Internet Providers in Iowa & Cable/TV Companies

There are 27 home TV and internet providers and 35 business providers across all of Iowa. 87.4% of homes can get more than one wired (cable, DSL, fiber) internet provider, which is above average (#19 out of 52, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.). Competition is generally good for the customer, which means internet in Iowa is less likely to offer competitive speeds or prices. All home internet providers are listed below.

Iowa Internet Service Providers

Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
Mediacom67.1%Visit site
CenturyLink62.5%Visit site
Rise Broadband57.1%Visit site
Windstream16.3%Visit site
US Cellular11.3%Visit site
LTD Broadband6.1%Visit site
FiberComm L.C.5.4%Visit site
Breeze Internet4.3%N/A
Natel3.9%Visit site
USA Communications Iowa3.7%Visit site
Internet ProviderState CoverageLink
ImOn Communications3.2%Visit site
Comelec Internet Services3%Visit site
Cox Communications2.9%Visit site
Cable One2.8%Visit site
Woolstock Mutual Telephone Association2.8%Visit site
Frontier Communications2.7%Visit site
The Municipal Communications Utility of the City of Cedar Falls2.2%Visit site
South Slope Cooperative Communications2.2%Visit site
SpeedConnect1.9%Visit site
King Street Wireless1.7%Visit site
ICS Advanced Technologies1.6%Visit site
Farmers Mutual Telephone Cooperative1.6%Visit site
Premier Communications1.5%Visit site
Sharon Telephone Company1.4%Visit site
LISCO1.3%Visit site
Western Iowa Networks1.3%Visit site
FBD – CSTech IA1.3%N/A
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative1.2%Visit site
Martelle Cooperative Telephone Association1.2%Visit site
Router12 Networks1.1%Visit site
Mahaska Communication1.1%Visit site
Danville Mutual Telephone Company1%Visit site
Cloudburst 91%Visit site
CS Tech DBQ – FBD1%Visit site
PST Digital1%Visit site
Louisa Communications0.9%Visit site
Muscatine Power & Water0.9%Visit site
Consolidated Communications0.9%Visit site
The Community Agency (TCA)0.9%Visit site
Evertek0.9%Visit site
Rockwell Cooperative Telephone Association0.9%Visit site
Northwest Communications0.8%Visit site
Minburn Telephone Company0.8%Visit site
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association0.8%Visit site
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association0.7%Visit site
Spencer Municipal Utilities0.7%Visit site
Marne Elk Horn0.7%Visit site
Omnitel0.7%Visit site
AcenTek0.7%Visit site
Back 40 Wireless0.7%Visit site
Goldfield Access Network0.7%Visit site
Farmers Telephone Company (Heartland)0.7%Visit site
Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association0.6%Visit site
Bernard Communications0.6%Visit site
Algona Municipal Utilities0.6%Visit site
NEIT Services0.6%Visit site
FTC0.5%Visit site
Liberty Communications0.5%Visit site
Aureon Communications0.5%Visit site
GRM Networks Inc0.5%Visit site
Cumberland Telephone Company0.4%Visit site
IGL TeleConnect0.4%Visit site
Hospers Telephone Exchange0.4%Visit site
Cooperative Telephone Company0.4%Visit site
Acira0.4%Visit site
Future Technologies0.4%Visit site
Partner Communications Cooperative0.4%Visit site
Alpine Communications LC0.4%Visit site
Vast Broadband0.4%Visit site
Citizens Mutual0.4%Visit site
Westel0.4%Visit site
Star Communications0.4%Visit site
River Valley Telecommunications Cooperative0.4%Visit site
Butler-Bremer Communications0.4%Visit site
Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association0.3%Visit site
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Mechanicsville Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Palo Cooperative Telephone Association0.3%Visit site
Western Iowa Telephone Association0.3%Visit site
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association0.3%Visit site
MVTV Wireless0.3%Visit site
Waverly Utilities0.3%Visit site
Unggoy Broadband0.3%Visit site
Huxley Communications Cooperative0.3%Visit site
Northwest Iowa Telephone Co Inc0.3%Visit site
Panora Telco0.3%Visit site
Long Lines0.3%Visit site
WTC Communications0.3%Visit site
CML Telephone Cooperative Association0.3%Visit site
Northeast Iowa Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Farmers Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Olin Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
Miles Cooperative Telephone Association0.3%N/A
Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association0.3%Visit site
Modern Cooperative Telephone Company0.3%Visit site
F&B Communications Inc0.2%Visit site
Communications 1 Network0.2%Visit site
Harlan Municipal Utilities0.2%Visit site
Hawkeye Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
Independence Telecommunications Utility0.2%Visit site
Kalona Cooperative Telephone Co0.2%Visit site
Town of Bellevue0.2%Visit site
Schaller Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
Mediapolis Telephone company0.2%Visit site
Monarc Technologies0.2%Visit site
Northern Iowa Telephone Company0.2%N/A
Tyson Communications0.2%Visit site
Comm Choice Of Iowa0.2%Visit site
Spectrum0.2%Visit site
Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative0.2%Visit site
Guthrie Telecommunications Network0.2%Visit site
Geneseo Communications0.2%Visit site
Osage Municipal Utilities0.2%Visit site
Community Digital Wireless0.2%Visit site
Jefferson Telecom0.2%Visit site
Orange City Communications0.2%Visit site
East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative0.2%Visit site
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
SCC Networks Inc0.2%N/A
Alliance Communications0.2%Visit site
Atkins Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
Van Buren Telephone Company0.2%Visit site
Keystone Communications0.2%Visit site
STT Rural Net0.2%Visit site
Minerva Valley Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Readlyn Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative0.1%Visit site
LPC Connect0.1%Visit site
Maquoketa Valley Rural Electric Cooperative0.1%Visit site
Preston Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Griswold Communications0.1%Visit site
Community Internet Service0.1%Visit site
Stratford Mutual Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Cascade Communications Company0.1%Visit site
Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Milford Communications0.1%Visit site
Springville Cooperative Telephone Association0.1%Visit site
Ogden Telephone0.1%Visit site
Dumont Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Prairieburg Telephone Co0.1%N/A
La Motte Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Corn Belt Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Night Owl Wireless0.1%Visit site
Cooperative Telephone Exchange0.1%Visit site
Egyptian Internet Services0.1%Visit site
Northwest Telephone Coop0.1%Visit site
Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association0.1%Visit site
Mabel CO-OP Telephone0.1%Visit site
RuralWaves0.1%Visit site
Midwest Data Center0.1%Visit site
Barnes City Cooperative Telephone Company0.1%N/A
Colo Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Clarence Telephone0.1%Visit site
City of Hawarden0.1%Visit site
Northland Communications0.1%Visit site
Independent Networks0.1%Visit site
Ringsted Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Howards HighSpeed Inc0.1%Visit site
Grundy Center Municipal Light & Power0.1%Visit site
Reasnor Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Altatec0.1%Visit site
Lynnville Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Superior Telephone Cooperative0.1%N/A
Lenox Municipal Utilities0.1%Visit site
Killduff Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Casey Mutual Telephone Company0.1%N/A
Massena Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
Central Iowa Broadband0.1%Visit site
Titonka-Burt Communications0.1%Visit site
Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility0.1%Visit site
Nuvera0.1%Visit site
Sac County Mutual Telephone0.1%Visit site
Searsboro Telephone Company0.1%Visit site
IAMO Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Terril Telephone Cooperative<.1%Visit site
MMCTSU<.1%Visit site
Coon Rapids Municpal Utitlies<.1%Visit site
Lone Rock Cooperative Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Spiral Communications<.1%Visit site
Hubbard Cooperative Telephone Associaiton<.1%Visit site
Mapleton Communications Management Agency<.1%Visit site
Laurens Municipal Utilties<.1%Visit site
Center Junction Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Jordan Solier Valley Telephone Company<.1%N/A
Radcliffe Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Wyoming Mutual Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
AT&T<.1%Visit site
Templeton Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Fenton Coop Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Tele<.1%Visit site
Scranton Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Palmer Mutual Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Royal Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
VS Enterprises<.1%N/A
Harmony Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Oran Mutual Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative<.1%Visit site
SandPrairie<.1%Visit site<.1%Visit site
Traer Municipal Utilities<.1%Visit site
BEVCOMM<.1%Visit site
Mutal Telecommunications<.1%Visit site
Spring Grove Communications<.1%Visit site
Peninsula Fiber Network<.1%Visit site
IowaConnect<.1%Visit site
All Points Broadband<.1%Visit site
ZochNet<.1%Visit site
Birch Communications<.1%Visit site
CountryWireless<.1%Visit site
America Internet & Communications<.1%Visit site
LHTC Broadband<.1%Visit site
Interstate Cablevision<.1%Visit site
Synkro Southwest<.1%Visit site
e-vergent<.1%Visit site
Dunnell Telephone Company<.1%Visit site
SignalInc<.1%Visit site

