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July 15, 2020

Frontier Communications At-A-Glance

If you live in a rural part of America, chances are your internet options are limited. True, you can usually find a satellite internet service provider (ISP), but satellite internet can be troublesome. It often comes with data caps, is quite expensive compared to other providers and can be unreliable during certain weather conditions.

Fortunately, filling that void for many Americans is Frontier Communications. Frontier is available in 29 states, offers a variety of packages to its customers (be it broadband or fiber-optic) and doesn’t come with any data caps.

Founded in 1935, it was originally called Citizens Utilities Company and was based solely out of Minneapolis. Since that time, it has shifted and grown exponentially, reaching 29 states and becoming a Fortune 500 company.

Frontier is available in many parts of the country where other ISPs aren’t. If you need to get connected and don’t want any of the pesky data caps that come with satellite internet, Frontier may be the ISP you’ve been looking for.

Frontier Internet Packages

Frontier offers three internet plans to most areas it services. Each plan differs in the amount of “Frontier speed” customers can expect.

Frontier has two types of internet: traditional high-speed internet using DSL and two fiber options. The company’s fiber internet is divided into FiOS and Vantage service, of which FiOS delivers the most consistently fast speeds.


  • Speeds up to 115 Mbps
  • No data caps
  • A price-for-life guarantee
  • Can download 10 songs in just 3.5 seconds


  • Speeds up to 940 Mbps on FiOS and 115 Mbps on Vantage
  • Next generation speed with FiOS
  • Available with internet and TV packages
  • Most reliable connection

Frontier TV

In addition to providing high speed and fiber internet, Frontier offers FiOS TV and Vantage TV. FiOS boasts lightning fast streaming and premium video quality, while Vantage TV gives you access to in-home entertainment that includes more than 20,000 On Demand titles. 

Also available with Frontier TV is whole home DVR, Netflix integration and premium sports channels. Frontier customers who have DSL internet can take advantage of DISH TV service from Frontier for even more channels.  

Frontier Bundles

You can bundle your internet with both digital phone plans and cable TV. With four bundle packages to choose from, the difference between them depends on which Frontier internet package you prefer.

Choice TV Select Double Play

Starting at $39.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • Free self-install kit and shipping
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Enough speed for up to 5 devices

Call to order 1-877-387-6961


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Choice TV Select Double Play + Performance Pro+

Starting at $54.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • Free self-install kit and shipping
  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Enough speed for up to 8 devices

Call to order 1-877-387-6961


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Frontier Availability

Frontier is one of the largest encompassing internet providers in the U.S. Find Frontier availability in the following states: To find out if you can get service in your area, check your ZIP code.

Frontier Customer Satisfaction Ratings


Frontier currently has the lowest ACSI ratings of any internet service provider currently ranked on ACSI. In 2019, it received a score of 55, which is a point higher than it was in 2018.


Why did it receive such a poor grade? The ACSI bases its ratings on factors like reliability, outages, data transfer speed and peak-hour performance.


Other provider scores:

  • Mediacom: 56
  • Windstream: 57
  • Spectrum: 59
  • CenturyLink: 59
  • Suddenlink: 60
  • Cox Communications: 60
  • Xfinity: 61

The highest ACSI rated ISP is Verizon, which received a 70 in 2019. However, Verizon serves a much smaller area than Frontier, and Frontier uses the same fiber optic technology that Verizon does in select areas. 

Frontier Communications Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frontier internet available at my address?

Frontier offers internet in 29 states, with the largest coverage areas in California, Connecticut and Florida. You can use the ZIP code search on DecisionData to determine if Frontier internet can be connected at your address.

How fast is Frontier internet?

The fastest option is FiOs, which offers top speeds of 940 Mbps. This is more than fast enough to handle multiple streaming and gaming devices in the same home.

Do I have to sign a contract with Frontier?

Frontier has no-contract options available for internet users.

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