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September 03, 2021

RCN At-A-Glance

Residential Communications Network (RCN) was established in 1993 and is a trusted provider of internet, phone and TV services. Available in six states and Washington, D.C., RCN is touted as the fastest ISP in the nation by PCMag. Depending on your address, RCN provides service in cable, fiber-optic or DSL connections, or a hybrid of multiple network types.

Offering robust internet packages suitable for virtually any data user and budget, RCN's plans do not have contracts and boast no data caps. The following are just some of the internet packages RCN provides:

RCN PlanSpeed
25 Mbps Internet25 Mbps
100 Mbps Internet100 Mbps
250 Mbps Internet250 Mbps
500 Mbps Internet500 Mbps
1 Gig Internet940 Mbps

RCN Internet Packages

RCN offers a multitude of internet packages to fit each customer’s unique service needs. Each internet package features the benefit of no early termination fees, no contracts and no data caps so customers can enjoy high-speed internet with ease.

25 Mbps Internet Package

For those seeking an affordable, basic internet package, the 25 Mbps option from RCN is a great choice. The package includes RCN Webmail, a feature-rich webmail account with calendar functionality, web applications like Yahoo Maps and Contact Cleaner and 5 GB of storage. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy McAfee® internet security products and RCN’s Service Protection plan when signing up for service. The 25 Mbps package is an ideal solution for those seeking a seamless web surfing, email, and social media experience. Customers selecting this service will receive the first month free of charge*.

250 Mbps Internet Package

A step up from the 25 Mbps package, the 250 Mbps internet service offers more robust speed and capabilities. With 10 times the speed of the 25 Mbps package, this internet solution by RCN is great for those looking to stream movies, TV shows, and music. It’s also an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable live chat experience. When customers sign up for the 250 Mbps package, they’ll also receive a $100 gift card and the first month of service free of charge*.

500 Mbps Internet Package

One of the best internet packages available through RCN, the 500 Mbps package is also an excellent solution for streaming, surfing, and live chatting. With twice the speed of the 250 Mbps package, the 500 Mbps package is also ideal for seamless online gaming. When signing up for the 500 Mbps package, customers will also receive a $100 gift card and the first month of service free of charge*.

Gig Internet Package

This is the most comprehensive internet package available through RCN. Featuring fiber-optic, high-speed internet speeds up to 940 Mbps, this package offers reliable internet access for every member of the family. This package is ideal for large families or even small business owners working from home. Easily stream movies, shows and music. You can enjoy hours of seamless online gaming and connect to all your smart home devices. Customers selecting this service will also receive a $100 gift card and the first month of service free of charge*.

* Offers valid for new residential customers only in select service areas.

RCN Bundle Packages

In addition to internet-only packages, RCN offers TV and internet bundles to help customers save money on all their home entertainment needs. RCN TV services include live streaming and on-demand streaming through subscription-based services like Sling, Fubo, Netflix and Hulu. TV services also feature built-in Google Chromecast and cloud DVR capabilities.

Internet, TV and Phone Bundles

250 Mbps Internet + Basic TV61+
500 Mbps Internet + Basic TV61+
940 Mbps Internet + Basic TV61+
250 Mbps Internet + Signature TV283+
500 Mbps Internet + Signature TV283+
940 Mbps Internet + Signature TV283+
250 Mbps Internet + Basic TV + Phone61+
500 Mbps Internet + Basic TV + Phone61+
940 Mbps Internet + Basic TV + Phone61+
250 Mbps Internet + Signature TV + Phone283+
500 Mbps Internet + Signature TV + Phone283+
940 Mbps Internet + Signature TV + Phone283+

RCN Internet Fees

RCN makes internet service fast, reliable and affordable. When customers choose RCN for internet service, they’ll enjoy no early termination fee, no contract and no data caps. Promotional service fees are typically offered at 12-month intervals, and may be subject to change thereafter. Advertised fees do not include taxes, surcharges, fees and equipment rentals that are not included in the selected service package. To find out more information about the total cost of internet service through RCN, reach out to one of our customer service representatives.  

RCN Internet Deals

As of July 8, 2020, RCN is offering the following deals to new residential customers:

·   $100 Gift Card: When residential customers sign up for new service through RCN, they’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card.

·   First Month Free: New residential customers will also receive their first month of service free of charge.

·   Free Installation: No installation service fees will apply to new residential customers

All promotions and deals are subject to change.

RCN Data Caps

RCN does not provide a data cap on any of its available internet service offerings. That means that no matter how much data you use, you’ll never have to worry about extra charges appearing on your monthly bill. Simply sign up for service and enjoy endless access to high-speed internet.

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RCN Service Availability

Internet, TV and phone service is available through RCN to the following areas:

·   Illinois

·   Maryland

·   Massachusetts

·   New York

·   Pennsylvania

·   Virginia

·   Washington, D.C.

RCN Customer Satisfaction Ratings

RCN is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our Customer Pledge ensures we deliver same-day installation and a two-hour service window with our certified technicians. Each of our technicians is certified by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, and customers have access to a 24/7 customer service hotline. Currently, RCN holds an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau and has less than three stars on Consumer Affairs.

Pros and cons of RCN internet


  • Award-winning speeds
  • No contractual obligation
  • No data caps


  • Limited service area
  • Fewer channels than some competitors
  • Speeds vary depending on location

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