10.4% of Iowans have only 1 wired provider connected to their block. 5.3% have no options at their homes except for satellite internet. This places Iowa as the 19th least connected state.

Internet Provider Types

94.7% of Iowa homes can get some type of internet. The table below shows which types of service are available.

Internet Type% of Iowa
Fixed Wireless76.8%

Iowa Internet Speeds

We measure two different types of max speeds. The first is a measure of the fastest speed a home could get for any price. For Iowa the average is 21.1 Mbps. This measure puts Iowa #12 out of 52 in the US.

Download Speed% of Iowa
.1 to 5 Mbps2.0%
6 to 10 Mbps2.4%
11 to 20 Mbps4.8%
21 to 30 Mbps2.4%
31 to 75 Mbps3.5%
76 to 100 Mbps4.1%
101 to 250 Mbps5.3%
251 to 500 Mbps1.7%
501 to 999 Mbps0.0%
1 Gbps or more71.9%

Our second measure of speed is the actual average speed in Mbps for all Iowans. Real-world average speeds in Iowa are about 21.1 Mbps, meaning Iowa ranks #42 out of 52.

Detailed Internet Data by City

DecisionData has obsessively collected and calculated the most comprehensive data for ISPs (internet service providers) in Iowa. Click on a city to view detailed information including speeds by provider by city and much more.