Optimum TV

Joshua Cox-Steib
July 16, 2020

Optimum's COVID-19 Response

Optimum is doing its part to keep its employees and customers safe during the pandemic. In keeping with CDC guidelines, they have closed vulnerable locations and reduced hours of operations.

Optimum TV

Optimum, one of the Altice USA brands, provides television service to the New York tri-state area. Offering a wide variety of channels, numerous add-ons and bundled deals, Optimum has a competitive presence in the local cable TV market. While the initial prices can be relatively cheap, hidden fees can quickly raise them.

When talking about their pricing, it is important to note how Optimum prices their standalone TV service vs. their bundled TV service packages. Optimum has arranged this pricing system so that bundled deals are cheaper than independent service. Where the fees and costs start to add up is when you have more than one or two TVs hooked up to this service in your home. Optimum tacks on fees for extra cable boxes.

For those looking for bundled deals and wanting both internet and TV service, Optimum offers their Altice One product, as well as other bundled deals. Altice One includes a device that provides the functions of a cable box, router and modem all in one.

TV Packages

Optimum offers a variety of TV packages, each with its own benefits and limitations. Below are the details on each package:

PackagePriceNumber of ChannelsPopular Channels IncludedInstallation Fee
Core$79.99220+ESPN, SNY, YES, HGTV, FOX News, CNN, Nickelodeon, USA, TNTYes
Value$84.99255+ESPN, SNY, YES, HGTV, FOX News, CNN, Nickelodeon, USA, TNTYes
Select$94.99340+STARZ ENCORE, History, Hallmark, Discovery, Nick Jr., MLB, TV Land, FXNo
Premier$129.99420+SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, Outdoor, beIN SPORTS, GOLTV, Sportsman, Lifetime Movies, MGMNo

Bundle with Optimum Internet and Save

Optimum has a somewhat unique pricing system that actively encourages bundling internet with cable TV service. For instance, the Core TV service on its own is $79.99, but when purchased as a bundle with the Optimum 200 internet service, the whole package is only $59.99. However, these bundles do come with a three-year contract requirement, as opposed to the standalone TV service, which requires no contract. Considering this pricing structure, bundling internet and television service through Optimum can be a sound move.

Altice One

The Optimum Altice One is an innovative technology owned by Optimum that combines three primary residential internet technologies into one. Specifically, it combines the functions of a router, a modem and a TV box, all in one device. Features include 4K video, voice-activated remote, personalized sports, popular built-in streaming apps, improved WiFi capabilities and integrated Amazon Alexa capabilities.

What this means for customers is a streamlining of both hardware and software. Fewer devices lead to less clutter and only one device that needs to be kept up to date with its software.

Optimum TV Contracts and Fees

PlanContractEquipment RentalInstallationCable Box Receiver Fee (per box)Sports Surcharge
Core, Value, Select, PremierNo$10$49$11$14.96

As you can see, Optimum's initial low pricing can quickly grow through the various fees and charges. Some of these extra costs can be avoided, though. You can cut the equipment rental cost by supplying your equipment. The next step is to minimize the number of cable boxes you want to use, as that $11 receiver fee is for each cable box connected to your Optimum service.

Optimum TV Add-on Packages

Optimum separates their channels by plan, but they also provide the option of purchasing numerous channels individually. These stations include such things as premium channels, international channels and sports packages. For a complete look at Optimum add-ons and costs, see this guide created by Optimum. For a full look at Optimum broadcasting, see the channel lineup here.

International Channels

International channels include Optimum Africa, Optimum en Español and Optimum Punjabi, to name a few. Optimum has channel groupings for different international regions all around the world. For most international channels, it is an extra charge of $9.95 per channel. However, some of them are as much as $24.95/mo., while others are as low as $4.95.

Sports Packages (*per Optimum)

Optimum Sports & Entertainment Pak3 – $8.95

Optimum College Sports Pak3 – $2.95

FOX Soccer Plus – $14.95

Optimum Seasonal Sports (MLB Extra Innings, MLS Direct Kick, NBA League Pass,

NHL Center Ice) – Price varies

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