With ISPs expanding their service areas and boasting about their Internet speeds, comparison shopping has never been more important when it comes to choosing who will be responsible for delivering your household Wi-Fi. Customers across the nation are comparing download speeds, monthly prices, equipment rental fees, and installation costs, data caps, bundled packages, and customer satisfaction rates – making more informed decisions about their Internet provider than ever before. Let’s look at how Cox Communication Cable and CenturyLink DSL compare when it comes to Internet service and bundled deals for your household or business.

PriceStarting at $30 a month
Starting at $45 per month
Data Cap1 TB1 TB
SpeedsUp to 1000Mbps20Mbps – 1GB
Extra Fees$75 installation fee
$60 installation fee
Contracts1 yearNone Required
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Cox vs. CenturyLink DSL Speed Comparison


When comparison shopping ISPs one of the biggest factors to take into consideration is Internet speed. The speed with which an ISP can deliver your Internet connection carries a lot of weight with consumers and is often the sole deciding factor when choosing between service providers. The difference between Cox and CenturyLink in this category is an easy one – Cox is much faster! The average speed of Cox’s Internet service across their coverage areas is significantly higher than that of CenturyLink. Every year Netflix does a speed comparison and ranks ISPs across the nation, in 2018 Cox was ranked second while CenturyLink came in tenth place overall. This is a dramatic difference in Internet speed, and again, for many of you, this alone will be the determining factor between these two.

If you are a gamer or you stream a lot of Hulu television, music, podcasts, etc., having a speedy connection makes a big difference in the quality of your streaming content. Additionally, a slow Internet connection is more noticeable in households where you have numerous devices accessing your Wi-Fi at the same time; so if you have two adults using devices plus children or teenagers in the home using the Internet for homework and streaming videos, a fast Internet connection with adequate Mbps will be needed. Cox Cable also offers a Panoramic Wi-Fi system allowing you to get faster Wi-Fi coverage around your home resulting in even faster usable Internet speeds. Coupled with their network of Cox Wi-Fi hotspots, accessing fast Internet speed through Cox is pretty doable in any of their coverage areas. If CenturyLink wants to compete with Cox in the speed category, they have a lot of ground to make up.

Affordable Plans – Cox or CenturyLink?

CenturyLink’s plans are affordable and in some instances, their plans are cheaper than Cox’s with comparable download speeds. In other instances, Cox beats out CenturyLink with affordability for the value of the plan. For example, both Cox and CenturyLink offer a 100Mbps plan, Cox charges $59.99 a month for this plan while CenturyLink charges $65.00 and the download speed is the same. With both ISPs offering such similar affordable plans, many customers who are comparison shopping the two then look elsewhere for differentiating factors, which brings us to contracts.

It is not common for an Internet Service Provider to offer a zero contract service, but CenturyLink has managed to offer just that. In addition to not requiring a contract, CenturyLink also offers a Price for Life guarantee, ensuring that you won’t see annual or biannual hikes in your Internet bill. This is huge for many customers as we often see ISPs offering great sign-up rates and then hiking prices a year or two into your contract.

With that being said, Cox moves slightly ahead of all other ISPs when it comes to offering the MOST affordable plan currently on the market. Most ISPs don’t offer Internet plans with speeds as low as 10Mbps, but Cox does offer such a plan, and it’s very affordable! For under $30.00 a month Cox’s Internet Starter Plan offers households a reliable internet connection with a speed of 10Mbps. A download speed of 10Mpbs is sufficient for many households, especially if you are not streaming a lot of music or movies on apps such as Hulu and Spotify. For a small household with moderate Internet use, this download speed is workable. This plan brings affordable and reliable internet to many households who could otherwise not afford it, pushing Cox a little bit ahead of the competition when it comes to the affordable plan category.


CenturyLink vs Cox Cable Deals

Another area ISPs are competing for your business is with bundles and package deals. Both Cox and CenturyLink offer bundled package deals, but they differ. Cox customers can actually get more channels and a very speedy Internet connection when bundled, than if they were to buy Cox’s stand-alone Contour TV package. Cox’s Bronze Double Play Package offers a bundled deal of 140+ channels plus Internet with a download speed of 100Mbps, saving their customers quite a bit of money with this sweet deal. Cox also offers a Silver Double Play and Gold Double Play package, each with additional channels and more Mbps for your Internet connection – offering a lot of value for your money with these various bundled plans.


CenturyLink also offers an Internet and TV bundle, but one of the major drawbacks to their bundles is it pulls you back into a contract. Remember that contract-free, locked-in-price plan we just discussed that CenturyLink offers? The freedom of zero contracts ends with CenturyLink if you decide to bundle your CenturyLink Internet with their DIRECTV channel package – a disappointing factor for many comparison shoppers. While DIRECTV is a coveted service with many great channels, and your Internet service will remain contract-free and your price there locked in, your DIRECTV price will likely increase each year and you will be put on a separate DIRECTV contract with this bundle. So it is important to compare not only your start-up prices with each company but what the price will be after one year and two years of service – with CenturyLink, the odds are your DIRECTV prices will increase yearly if you decide to bundle your TV and Internet under their packages. Therefore, when it comes to the best sweet deals and bundles, Cox takes the upper hand by offering competitive packages that come with significant savings, reliable Internet and plenty of TV channels.

Cox vs CenturyLink Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is often not a huge deciding factor when choosing an ISP; honestly by the time most people have to call their ISP with a technical issue or billing issue they are already pretty frustrated. Additionally, ISPs are often great with getting us that Internet and telephone service, through mountains, wind, rain, and trees, but they often lack at customer care and bridging the gap between what we as consumers understand and they are Internet professionals know. Therefore, customer satisfaction and strong customer service skills is an area all ISPs are trying to improve upon – it’s been an industry-wide low mark.

While Cox Cable and CenturyLink are rated fairly similarly in the customer satisfaction department, Cox again takes a small lead in this category. HighSpeedInternet.com surveys internet users across the country to gain insight into their experiences and preferences with ISPs in the United States. Their survey includes questions about download speed, connection reliability, and customer service support. Their 2018 survey results put Cox’s customer service slightly ahead of CenturyLink coming in at 3.76 stars out of 5 whereas CenturyLink came in at 3.65. On the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index or the ACSI, both Cox and CenturyLink scored nearly identical scores. Cox edged slightly ahead of CenturyLink though with a score of 59 out of 100 total points, while CenturyLink earned a total of 58 points out of 100.

Both ISPS offer a customer support line, but Cox Cable has really taken huge leaps towards improving their customer satisfaction rates. Cox provides access to an in-depth customer support site as well as an online chat forum. Their online chat support is rumored to be extremely fast, a big plus point in most customer’s books. Cox also provides a webpage where you can search for cable outages in your area, check your current network speed, and even troubleshoot a connection problem. In addition to these improvements, they have also stepped up their presence on social media running a Twitter and a Facebook page where customers can seek support, help chats, and FAQ pages.

If you’re looking for just internet, any company will do, but if you are looking for quality internet with the fastest speed and the most reliable connection – Cox Communication Cable is the one to go with. When it comes to performance, bundles, download speeds, and reliability, Cox proves once again that they are the premium choice. While CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee and contract-free approach is appealing, it doesn’t make up for slower speeds and higher costs. Cox Cable really shines when it comes to providing consistent Internet speed and great budget pricing.

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