services0.2%Visit site
Invisimax0.2%Visit site
Osakis Telephone Company0.1%N/A
Harmony Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
LightBeam Internet0.1%Visit site
Christensen Communications0.1%Visit site
MIDWEST0.1%Visit site
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association0.1%Visit site
LHTC Broadband0.1%Visit site
Alliance Communications0.1%Visit site
Windomnet0.1%Visit site
Farmers Telephone Company (Heartland)0.1%Visit site
Barnesville Municipal Telephone0.1%Visit site
Minnesota Valley Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Johnson Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Access Media Holdings0.1%Visit site
US Cellular0.1%Visit site
Peoples Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Home Telecom0.1%Visit site
Upsala Cooperative Telephone Association0.1%Visit site
Crosslake Communications0.1%Visit site
Woodstock Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Milaca Local Link0.1%Visit site
Easton Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Emily Cooperative Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Spring Grove Communications<.1%Visit site
Rothsay Telephone<.1%N/A
Eagle Telephone Systems<.1%Visit site
Bagley Public Utilities<.1%Visit site
Mabel CO-OP Telephone<.1%Visit site
Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
RC Technologies<.1%Visit site
Synkro Southwest<.1%Visit site
Moose-Tec<.1%Visit site
VTX1<.1%Visit site
TA<.1%Visit site
Wolverton Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Dunnell Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Runestone Telephone Association<.1%Visit site
SpeedConnect<.1%Visit site
Future Technologies<.1%Visit site
CalDSL<.1%Visit site
IGL TeleConnect<.1%Visit site
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation<.1%Visit site
XchangeTelecom<.1%Visit site
Northern Iowa Telephone Company<.1%N/A
Advantenon Inc<.1%Visit site
Prairie Hills Wireless<.1%Visit site
Starwire Technologies<.1%Visit site
Comelec Internet Services<.1%Visit site
River Valley Telecommunications Cooperative<.1%Visit site
Wilderness Wireless<.1%Visit site
Birch Communications<.1%Visit site
Northern Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative<.1%Visit site
LiteWire<.1%Visit site
Hager Telecom<.1%Visit site
Ringsted Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Independent Networks<.1%Visit site

13.8% of Minnesotans have only 1 wired provider connected to their block. 3.6% have no options at their homes except for satellite internet. This places Minnesota as the 21st most connected state.

Internet Provider Types

96.4% of Minnesota homes can get some type of internet. The table below shows which types of service are available.

Internet Type% of Minnesota
Fixed Wireless73.8%

Minnesota Internet Speeds

We measure two different types of max speeds. The first is a measure of the fastest speed a home could get for any price. For Minnesota the average is 35 Mbps. This measure puts Minnesota #25 out of 52 in the US.

Download Speed% of Minnesota
.1 to 5 Mbps0.8%
6 to 10 Mbps1.5%
11 to 20 Mbps1.9%
21 to 30 Mbps2.2%
31 to 75 Mbps2.3%
76 to 100 Mbps12.9%
101 to 250 Mbps48.5%
251 to 500 Mbps0.1%
501 to 999 Mbps0.0%
1 Gbps or more28.5%

Our second measure of speed is the actual average speed in Mbps for all Minnesotans. Real-world average speeds in Minnesota are about 35 Mbps, meaning Minnesota ranks #2 out of 52.

Detailed Internet Data by City

DecisionData has obsessively collected and calculated the most comprehensive data for ISPs (internet service providers) in Minnesota. Click on a city to view detailed information including speeds by provider by city and much more.