If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where CenturyLink’s Fiber Optic service is available, you can have access to lightning-fast speeds that will keep you and your family connected to the things you love most. But even if you aren’t one of the lucky households that get to experience fiber-optic speeds, for now, you can still enjoy fast and reliable Internet plans with CenturyLink DSL Internet Services, which is available in most areas.CenturyLink DSL is a nice, affordable, and reliable option when you want high-speed Internet without the hassle. The ISP offers some impressive plans designed to meet the needs of today’s avid Internet user on any budget plan. While their DSL plans are powerful enough to meet your household’s demanding online needs, CenturyLink also offers Fiber Optic Internet plans in select areas, which are some of the best plans in the industry.

About CenturyLink DSL

Starting at $45 per month
Data Cap1 TB
Speeds20Mbps – 1GB
Extra Fees
$60 installation fee
ContractsNone required
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CenturyLink DSL has several advantages that make it a popular choice for today’s active online family. This ISP doesn’t make their customers sign a contract, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a company or paying out early termination fees. And while we all wish that their fiber optic service was offered in more cities, that is an issue common with most ISPs that offer this new and innovative service.

Customers like CenturyLink because there are no unexpected price hikes and no contracts involved. And while the customer service department has room for improvement, that is something most customers must deal with no matter what ISP they choose.

CenturyLink DSL is not considered the fastest high-speed Internet provider in the industry by a long shot. But, overall, they are a good reliable company that you can depend on for your everyday surfing and streaming needs.

Prices and Plans for CenturyLink DSL

CenturyLink has only four Internet plans, three for DSL connections and one for their fiber optic connection. While they may not have as many plans available as some other ISPs, they still offer a broad range of speeds and prices for you to choose from.

CenturyLink DSL Price for Life Plans

Another great thing about CenturyLink DSL plans is that they now offer Price for Life plans. This means that you never have to worry about those unexpected price hikes when you sign up for one of these plans. The price that you pay when you first sign up for the plan will be the same price you pay each month from that point forward.

Here are some more details about these money-saving plans.

Price for Life 20 Mbps

The Price for Life 20 Mbps plan costs $45 per month and offers download speeds that are up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds at 2 Mbps.

Price for Life 80 Mbps

The Price for Life 80 Mbps plan costs $55 per month and offers fast download speeds of 80 Mbps and upload speeds at 5 Mbps.

Price for Life 100 Mbps

The Price for Life 100 Mbps plan costs $65 per month and provides download speeds that are as fast as 100 Mbps and upload speeds that are 30 Mbps.

How to Choose the Best CenturyLink DSL Plan for Your Household

If you only want a reliable online connection so that you can browse the web, check your email, and visit social media occasionally, you won’t need to go with a plan that has top speeds. And you also don’t need to pay out more for Internet service you won’t need. The Price for Life 20 Mbps plan would be the ideal choice for you. For just $45 per month, you get 20 Mbps of download speed and 2 Mbps upload speeds which are more than enough for light Internet use.

If you go online more frequently, like to stream content occasionally or have kids who need to go online for schoolwork, the Price for Life 80 Mbps plan is a good choice for you. This plan offers 80 Mbps download speeds and 5 Mbps upload speeds. This is a good plan for moderate to heavy online users who want more speed to work with at an affordable price.

If you and other members of your household are avid online users, you love to stream TV shows, music, and movies and require more speed for all your connected devices, the Price for Life 100 Mbps plan is the right choice for you. This plan offers enough download speed for watching Netflix and other streaming content without lagging. This is the fastest DSL package that CenturyLink offers and is also very affordable considering everything you can do without restrictions.

CenturyLink DSL’s Data Limits

Data limits are put into place by Internet service providers to help ensure that all customers enjoy surfing the web and streaming with the fastest speeds possible, even during peak hours. Unfortunately, with some ISPs, this means that once you go over your data limit, your speeds are slowed down, in some cases as slow as dial up connections.

Fortunately, with CenturyLink DSL, every Internet plan comes with a 1 TB data limit. However, considering how much data that actually is, it really isn’t a limit at all. Even the heaviest online users and binge-watchers have a difficult time going over 1 TB of data in a single month. The 1 TB limit is becoming standard in the broadband industry with other top ISPs such as Xfinity and AT&T offering the same deal with their plans.

About CenturyLink DSL’s Fees, Equipment, and Contracts

CenturyLink DSL does not require their customers to sign a contract when they sign up for service and they haven’t for many years. All you need to do when you sign up is pay for your installation and equipment. You can keep your CenturyLink DSL service for as long as you like and cancel it at any time without worrying about an early termination fee or other penalties.

Instead of using contracts, CenturyLink keeps its customers on board with special deals like their Price for Life plans. The affordable price, high speeds, and reliable connections are enough to keep most customers connected with CenturyLink without the need for an annoying contract.

Service Fees

CenturyLink does charge an installation fee, and the exact price can depend on several factors such as where you live. Most customers pay around $99 or less for their installation. There are no other one-time fees or hidden costs that you need to worry about. And as we mentioned above, there are also no early termination fees with CenturyLink because there are no contracts.

Equipment and Fees

If you don’t want to pay the upfront costs for your own modem, you can rent a CenturyLink modem for $10 per month. That’s a great advantage because you don’t have to pay for an expensive modem up front. Plus, if you are unsure about how long you will keep CenturyLink service, you will not have to invest in an expensive modem. If you are interested in buying a CenturyLink modem instead of renting, it will cost $150.

Some customers have reported that they had to purchase range extenders to use with their CenturyLink DSL modem to help them get stronger Wi-Fi signals throughout their home. Another option would be to use more than one modem if possible, to improve signal strength for all your devices.

About CenturyLink DSL Customer Service

CenturyLink DSL offers reliable Internet that is fast and allows you to stream content without any data limits or contracts to sign. The service is offered in most areas and they offer several plans which all are very affordable.

But like any company, there are also some drawbacks to being a CenturyLink DSL customer. With this ISP, the downside is their customer service or lack thereof.

Several CenturyLink customers have mentioned they had a bad experience when they contacted the ISP’s customer support team. While it isn’t uncommon for Internet service providers to have complaints about customer service, it certainly isn’t a good thing. Many consumers would rather take their business elsewhere than deal with rude support team members or get the runaround.

However, considering the advantages you can get from this ISP, and the fact that you shouldn’t need to contact customer support often, CenturyLink is still a good company to go with when you want fast and reliable Internet service.

Is CenturyLink DSL the Right ISP Choice for You?

CenturyLink DSL offers home Internet plans with download speeds that range from 20 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. Whether you use the Internet a little, or a lot throughout the day, you can find the right plan for the right price when you choose to switch to CenturyLink.

While their customer support team may not be perfect, the ISP offers many advantages that give them a push ahead of their competitors. Benefits such as their Price for Life plans, no contracts, and the ability to rent a CenturyLink modem are good enough reasons to give this popular Internet service provider a try. And if you live in an area where their fiber optic Internet service is offered, it would be in your best interest to find out more about this super-fast and reliable plan.

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