Viasat Internet

Scott Orr
November 16, 2020

Viasat Internet Overview

Viasat satellite internet service offers a unique high-speed internet option for people who live in remote or rural areas of the United States.

Viasat just introduced a new option in service called Viasat Flex. This service combines satellite internet and DSL. The combination of the two produces a faster, more reliable internet experience. It’s not available everywhere yet, and opting into it requires a two-year contract with Viasat. 

Why Viasat Internet?

  • Access. For many people outside metropolitan areas, satellite delivery of high-speed internet may be their only option. It’s available in 49 states and covers 98% of the U.S. population.
  • Download speed. If satellite internet is your only option, then the only competition is HughesNet, which offers slower download speeds.
  • No hard data caps. While Viasat will slow your connection if you exceed the data you’re allotted, the connection is not turned off; you still have a (much slower) connection.

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing

Viasat offers multiple internet plans to suit your budget and internet needs. However, the plans that are available for your area will vary, as will the price. Check your availability here.

PlansPrice*Download SpeedData CapsEquipment Fees
Liberty 12$30/mo.Up to 12 Mbps15 GB$10/mo.
Liberty 25$50/mo.Up to 12 Mbps35 GB$10/mo.
Liberty 50$75/mo.Up to 12 Mbps75 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Bronze 12$50/mo.Up to 12 Mbps35 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Silver 12$100/mo.Up to 12 Mbps45 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Gold 12$150/mo.Up to 12 Mbps65 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Silver 25$70/mo.Up to 25 Mbps60 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Gold 30$120/mo.Up to 30 Mbps100 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Gold 50$100/mo.Up to 50 Mbps100 GB$10/mo.
Unlimited Platinum 100$150/mo.Up to 100 Mbps150 GB$10/mo.
*Plan prices increase after three months of service.

Which Viasat Internet plan is right for me?

The key here is what you plan to do online. If you have a small number of users, say, fewer than four, or don’t do a lot of streaming or online gaming, the plans under $100/mo. will likely do the job for you.

If you have more family members online or watch more streaming video, like HD movies, then you’re going to want more speed, which, happily, comes with a higher data cap. Viasat does not recommend its service for “cord-cutters” who want to watch all their TV online, because even 150 GB of data won’t be enough for that.

Viasat Internet Deals

Viasat internet generally offers discounts to new customers for the first three months of service. After that, your monthly bill will go up to where it will be for the duration of the contract. The amount of your discount varies on what is available in your area.  

Popular Viasat Internet Bundles

DIRECTVOver 200 HD channels• Get $120 off your Viasat internet bill in the first year.
• DIRECTV plans start at $64.99/mo.
PhoneUnlimited local and long-distance in all 50 states & Canada• Plans start at $19.99/mo.*
*Price increased to $29.99/mo. after six months

Viasat Data Caps

Viasat doesn’t have “hard” data caps. You will always be able to access the internet. However, should you use the number of gigabytes that comes with your package, your speeds may be reduced during peak hours. This can mean being unable to stream HD movies and experiencing unsatisfactory gaming performance.

Viasat Internet Speed

Depending on your location, you can get download speeds of up to 100 Mbps with a top-tier plan, which is enough speed for most households. But not every geographical area can get this speedy connection.

Viasat Internet Fees and Equipment

Viasat service requires a Viasat mini-dish and a modem/gateway. The installation fee will run you $99.99 and the equipment fee is $10/mo. There’s no option to do the install yourself because of the specific needs to properly aim and tune the dish. If you end your service, you do not need to return the dish, but must return the receiver, a small box on the dish, and, of course, the leased modem/gateway. Should you move and want to remain a Viasat customer, there is a $200 dish relocation fee (however, if you are an EasyCare customer, that charge is reduced to $95). 

Viasat charges $15 for every remaining month you have on your contract. Should you immediately cancel, that equates to $360. 

Viasat Customer Service 

To reach a Viasat customer service representative, you can call 844.702.3199.

Pros and cons of Viasat internet


  • No traditional data caps
  • Offers high speed internet for homes that generally would not be able to access anything remotely strong enough to stream or use high data applications.


  • Speeds are throttled when you go over your plan's allotted data
  • Weather can affect connectivity

Viasat Satellite Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viasat internet affected by weather?

Yes, but only in severe conditions. Even during extreme weather, you may be able to get a signal strong enough to stream TV, but your device may need to buffer from time to time. 

Does Viasat require a phone line?

No, Viasat satellite internet does not require a phone line. Instead, a satellite dish will be installed somewhere on your property. A cable will then run from the dish to a modem inside your home, which will likely require the installation technician to drill a small hole from the outside to the inside of your home.  

Does Viasat require a contract?

Yes and no. New customers used to not have an option if they wanted to become a Viasat customer. To receive service, they needed to agree to a 24-month contract. If they broke the contract, they would be charged a fee. Now, new customers have an option to not sign a 24-month agreement if they pay a $300 fee. Note that this doesn’t really equate to true money savings because an early termination fee would likely be as much, if not less than, $300.

How much is an early termination fee if you sign a 24month contract?

Viasat charges $15 for every remaining month you have on your contract. Should you immediately cancel, that equates to $360. 

Does Viasat offer a trial period?

No. Once installation occurs, you are under contract.

Does Viasat charge an installation fee?

Yes, Viasat charges a $99.99 installation fee. Should you move and want to remain a Viasat customer, there is a $200 dish relocation fee (however, if you are an EasyCare customer, that charge is reduced to $95). 

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