Xfinity Comcast is currently the largest home Internet provider in the United States, providing service to nearly 20 million people across 40 states. This review will examine the company’s download speeds, services offered, connection reliability, bundles, and customer service ratings, helping you determine if Comcast Xfinity Internet is a good fit for you.

Xfinity Comcast is currently the largest home Internet provider in the United States. Providing service to nearly 20 million people across 40 states, Xfinity Comcast’s coverage areas are expansive. This review will examine the company’s download speeds, services offered, connection reliability, bundles, and customer service ratings, helping you determine if Comcast Xfinity Internet is a good fit for your household or small business.

Starting at $25 per month
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What Services does Comcast XFINITY Offer?

Xfinity Comcast services a large portion of the United States, offering highspeed home Internet plans in 40 states across the nation. They do not offer wireless Internet in all of these states, but they do in most of them. Xfinity Internet is available primarily in all large metropolitan areas across the U.S., accounting for around 40% of all Internet customers in the country! In addition to home Internet, Xfinity offers cable TV and telephone service to around 40 states as well, making them one of the largest Internet Service Providers in our nation to date.

Despite their large customer base and wide coverage areas, Xfinity has neglected to address some major coverage areas in the U.S. Most Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, have been focusing only on metropolitan areas and cities where the existing infrastructure makes it easier for them to establish service towers and lines. Xfinity is no stranger to this expansion plan, currently failing to reach most of the Midwest with their services. Their DSL Internet service is unavailable outside all areas of the continental United States, a large drawback for many customers. Additionally, while they are widely available in most other areas, their top plans with the best download speeds are not available in all of their residential service areas, so before making a switch to Xfinity Comcast it is important to see which of their services are offered in your area.

Comcast XFINITY Internet Plans & Speed

Comcast boasts that their Xfinity Internet speeds are some of the fastest on the market today. Xfinity’s current residential plans offer an Internet speed of 6 Mbps o 105 Mbps, offering a good range of download speeds for customers to choose from. It’s confirmed that in most third-party connection tests Comcast Xfinity ranks in the top 10% when it comes to download speed and download speed consistency. Their standard Mbps plans are adequate for most residential Internet users, offering enough speed for streaming music and movies, gaming, downloading software, and running multiple devices at once.

The most very basic plan with Xfinity offers a download speed of 6 Mbps and upload speeds of 768 Kbps – usually enough for light Internet use. Their standard plan has an Internet speed that goes up to 25 Mbps, obviously better than the 6 Mbps plan but still not enough to download or stream high-definition content or adequately support multiple devices at once. Their most popular plan is a middle of the road plan that offers a download speed of 50 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps. This plan is sufficient for online gaming as well as downloading high-definition content with no problem, hence its’ popularity.

Comcast Xfinity does offer an extremely fast Internet speed with their top of the line plan offering a download speed of 150 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps. However, this plan is not widely available in all of their coverage areas yet; eligibility will depend on your location. In addition to this very top tier plan, Comcast Xfinity has also created a very basic plan for low-income families. This plan offers a download speed of 5 Mbps, only costs $10.00 per month, and is available in all of their Internet coverage areas. They created this plan as an effort to bring Internet access to all children across the country, making the Internet affordable for even disadvantaged children in low-income families.


Xfinity does not appear to offer a plan with unlimited data, but they do offer a 1 terabyte (TB) data plan. 1 TB is a massive amount of data, and it is generally sufficient for most households, even those with heavy Internet use. Xfinity boasts this amount of data by explaining that one terabyte of data is the same as streaming 700 hours of HD video in one month – around 21 hours of streaming a day! They claim that a very small percentage of their subscribers actually go over this amount of data in a months time. Additionally, their website offers a user-friendly feature that allows you to see exactly how much data you are using and on what, allowing you to monitor your usage and ensure you do not go over – although unlikely.

Xfinity is also striving to make their data plans a little more individualized, recognizing that one size does not always fit all. In short, those who use more data will pay more each month and those who use fewer data will pay less – seems fair right? They are calling this their Flexible Data Option and it is available to two tiers of customers.

Comcast XFINITY Bundle Options

Like most of their competitors, Comcast Xfinity offers a variety of bundling options for their customers. They currently offer discounted plans and additional features if you bundle other services with your Xfinity Internet, such as adding in a home telephone service or cable television. They have also started offering a home security service, really trying to make their company a one-stop-shop for all your home electronic and security needs.

One area that Comcast Xfinity has really outdone their competition in is by offering a solid Internet security plan free of charge to all their customers. They offer a Constant Guard Protection Suite which provides customers with a password manager, key login protection, secure logins, and online shopping security features. They also offer Norton Security Suite, offering every type of online protection a household could need, including antivirus and antispyware protection tools as well as identity protection features.

In addition to the added security features, all Comcast Xfinity customers are eligible for up to seven separate email accounts, each with 10GB of data. Adding on these extra features for solid internet security, identity protection tools, parental control features, and free email accounts with adequate storage space goes a long way with many Internet consumers, giving Xfinity a leg up on their competition when it comes to the best bundles and package deals.

Xfinity Customer Service Review

Most ISPs across the country have a nagging reputation for poor customer service, and Xfinity is no different. While some of their customers give the company satisfactory reviews, their overall customer service rating remains average. Additionally, Comcast Xfinity routes their customer service calls to various call centers and technicians, depending on the service location in need of support, making it difficult to rate their overall customer support since some of their call centers have better marks than others.

Overall, Comcast Xfinity offers a few options for customer support and appear to be working on improving their overall satisfaction rating. They offer standard telephone and email support options, and they also offer a 24/7 live chat service on their Comcast website. Additionally, the Comcast Xfinity website provides service center locations and contact numbers for most metropolitan areas in the nation. The company has also started providing a variety of customer support features on their website including product information, billing information, online bill pay support, service upgrade options, an active question and answer forum, and a blog with news and updates on their products and new company developments. They also feature a Twitter and Facebook page, however attaining technical support help through their social media forums is not recommended.

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Xfinity Comcast offers reliable Internet with download speeds up to 105 Mbps and excellent security features. Their prices are average and therefore fair, and their variety of bundling options is a big plus point for them. Unfortunately, their services are not available in all areas and they need to continue to work on new technologies and improved infrastructure so they can offer the same reliability and speed to all of their customers rather than a select few. If there is an available ISP in your area, calling them for a price breakdown for your needs may be well worth it. At the very least you can get a feel for their service and sales department on your call, prior to making any decision to switch ISPs.