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Claire Bough
October 28, 2020

What is AT&T TV?

AT&T is a large telecommunications company with extensive national coverage. Alongside its trademark telephone and internet services, the company also offers a combination streaming and on-demand TV service that rivals the best ones out there.

AT&T TV is a subscription streaming service, available through your internet connection in combination with an included streaming device. It has plenty of channels, between 65 and 130-plus, depending on the package you choose, but also comes with tens of thousands of on-demand titles. 

AT&T TV is not to be confused with DIRECTV, AT&T’s longtime partner for satellite TV service. Though both services are often offered in the same areas, there are some key differences. DIRECTV is available almost everywhere, offering a ton of channels, along with DVR for up to five shows. 

AT&T TV can be also bundled with an internet package for the best value. For instance, you can bundle internet and AT&T TV's Entertainment package for $84.99.

*Prices vary based on ZIP code.

Live TV and on-demand channels

With AT&T TV, customers have access to both live and on-demand content. Just like cable TV, AT&T’s live TV includes local networks, sports, news and more. The amount of channels you can access depends on the AT&T package you select. Packages offer 65 to 140+ channel options. Each AT&T TV package comes with 500 hours of cloud DVR storage, so you can also record your favorite live programs. 

AT&T TV’s on-demand content is available to watch at any time. Customers have access to more than 40,000 movies and shows that you can stream across multiple devices. Through the AT&T TV device, you’ll also have access to more than 5,000 streaming apps to watch even more on-demand content, though you’ll need a unique subscription for most apps. 

AT&T TV Plans and Pricing Overview

Choice$64.9985+No (available for $8.49 extra)
Xtra$74.99105+No (available for $8.49 extra)
Ultimate$79.99125+No (available for $8.49 extra)

*Prices increase after first year

A current promotion gives new subscribers access to HBO and HBO Max for a year for free, while access to Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ and EPIX is included for the first three months. Spanish language channels are available for $15/mo. Get the Movies Extra Pack for $5/mo. and international TV such as Vietnamese and Korean packages for $20-$30/mo. NBA League Pass is available for $199.95 per season.

Which AT&T TV plan is the best?

Depending on the AT&T TV package you choose, you can receive access to more than 140 channels. Keep in mind that these options refer to live channels, while the plans also offer 40,000+ on-demand titles for streaming at any time. Two popular plans:

  • Entertainment: The Entertainment Package is great for users who only need essential channels. This plan includes 65+ live TV channels such as FOX News, ESPNHD, CNN, CNBC, E!, Bravo, A&E and more. 
  • Choice: The Choice Package is best if you’re looking for access to essential live channels as well as regional sports networks. This package includes 90+ channels such as ESPN News HD, ESPNU, IFC, MLB HD and more. 

AT&T Internet and TV Packages

Fiber 100 + Entertainment$89.99/mo.65+100 Mbps
Fiber 300 + Choice$99.99/mo.90+300 Mbps
Fiber 1000 + Xtra$109.99/mo.120+940 Mbps
Fiber 300 + Ultimate$114.99/mo.130+300 Mbps
Fiber 1000 + Ultimate$129.99/mo.130+940 Mbps

AT&T TV Features

  • Save over 500 hours of TV on DVR cloud storage and watch it when it’s convenient. You can even record many shows at once.
  • Stream live TV and saved DVR programs through the mobile app to take all your materials on the go.
  • Enjoy access to up to 65,000 on-demand channels, depending on the AT&T TV package you choose. 
  • New AT&T customers are eligible for special deals like free access to HBO MAX for a year and $200 in Visa Rewards Cards.

AT&T TV Equipment and Devices

  • One streaming device is included in the price of the package and is easy to set up on your own. You can get up to five additional devices for other TVs in your home at an extra cost of $120 per device. The device is powerful though, putting your streaming and on-demand TV all in one spot.
  • Get access to 5,000 apps available on Google Play, including TV streaming services such as Netflix, music apps and more, using the streaming device. Toggle easily between devices, even using the included voice commands.
  • Save over 500 hours of TV on DVR cloud storage and watch it when it’s convenient. You can even record many shows at once.
  • Stream live TV and saved DVR materials through the mobile app to take all your materials on the go.
  • The streaming device comes with built-in Google Assistant to change the channel, search shows, make search inquiries and control other compatible smart home devices.

Pros and cons of AT&T TV internet


  • Live TV includes up to 130+ channels
  • 500 hours of storage space
  • On-demand streaming services
  • Sports: Choice, Extra and Ultimate package subscribers get access to national networks including ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2 and NBCSN. For under $9/mo., sports fans can also get access to regional games.


  • Two-year commitment required.
  • Plan prices increase after first year.
  • Sports: Fans will miss out on some of the premium sports seats, such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET, which is only available on DIRECTV.
  • Extra cost for additional TVs in the home; can only stream on three devices at one time.

AT&T TV Frequently Asked Questions

How much is AT&T TV a month? 

Depending on the package and extras you choose, you can get AT&T TV for as little as $59.99/mo., plus additional set up fees and taxes. Top-tier service could cost you as much as $129.99, and add-ons such as HBO, which costs $15 after the first year, local sports access at nearly $9 and others could bring your service fees closer to $200. 

What is the difference between AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW? 

The AT&T TV NOW service is not fixed to a streaming device like the way you access AT&T TV. