Spectrum TV Plans and Pricing

Claire Bough
October 12, 2021

Spectrum TV Overview

Spectrum is all about providing quality service without tying their customers into contracts. Spectrum TV offers three packages along with add-ons and options that make it easier to select what you want, paying only for the channels that you are interested in.

They have a large variety of popular channels, with even their most basic TV package, Spectrum TV Select, still carrying channels like ESPN and HBO. 

Getting set up with Spectrum is easy. First, determine if Spectrum is available in your area. Pick the channel package that best suits your needs and then decide whether to take advantage of Spectrum's free standard installation or do it yourself. Spectrum includes easy to follow instructions and guides to get you through the installation process smoothly. 

One of the pieces of equipment that Spectrum sends is the Spectrum Receiver. This enables you to receive your channels and also functions as the DVR.

It has a built-in hard drive that can record and store programs up to several hours long so that even if you are gone, your favorite shows aren't. The DVR has 80GB of hard drive capacity, storing 30 hours of HD recording.

They also offer Spectrum Cloud DVR and Cloud DVR Plus packages. These packages allow you to record TV programs and watch them from your devices whenever you want.

As a customer, you can also get Spectrum's On Demand service for free. This gives you access to thousands of popular TV shows and movies to watch, rent or buy. Paired with the Spectrum TV App, this option allows you to watch anything you want, anytime you want. The TV App is downloadable on any connected device and lets you stream content from anywhere that you have WiFi. 

Take note that Spectrum also offers bundle deals if you pair TV with their phone plans and internet deals. This can add up to quite a savings when services are purchased in one bundled package.

Best Spectrum Packages and Pricing


Spectrum TV Select


Spectrum TV Silver


Spectrum TV Gold

STARZ, The Movie Channel

Spectrum TV packages include popular plans that offer the choice of 125 to 200+ channels. With each plan, the number of channels refers to live programs, though customers also have access to on-demand programs.

Spectrum TV Plans and Pricing

Spectrum offers three main plans, but the Select, Silver and Gold plans are not your only options. To offer customers more flexibility, they also have the TV Choice Package and the TV Essentials Package. 

The TV Choice package allows you the ultimate set of options, delivering all of your local channels, plus 10 cable channels of your choice, at a cheaper price than the typical Select, Silver and Gold packages. 

The TV Essentials Package is a live streaming service offering the 60 most popular entertainment channels. All you need for this package is the internet, but it's only available for one device at a time. The service offers only specific channels covering lifestyle, news and sports. The channels include AMC, Discovery, The Weather Channel, Cooking Channel, Nickelodeon and more.

Which Spectrum TV plan is the best?

  • Spectrum TV Select – Spectrum Select has 125+ channels, which are best for viewers looking for local news and sports as well as popular channels. The Select package includes ABC, CBS, FOX, FX, PBS and more.
  • Spectrum TV Silver – Spectrum Silver offers 175+ channels with all the options of Spectrum Select along with more options for entertainment. Choose Spectrum Silver if you’re looking for channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, LMN, CMT and more.
  • Spectrum TV Gold – The Spectrum Gold plan is the best option for a wide variety of local, entertainment and premium channels, including 200+ options. Viewers can enjoy channels like MTV, BET, The Movie Channel and STARZ.

Spectrum TV Add-Ons

  • Sports Package
    • NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, PGA, NASCAR
  • International Package
    • Packages from Vietnam, South Asia, Russia, Portugal, Korea, Japan and Italy, as well as in many languages: Hebrew, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Filipino and Chinese
  • Premium Channels
    • Added to any package for $15 per channel per month
  • On Demand Packages
    • No extra charge
    • Anime Network, here! Monthly, Karaoke Monthly, Too Much for TV, Playboy TV

Spectrum Internet and TV Packages

Double Play Select125+200 Mbps
Double Play Silver175+200 Mbps
Double Play Gold200+200 Mbps

Spectrum TV Features

  • Spectrum TV App: The Spectrum TV App gives you access to the full channel lineup included in your package and supplied from Spectrum On Demand, including more than 50,000 shows and movies. Use any mobile device connected to the internet, including smartphones, Xbox, Smart TVs, tablets, laptops and more. The Spectrum TV App means that even if you are away from home, you can watch live on the go from any of your connected devices.
  • Free Primetime On Demand: All of Spectrum's TV packages come with Primetime On Demand. This includes thousands of popular TV shows and movies available to watch, rent or buy.
  • Free HD: Free HD is one of the best Spectrum TV deals for all customers. All of the shows and channels available through Spectrum TV are offered in HD quality. However, this is only available in qualifying locations.

Spectrum Equipment and Fees

Though the company helps keep costs low without contracts, customers are still subject to Spectrum TV fees through equipment and more. 

  • Installation Fee: One time $49.99 charge for cable TV installation
  • Late Payment Fee: 30-day grace period before $8.95 fee per missed payment
  • Cloud DVR: $4.99/mo. for standard cloud DVR storage
  • DVR Service Fee: $4.99 for one built-in DVR in a TV receiver
  • DVR Service Package: $9.99/mo. for DVR service in two or more TV receivers
  • HD TV Receiver: $7.99/mo.

Pros and cons of Spectrum internet


  • Multiple options for live and on-demand channels
  • Spectrum TV prices start low at $14.99/mo.
  • Zero contracts


  • Not many exclusive add-ons
  • Limited DVR equipment
  • Spectrum TV availability is limited in some areas

Spectrum Frequently Asked Questions

What TV packages does Spectrum offer?

Spectrum offers three basic TV packages, including the Select package, the Silver package and the Gold package. Each of these offers anywhere from 125 to 200 channels. Starting with the basic package, Spectrum Select, you receive channels including ESPN, TNT and CNN.

What is the cheapest Spectrum TV plan?

The cheapest plan is Spectrum's TV Essentials at $14.99/mo. and includes 60+ channels.

How can I get Spectrum to lower my bill?

Start by researching better offers from other companies, so you are ready with competing prices and details about those plans when you reach out to customer service. Some providers will consider offering you a discount or matching competitor prices. If negotiating doesn't work, follow up with a phone call to the billing department. Inquire if they have any promotions you can take advantage of as a valued customer.

Sometimes, if a customer wants to cancel their current subscription, the representative will send you to the retention team. Tell them if you are not happy with the higher price, or about other issues you have with the service, and let them know that you are interested in changing providers. 

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