With so many devices in our homes now dependent on a high-speed Internet connection, it is no surprise that many consumers are looking for faster and more reliable options for their home Internet service. These days we are using the Internet to do much more than simply surf the web or check email. With streaming TV and music services being accessed around the clock and everything from thermostats to home alarm systems being connected to Wi-Fi, we all need a solid Internet to connect that we can depend on.

About Windstream

Starting at $35 per month
Data CapNo cap
SpeedsUp to 100Mbps
Extra Fees
$35 installation fee (optional)
ContractsNone required

Windstream is an Internet service provider that offers high-speed DSL service across all 50 US states with their largest coverage area in Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas. Their Internet service is available to an estimated 16.2 million people throughout the country. This makes Windstream the 5th largest residential DSL Internet Service Provider in the United States by coverage area.

Along with their DSL services, Windstream also offers fiber optic and fixed wireless Internet plans in select areas. They also offer business services such as Cloud-hosted VoIP and data storage. Their residential broadband plans can be bundled with other services such as digital phone and TV services offered through Dish Network

The Windstream DSL Internet Network

The majority of Windstream’s residential customers are connected using the ISP’s DSL network. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line delivers Internet using telephone lines. While the copper lines were originally designed for use with analog landline phones, DSL hardware allows these lines to be used for sending digital data without interrupting the voice signal the way that dial-up Internet connections once did.

Since DSL is known to be slower than other updated connections such as cable Internet or fiber optic, Windstream is considered an alternative for those who live in rural areas and other locations where cable or fiber optic Internet service is not offered.

The Pros and Cons of Windstream DSL Service

Like any other Internet service provider out there, Windstream has received both good and bad ratings from their current and past customers. Reading up on these ratings can help consumers to gain a better understanding of how good the service is and if a particular ISP is right for them.


  • Excellent coverage for rural areas
  • No data caps
  • Reliable and consistent speeds


  • Some users have reported slow speeds
  • Higher prices for faster plans
  • Fiber optic service is not offered in all areas.

Based on current IP-verified ratings from actual Windstream customers, 33.8% of Windstream users say that they would recommend the ISP to a friend or relative.

No Early Termination Fees

Another plus that is offered by Windstream is the fact that there are no contracts involved, this means that they will not charge an Early Termination Fee if you decide to cancel your subscription. Therefore, there is very little risk involved when you decide to sign up for either their DSL or Fiber Optic services. However, you will still need to return your equipment such as your Windstream modem because they will charge a $100 fee for customers who do not return their equipment.

Internet Equipment DSL Gateways

Windstream offers two Internet Gateways for their customers to use. While it is also possible to use your own modem, Windstream recommends that you don’t since the tech support team will be unable to help with your issue.

Windstream DSL Availability

Perhaps the biggest advantage that Windstream has over its competitors been their availability. The ISP’s rural availability offers fast DSL service to households that would otherwise have no other option besides dial-up and satellite Internet connection. DSL is a very popular option for rural areas. That’s because practically any home that is wired for a landline can be connected to DSL.

Windstream offers services currently in 18 states and they are dedicated to providing quality Internet service with fast speeds to households in rural areas where residents do not have access to any other form of high-speed Internet options.

Currently, Windstream’s fiber plans are offered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sugarland, Texas, and Lexington, Kentucky. It is also available in select communities in North Carolina. In 2016, less than 50,000 of all Windstream customers had access to their fiber optic services. But that number has significantly gone up over the years.

Windstream Installation Options and Fees

Windstream DSL offers its customers the option to have a professional installation for their service or to install their DSL service on their own. There is an installation fee if you hire a Windstream technician to set up your services for you. But the fee could be worth it if you have no prior knowledge on how to set up your new Internet service. Fiber Internet service can be more difficult to install all on our own. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to have your fiber optic service installed by an expert.

Windstream Internet Plans

Like many other DSL providers, their Internet plans are offered in tiers which are based on their speeds. In areas where Windstream only offers DSL service and not fiber optic plans, the speed will generally be much lower than those with fiber services.

The fiber optic plans offered by Windstream offer download speeds as fast as 1000 Mbps. However, most of the service area will only have access to plans which are between 12 and 50 Mbps. This is still considered a fast and reliable speed that can be used for surfing the web as well as streaming your favorite Netflix shows.

Now we will take a closer look at the plans offered through Windstream

High-Speed Internet 25

The High-Speed Internet 25 Plan offered by Windstream DSL costs $55.00 per month and offers Internet download speeds of 25 Mbps. This is an Internet-only plan that does not include phone or TV services.

25 Mbps is more than enough speed for you to enjoy watching streaming content and listening to your favorite playlists throughout the day. It’s also an affordable plan that is great for families who are on a tight budget.

Kinetic Internet 25

Windstream’s Kinetic Internet 25 Service costs $26.00 per month and offers speeds at 25 Mbps through their fiber-optic network. While this plan doesn’t include TV or phone services, it offers the most reliable connection available from the company at a very low price.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where Windstream’s Kinetic Internet Plan is offered, it would be worth taking the time to learn more about this powerful and innovative Internet service.

Windstream DSL vs. Cable and Fiber Internet Alternatives

Most Windstream customers are connected to the company’s DSL technology. DSL uses the phone line setups already installed in your home to transmit data. While it’s slower than cable and fiber optic services, DSL is still much faster than dial-up and satellite services. And since Windstream is offered in many rural areas, it is a popular choice for those who have been stuck using slow Internet for years. Although DSL isn’t the fastest option out there, it is still a great alternative to those who have never experienced all the wonders of high-speed Internet in the past.

Does Windstream DSL Provide Enough Speed for Streaming or Online Gaming?

DSL speeds can vary based on how far away you are from the fiber optic connections. While the connection itself may be consistent, this DSL service provider is not the best option when you want to play online games or upload your own commentary.

More people are choosing to cut the cord with their cable TV or satellite provider and stream their favorite shows from applications such as Netflix or Hulu. This is a great way to avoid the high cost of cable TV and enjoy watching the shows that you want to see along with great new original content. DSL speeds are fast enough to allow you to watch streaming content, but you will experience some lagging or delays at times.

With online gaming, there are some games that you will be able to play with no issues while others could pose a problem. It all depends on how fast you need to react and the amount of action taking place in each scene. If you are playing a game with HD graphics and multiple players on-site at the same time, you could run into some loading issues that would interrupt your gameplay and may even cost you the game if you are unable to shoot accurately.

Streaming content using a DSL connection can be tricky, but it is manageable as long as you are okay with the occasional lagging and loading times. Online gaming with DSL, however, can be much more difficult and you may want to consider other options if playing games online is one of the main reasons why you are switching ISPs.

Is Windstream DSL the Right Choice for My Household?

Windstream DSL Is a great option for those who live in rural areas and have very limited options for their home Internet service. It is faster than satellite Internet or dial-up, but still significantly slower than most cable and fiber optic plans.

Although Windstream offers fiber optic plans that ensure the fastest speeds in the industry, this high-speed connection is still in its early stages and not available in all areas at this time. So, if you are not one of the lucky few who can connect to the company’s fiber Internet service, you will have to choose their DSL Internet service instead.

Windstream’s DSL service allows you to enjoy all the best things about the Internet with no contracts or data caps The speed may be an issue but the fact that this ISP is offered all throughout the country, at an affordable rate, is a good reason to look into this top-rate Internet service provider.