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Carly Severino
September 03, 2021

Buckeye Broadband was established in 1965 and is a trusted cable internet service provider in the United States. Headquartered in Toledo, OH, Buckeye offers services throughout Ohio and parts of Michigan. In addition to their cable internet offerings, they also provide cable TV and phone services to meet their customers’ specific home entertainment and connectivity needs.

Buckeye Broadband At-A-Glance

Buckeye provides a broad range of cable internet packages and speeds from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Internet TypeDownload Speed (Mbps)Data CapsContractAvailability
Starter Internet25 Mbps250 GBNoCheck Availability
Essential Internet100 Mbps250 GBNoCheck Availability
Ultimate Internet200 Mbps250 GBNoCheck Availability
Gig Internet1,000 MbpsUnlimitedNoCheck Availability

Buckeye Broadband Internet Packages 

When customers select Buckeye as their internet service provider, they have the option to choose from a broad range of available packages. Details for each package can be found below.

  • Starter Internet

  • Buckeye’s Starter Internet package offers up to 25 Mbps internet speeds. This package is best-suited for those seeking to power between one and three devices. With this internet speed, customers will enjoy smooth and easy web surfing, email and social media use.

  • Essential Internet

  • The Essential Internet package from Buckeye provides speeds up to 100 Mbps. With four times the speed of Starter Internet, customers can easily power between five and seven devices at once. This option is ideal for those seeking to stream movies, TV shows and songs without delays and buffering.

  • Ultimate Internet

  • With Buckeye’s Ultimate Internet package, customers will enjoy internet speeds up to 200 Mbps. Ideal for large families or small business owners working from home, customers can easily power between 10 and 20 devices at the same time. The Ultimate Internet package is most ideal for streaming and online gaming.

  • Gig Internet

  • Buckeye’s most robust internet offering, the Gig Internet package features internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. Easily connect between 20 and 60 devices at once and enjoy seamless streaming, online gaming, web surfing and smart device connectivity all with Buckeye’s lightning-fast Gig Internet solution.

Buckeye Broadband Bundle Packages

In addition to cable internet, Buckeye provides TV services to customers throughout Ohio and parts of Michigan. Customers can select from two available service bundles to save on their home entertainment and connectivity needs.

BundleInternet SpeedNumber of ChannelsWhat’s Bundled?
HD Cable & Broadband Internet25 Mbps30+TV & Broadband Internet
Popular Standard & Broadband Internet25 Mbps150+TV & Broadband Internet

Buckeye Broadband Internet Fees

In addition to monthly service fees, Buckeye has many additional fees associated with their services. The following illustrate what customers can expect to pay in addition to their monthly service fee:

· Data Fees: Customers will pay $10 for each additional block of 50 GB data needed after exceeding their data cap

· Internet Activation Fee: Buckeye has a one-time charge of $10 for internet activation

· Cable TV Activation Fee: For cable TV plans, customers will pay a one-time activation fee of $50

· Equipment Rentals: If you need to rent a Buckeye modem for service, you will need to rent one for $10/mo.

· Late Fee: A $19 late fee is applied to each late payment

· Returned Checks: Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee for each check that is returned

· Unlimited Data: For unlimited data, customers will need to pay $30 extra per month

Buckeye Broadband Internet Deals

As of July 9, 2020, Buckeye is offering new residential customers unlimited data on the following plans:

·   Essential Internet

·   HD Cable TV & Broadband Internet

·   Popular Standard & Broadband Internet

·   Ultimate Internet

Unlimited data is offered for the first six months free of charge, and customers will be able to add unlimited data for the following six months at a discounted rate of $15 extra per month. All promotions and deals are subject to change.

Buckeye Broadband Data Caps

Should a customer go over their allotted data, they may be subject to additional fees. This means if a customer exceeds their data limit during the month, they will be charged $10 for each block of 50 GB of data needed. Customers can monitor their data usage online to ensure they do not exceed their data cap. Alternatively, they may choose to add unlimited data to their service for a monthly fee of $30.

Buckeye Broadband Availability

Buckeye is only available to customers throughout Ohio and select parts of Michigan. This equates to approximately 0.2% coverage in the U.S.

Buckeye Broadband Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customers may receive answers to their service questions and technical support through Buckeye’s 24/7 customer service hotline or live chat. According to the Better Business Bureau, Buckeye has an A+ rating and features very few customer complaints.

Pros and cons of Buckeye Broadband internet


  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Data Usage Tracking
  • Available Unlimited Data
  • Available 1 Gbps Internet Speed


  • Expensive
  • Data Caps & Fees
  • Limited TV Channels
  • Limited Service Areas

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