Internet Providers in Illinois & Cable/TV Companies

There are 61 home TV and internet providers and 88 business providers across all of Illinois. 80.2% of homes can get more than one wired (cable, DSL, fiber) internet provider, which is below average (#33 out of 52, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.). Competition is generally good for the customer, which means internet in Illinois is more likely to offer competitive speeds or prices. All home internet providers are listed below.

Illinois Internet Service Providers

Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
AT&T81.7%Visit site
XFINITY (Comcast)76.1%Visit site
Rise Broadband32%Visit site
e-vergent20.6%Visit site
Frontier Communications12.9%Visit site
King Street Wireless10.8%Visit site
WoW Cable9.4%Visit site
Mediacom8.1%Visit site
RCN6.2%Visit site
Wisper ISP6%Visit site
Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
Intelligent Computing Solutions5.8%Visit site
ClearSKY Systems5.2%Visit site
Spectrum5.1%Visit site
Nsight2.1%Visit site
Noize Communications1.9%Visit site
MTCO Communications1.8%Visit site
GTT1.6%Visit site
Metronet1.4%Visit site
Hospers Telephone Exchange1.2%Visit site
Pwr-Net1.1%Visit site
Consolidated Communications1.1%Visit site
Adams Telephone Co-operative1.1%Visit site
Fox Valley Internet Inc1%Visit site
CenturyLink1%Visit site
TDS0.9%Visit site
Surf Air Wireless0.7%Visit site
CASSCOMM0.7%Visit site
Countrywide Broadband0.7%Visit site
MR Systems Wireless0.6%Visit site
H I Cable0.4%N/A
Shawnee Telephone0.4%Visit site
Hamilton County Telephone Coop0.4%Visit site
AgPro Wireless0.4%Visit site
Harrisonville Telephone Company0.4%Visit site
Royell Communications0.3%Visit site
US Cellular0.3%Visit site
MTC Communications0.3%Visit site
SpeedConnect0.3%Visit site
Illinois Electric Cooperative0.3%Visit site
S&B Technology Consultants0.3%Visit site
Watch Communications0.3%Visit site
Webpass0.2%Visit site
Wabash Communications0.2%Visit site
Geneseo Communications0.2%Visit site
Clearwave Communications0.2%Visit site
jcwifi.com0.2%Visit site
Midwest Communications0.2%Visit site
Joink0.2%Visit site
BLIP Networks0.2%Visit site
SandPrairie0.1%Visit site
bspeedy0.1%Visit site
Access Media Holdings0.1%Visit site
Grafton Technologies0.1%Visit site
Egyptian Internet Services0.1%Visit site
LR Communications0.1%Visit site
Madison Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
4 SIWI0.1%Visit site
Madison Communications0.1%Visit site
XL Broadband0.1%Visit site
CTI Fiber0.1%Visit site
McDonough Telephone Cooperative0.1%Visit site
Mid Century Communications0.1%Visit site
12Global0.1%Visit site
Tel-Star Cablevision0.1%Visit site
Urban Communications0.1%Visit site
CCAonline0.1%Visit site
Apps Communications0.1%Visit site
Highland Communication Services0.1%Visit site
Unwired ISP0.1%Visit site
Geneva On-Line0.1%Visit site
Gridley Telephone0.1%Visit site
Montrose Mutual Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Zito Media LP0.1%Visit site
Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Comelec Internet Services<.1%Visit site
Volo Broadband<.1%Visit site
Futiva<.1%Visit site
Viola Home Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Leapstream<.1%Visit site
Home Telecom<.1%Visit site
Lazernet<.1%Visit site
Woodhull Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Glasford Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Grafton Telephone Company<.1%N/A
Reynolds Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Nova Cablevision<.1%Visit site
ProTek Comunications<.1%Visit site
AirCell<.1%Visit site
La Harpe Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
ICS Advanced Technologies<.1%Visit site
New Windsor Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
CSI4GINTERNET<.1%Visit site
Oneida Telephone Exchange<.1%Visit site
Tonica Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Century Enterprises<.1%Visit site
McNabb Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Flat Rock Tel Coop<.1%Visit site
Park TV & Cable<.1%Visit site
Birch Communications<.1%Visit site
Sharon Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Veloxinet<.1%Visit site
Crossville Communications<.1%Visit site
DerbyNet<.1%Visit site
ShawneeLink<.1%Visit site
Clarksville Mutual<.1%N/A
Suddenlink<.1%Visit site
Aureon Communications<.1%Visit site
Muscatine Power & Water<.1%Visit site
Future Technologies<.1%Visit site
Skyweb Networks<.1%Visit site
theWISPnet<.1%Visit site
LiteWire<.1%Visit site
CountryWireless<.1%Visit site
Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association<.1%Visit site
Maximum Broadband Solutions<.1%N/A
Leonore Mutual Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
BeyondMedia<.1%Visit site
Kinsman Mutual Telephone Company<.1%N/A
Uniti<.1%Visit site
Maxwire<.1%Visit site
Rural JetNet<.1%Visit site
BridgeMAXX<.1%Visit site
ZochNet<.1%Visit site
Stelle Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Innovatech IT Service Solutions<.1%Visit site
Big River Communications<.1%Visit site
QWireless<.1%Visit site
Prairie Hills Wireless<.1%Visit site
Holway Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Steelville Telephone Exchange<.1%Visit site
Peoples Services<.1%Visit site
All Points Broadband<.1%Visit site
Blackfoot Communications<.1%N/A
Socket Telecom<.1%Visit site
GeoLinks<.1%Visit site

12.6% of Illinoisans have only 1 wired provider connected to their block. 3.4% have no options at their homes except for satellite internet. This places Illinois as the 20th most connected state.

Internet Provider Types

96.6% of Illinois homes can get some type of internet. The table below shows which types of service are available.

Internet Type% of Illinois
Fixed Wireless59.1%

Illinois Internet Speeds

We measure two different types of max speeds. The first is a measure of the fastest speed a home could get for any price. For Illinois the average is 26.9 Mbps. This measure puts Illinois #5 out of 52 in the US.

Download Speed% of Illinois
.1 to 5 Mbps1.1%
6 to 10 Mbps0.8%
11 to 20 Mbps3.0%
21 to 30 Mbps3.7%
31 to 75 Mbps1.0%
76 to 100 Mbps0.7%
101 to 250 Mbps4.5%
251 to 500 Mbps0.3%
501 to 999 Mbps66.7%
1 Gbps or more17.4%

Our second measure of speed is the actual average speed in Mbps for all Illinoisans. Real-world average speeds in Illinois are about 26.9 Mbps, meaning Illinois ranks #22 out of 52.

Detailed Internet Data by City

DecisionData has obsessively collected and calculated the most comprehensive data for ISPs (internet service providers) in Illinois. Click on a city to view detailed information including speeds by provider by city and much more.