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September 03, 2021

Mediacom At-A-Glance

Xtream, powered by Mediacom Communications, was formed in 1995 with the goal of bringing high-speed internet, TV and phone services to customers in America’s smaller cities and towns.

Mediacom's service area follows the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana and extends over to Florida, with the highest concentration of coverage in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and upper Indiana. It does have reasonably high speeds and prices for its internet and TV services, with no contracts to fret over. But, with data caps and a slew of extra fees tacked on, your monthly charges will likely be much more than the advertised price.

Mediacom Internet Plans

Mediacom offers four internet plans. With Internet 60, customers get up to 60 Mbps of download speed, capped at 400 GB. Internet 200 has up to 200 Mbps of download speed, capped at 2,000 GB. Internet 500 has download speeds up to 500 Mbps, capped at 4,000 GB. The fastest internet plan is Internet 1 GB, which has download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, capped at 6,000 GB. Here’s what else you should know about Mediacom’s internet plans:

  • No contracts 
  • Internet hotspot access
  • Activation fee and modem fee are required
  • Online answer center for support and troubleshooting 
  • All plans offer In-Home WiFi and Total Defense Online Security Software

Mediacom TV

Mediacom offers several different TV packages, based on the number of channels you want. The Local TV package includes 50+ channels, the Essential TV package comes with 125+ channels and the Variety TV package includes 170+ channels. Customers can also purchase channel packages, such as the Sports & Information PAK and the Kids & Variety PAK. 

Every Mediacom TV package comes with a TiVO DVR, a voice remote and Xtream On Demand. Customers can also download the Xtream TV app to watch shows and movies from a mobile device or tablet.

Mediacom Availability

Mediacom serves customers from Minnesota to the tip of Florida and, for the most part, follows the Mississippi River. Western states with availability include California and Arizona. The highest concentration of coverage is in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and upper Indiana.


Mediacom Customer Satisfaction Ratings


In 2021, the American Customer Satisfaction Index scored Mediacom fairly low with only a 60. That was below Windstream, Spectrum and Cox. In fact, it was fifth from the bottom of all providers rated. 


Mediacom received one-star customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau site. The company is not accredited and has no BBB rating. Typical customer complaints involved lack of customer service, overcharges and changes to plans. There were 268 complaints closed in the last year.

Mediacom's Frequently Asked Questions

What TV channels are available with Mediacom cable?

Mediacom offers three TV packages—Local TV, Essential TV and Variety TV. The Local TV package comes with local channels and shopping networks. Essential TV comes with everything in Local TV plus channels like A&E, Nickelodeon, TBS and Comedy Central. The Variety TV package comes with everything included in Local and Essential TV, plus TLC, BET, Bravo, CBS Sports, ESPN and more.

How fast are Mediacom’s internet speeds?

Mediacom's internet speeds range from 60 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, depending on the package you get. There are four plans available, but the internet speeds will vary based on where you live.

Does Mediacom internet have data caps?

Yes, one of the biggest drawbacks of Mediacom internet is that there are data caps. However, the data caps are flexible. For instance, the most basic plan, Internet 60, is capped at 400 GB. With the slowest internet speed, it’s unlikely that you would surpass the allotted data. However, Mediacom charges $10 for each additional whole or partial block of 50 GB you use beyond your data limit.

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