Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon DSL

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April 09, 2020

Choosing the best internet service provider is a big decision. Two of the most popular options available to compare today are Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL, both of which offer plenty of benefits.

Read on to compare Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon high speed internet, so that you make the best choice for your internet needs. You’ll learn about speeds, service areas, packages and prices. By the end, you should have more than enough information to make an educated decision.

ProviderType of InternetStarting PriceData CapsSpeedsExtra FeesContractsAvailability
DSL$29.99Yes 25 Mbps – 200 Mbps Rental fees, one time activation/installation fee12-24 monthsCheck Availability
DSL$39.99None.5 Mbps – 15 Mbps Rental fee, activation fee 1 year Check Availability

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL data comparison

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity does have a data limit of 1 terabyte (TB) per month (1024 GB). However, if you want, you may pay an extra $50 per month to have access to unlimited data. 

If you go over 1 TB, Comcast will automatically tack on access to an additional 50 GB of data for $10. 

For most people, 1 TB of data a month should be more than enough, even if you’re a remote worker. However, if you are a gamer, or if you frequently stream TV, you may need access to more data. In which case, it may be to your benefit to pay the additional $50 a month for unlimited access to data.

Verizon DSL

Verizon does not have any data caps listed on its website, so there should not be any fees associated with data usage. Use as much internet as you want as often as you want.

This means Verizon DSL should work for any user: casual ‘surfer,’ gamer, frequent streamer or the remote worker.

Data Comparison Winner

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL: Availability

Verizon DSL

Availability Winner

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL: Customer service

Comcast Xfinity


Comcast Xfinity received a 61 from ACSI in 2019. Since ACSI started recording internet service providers, Comcast has received the following:

2013: 62

2014: 57

2015: 56

2016: 59

2017: 60

2018: 60



Verizon received a 70 in 2019 from ACSI, which places it in the #1 spot on ACSI for internet service providers. In fact, so far, it has only lost its placement one time, and that was in 2015 to AT&T.

Here’s how it has done since recordings started taking place:

2013: 71

2014: 71

2015: 68

2016: 73

2017: 71

2018: 70

However, it’s important to note that this score is technically for Verizon Fios. That said, it can be safely assumed that Verizon DSL and Verizon Fios customers each receive the same level of customer service.

Customer Service Winner

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL: Bundled services

You don’t have to do just internet with either Comcast or Verizon. It’s possible to bundle your internet with other options, too. In some cases, doing so also gets you access to higher internet speeds.

Comcast Xfinity Bundled Services

Performance Starter + Basic

Starting at $29.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • Basic internet with speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • 1 TB of data per month

Blast! + Basic

Starting at $59.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • 1 TB of data per month

Blast! + Extra

Starting at $79.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Over 125 channels
  • 1 TB data per month
  • Bonus: $100 prepaid visa card

Verizon DSL

Verizon DSL does not offer any bundled services. It only does so with Verizon Fios.

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon DSL: Affordability

Verizon DSL plans start at $39.99, but the speeds only reach up to 15 Mbps. Comcast Xfinity, however, offers speeds up 25 Mbps with their most basic option, and that plan only costs $29.99 a month. Comcast Xfinity is the clear winner when it comes to affordability.

Affordability Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

Which internet service provider is best for residential use?

There are a couple reasons why we give Xfinity the edge here. The website is easier to negotiate than DIRECTV’s, and the company gets decent rankings – if not top of the line – for its customer service.

Xfinity makes to easy to build your own package.

Which is the Best Option for Business Use?

For business use, Comcast Xfinity offers the best solution. You will have the fastest speeds in the industry and service that you can depend on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Comcast offers plenty of plans for businesses to choose from, with their largest plan priced at $299 per month for download speeds up to 2000 Mbps.

Which ISP Offers the Best Features?

If you need extras such as a personal email address or online storage space, both companies offer these features and more for you to use at no extra cost. Comcast allows users to have up to seven different email addresses and each one has up to 10 GB of storage space. Their service also comes with McAfee Security Suite that will keep your device protected while you are online.

Verizon DSL allows users to have up to nine personal email accounts and each one has up to 4 GB of storage space for each account. They also offer hosting for a personal website.