Solar Panels in Tullahoma, TN: Solar Companies, Cost, and Installation

DecisionData Team
February 21, 2017

We're here to help you determine whether a solar power system is worth it in Tullahoma, Tennessee. We'll also answer your questions about how it works and which solar providers and installers are available. See the topics below:

Cost of Solar Panels in Tullahoma, TN

The figures below show the total cost of solar power in Tullahoma and the estimated payback or break-even period. The numbers below assumes you want to buy the system outright. You can also get a loan, lease the system, or set up a “power purchase agreement” (PPA). Learn more about payment options.

Residential 5 kW system

Estimated system cost: $20,950

(-) Federal tax credit: 30% with no maximum

Final cost after tax credits: $14,665

Est. energy savings per year: $798

Time to recover costs: 18 years 5 months

30-year savings: $9,275

Commercial 50 kW system

Estimated system cost: $193,500

(-) Federal tax credit: 30% with no maximum

Final cost after tax credits: $135,450

Est. energy savings per year: $7,978

Time to recover costs: 16 years 12 months

30-year savings: $103,881

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State discounts are not calculated due to complex pricing, frequent change, and individual variations such as the property taxes on your home or business. Overall, financial incentives in most of Tennessee are good, so expect to pay less vs. the above. All partner solar power companies will help you determine which incentives you qualify for. You may either request a quote by clicking above or try checking for state solar incentives on's site here.

Solar Power Companies in Tullahoma, TN

The following companies do solar power installation and financing in Tennessee.

No solar providers found in Tennessee. Check back soon or request a quote and we'll try to find someone to help.

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While you can install your own solar panels, it's definitely not easy. We strongly recommend working with a professional solar power installer. If you have professional construction and roofing experience feel free to read more about DIY systems.

Should You Get Solar in Tullahoma?

Obviously only you can decide, but we've collected the following pros and cons for getting solar at a Tullahoma home or business:


  • 30% federal incentive extended to 2019
  • Rising electricity costs (+11% in the last 5 years)
  • Good state financial incentives (#14 out of 50)
  • Higher-than-average electrity usage (1248 kWh per month) means more opportunities for savings
  • Moderate sunshine (0.8% above average)


  • Low grid electricity costs ($.10 per kilowatt-hour) make solar less attractive
  • Very poor policy scores: interconnection (F) | net metering (F)

Is solar worth it in Tullahoma, TN? Considering all of the above, we think so for most people. Solar is 24.2% less cost effective than the rest of the nation and will pay itself back in around 18 years 5 months for a home buyer. We like to see return times (without state incentives) under 20 years.


  • Electricity costs, rates of change, and usage from
  • Subsidies analyzed by DecisionData from state websites
  • State policy scores come from
  • Sun data assumes equal zip code weight based on NREL data

Solar Power Savings by Month in Tullahoma

A 5kW system will save someone in Tullahoma up to $66.46 on an average month. That's significant given the average Tennessee power bill of $128.51 per month. Here’s a monthly breakdown:

MonthAvailable kW / m2 / dayMax savings / month

Data based on 1 zip in Tullahoma, TN. Data reliability is rated excellent.

Savings Methodology

We estimate savings with a system that is very efficient at 19% of energy captured with a standard 5% total system loss. System loss comes from both the unavoidable (system age, electrical dissipation in wiring and connections, etc.) and the avoidable (shade from trees, dust, etc.) Do note that the system will b e slightly less efficient as it ages, too.

For example, August is the highest-sun month in Tullahoma with an average of 5.73 kW per meter per day. An efficient 5 kW system will cover about 25 square meters depending on the roof. So, the following is the savings calculation for August in Tullahoma:

5.73 kW/m2 * 25m2 = 143.28 kW/day available

143.28 * 19% efficiency = 27.22 kW/day captured

27.22 kW * 95% system retention = 25.86 kW/day usable

25.86 kW * Tennessee average of $0.10 per kW * 30 days = up to $80.17 in savings in an average August.

These assumptions are very good for the average home in Tullahoma, but nothing beats the accuracy of getting your own quote.

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