Comcast Xfinity Internet and TV Deals

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DecisionData Team
April 14, 2020

Comcast Xfinity is a household name in internet and TV in the United States. Not only is the provider widely available geographically, it’s among one of the highest-rated internet providers nationwide by J.D. Power. If you’re looking for Comcast internet and TV deals for your home, this guide will help you understand the different plans and packages available. We’ll also help you choose the best Comcast internet and TV deal for your household needs.

Comcast Xfinity is available in 41 states across the U.S., typically centered around metropolitan areas. The states with the highest level of coverage are the District of Columbia (99%), Maryland (88.2%), and Massachusetts (84.2%). Use our availability map to see if Comcast Xfinity is available in your area. Keep in mind that internet speeds may vary by region.


On the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Comcast Xfinity receives a score of 61, one point below the industry benchmark of 62. This means that Comcast Xfinity gets about average ratings in overall satisfaction of its current customers. However, the provider has slowly been increasing its scores over the past five years, up from 56 in 2015.

Comcast Xfinity has primarily offered cable internet and TV since 2010. But in more recent years, the provider has expanded and now offers even faster fiber internet in some areas. These Gigabit Internet plans offer speeds up to 40 times faster than typical broadband internet service.

Comcast internet and TV deals

Customers get quite a bit of freedom when choosing their Comcast internet and TV deals. Choose from six different internet plans and three TV plans to mix and match the plan that best works for you. This gives you the most control over your monthly bill and allows you to prioritize what’s really important to you. 

The TV channels you get in each package differ, so make sure to carefully review the channel lineup before choosing a plan. 

The Basic TV plan includes standard channels like NBC, CBS and Fox. Extra TV plans, which include 125 or more channels, add popular channels like ESPN, CNN and kids’ channels such as Nick and Cartoon Network. If you want access to more specialty channels like BBC World News, ESPNU or Disney XD, you’ll need to purchase the higher level Preferred TV package with over 200 channels.

If your address has been serviced by Comcast in the past, you’ll be eligible for a self-install kit with free shipping when you sign up for a Comcast Xfinity plan. Internet, TV and voice services can all be self-installed. Shipping takes three to five days; if you choose to pay for expedited shipping, the kit will arrive in as few as one or two days.

In addition to internet and TV, Comcast Xfinity also offers bundles with landline service, cell phone and home security. Landline service is available through Xfinity Voice and typically costs around $20 per month.

Xfinity customers can also take advantage of Xfinity Mobile to get up to five lines with unlimited talk and text messaging for free. All you have to do is pay for data, priced at $12 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB or $60 for 10 GB. Finally, the Quad Play package integrates home security through Xfinity Home with 24/7 professional monitoring. Plans start at $40 per month.

PackageInternet SpeedsTV ChannelsStarting PriceAvailability
Performance Starter + Basic TVUp to 25 Mbps10+$30Check Availability
Performance + Basic TVUp to 100 Mbps10+$50Check Availability
Blast! + Extra TVUp to 200 Mbps125+$80Check Availability
Extreme + Extra TVUp to 300 Mbps125+$90Check Availability
Extreme Pro + Preferred TVUp to 600 Mbps200+$120Check Availability
Gigabit Speed + Preferred TVUp to 1,000 Mbps200+$130Check Availability

*Prices and package information as of 3/29/20. Packages may only be available for a limited time.

Which Comcast internet TV deals are right for me?

The best Comcast TV and internet deal for you depends on the number of people and devices in your household and what you use the internet for.

If you have a small household with up to five devices and mostly just stream light content or browse the internet, speeds up to 100 Mbps will be more than sufficient. Slightly larger families with more devices would benefit from a 200 Mbps or 300 Mbps plan.

For heavier internet users who do a lot of file sharing, HD streaming and gaming, look for even faster speeds. Comcast recommends download speeds of at least 300 Mbps for online gaming. If there are multiple people in the house using a lot of bandwidth at once, the Comcast internet and TV deals with 600 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps download speeds will be a game-changer.

Comcast internet contracts and fees

The prices on the Comcast internet and TV deals we’ve listed are only valid with a one-year contract. This contract ties you into receiving service from Xfinity for 12 months. An early termination fee will be charged if you decide to end your contract before the year is up.

There are a few additional fees you should know about before you sign up for service with Xfinity. Equipment rental fees are charged each month if you choose to rent items like a modem or router from Comcast instead of purchasing one yourself.

If your TV package includes sports channels, you may also be charged a regional sports fee to recoup the costs that sports networks charge Comcast to make their content available. You might also see charges from third-party providers like Netflix if you choose to purchase a subscription through Xfinity.