Solar Power Panels in District of Columbia: Costs, Companies, and ROI

DecisionData Team
September 21, 2015

District of ColumbiaInterested in solar power in District of Columbia? We've got you covered. We've gathered a ton of stats and tracked down any local installers we could find.

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The average District of Columbia resident spends about 0.13 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and uses about 720 kilowatts (kW) per month. With an average month's electric bill totaling $90.51 it definitely makes sense to see if you can save money on power.

Key Solar Facts – Averaged for District of Columbia

Average savings per year: $1093.33 ($91.11 per month)

Estimated time for the system to pay for itself: 19 years, 2 months

Is solar worth it in District of Columbia? Based on the price of electricity in District of Columbia (an average of 0.13 per kW) and medium amounts of sun (1% less than average) compared to other states, solar power  is 5% more cost effective than the rest of the nation.

Our final opinion: solar panels are somewhat recommended in District of Columbia.

Solar Panel Installers in District of Columbia

SolarCity Logo

  Description: SolarCity is currently the largest solar provider in the nation. The company was started by two brothers, and is proud of its grassroots beginnings. Features:
  • $0 down plans available.
  • The Give Power foundation gives a solar system and battery to schools without electricity for every megawatt generated.
  • Option to lock-in power rates to avoid rising utility costs.
Company highlights: SolarCity is easy to get behind with its emphasis on helping less fortunate communities. Customers also report high satisfaction with price lock options.


Sungevity logo

Description: Sungevity does business in 14 states, but they'd best be classified as an enthusiastic underdog. They've shown some differentiation through technology and power generation monitoring. Features:
  • 20-year system performance guarantee
  • Partnerships to share profits with environmental non-profits
  • Representatives on-hand at your local Lowe's
Company highlights: There's nothing wrong with Sungevity - they're a great providers with high-quality systems and technology. They could do a little better by providing more pricing options and some of the risk-reducing guarantees that other companies offer.

Vivint solar Description: Vivint Solar is one of the larger solar power providers, serving several sun-friendly states. The company is best known for plans with no money down and quick installation. Features:
  • Plans available with no up-front costs if qualified.
  • Professional consultation, custom design, and installation.
  • Monitoring and maintenance from Vivint to ensure maximum performance.
Company highlights: The company offers several plans to match most budgets; however, some salespeople reportedly make commitments and set expectations that cannot be fulfilled.


Solar Power by Month in District of Columbia

A 5kW system will save someone in District of Columbia about $91.11 on an average month. District of Columbia residents will usually generate the most power in July. A breakdown of average solar power and savings per month is below.

MonthAvailable kW / meter / dayEstimated savings / month
Jan 3.9 72.41
Feb 4.8 89.06
Mar 5.2 96.95
Apr 5.3 98.75
May 5.4 100.73
Jun 5.5 102.91
Jul 5.55 103.86
Aug 5.5 102.45
Sep 5.2 96.33
Oct 4.7 87.56
Nov 3.9 73.52
Dec 3.7 68.84

District of Columbia has a medium amount of solar power to capture – about 4.26 kilowatts per meter per day.

Calculations and Sources

Data based on 82 reporting zip codes in District of Columbia. Stats above assume a 32 square meter (345 square foot) standard-efficiency (15%) 5 kW system costing $21,000 out of pocket. Costs vary, but are generally lower due to federal and local government incentives.

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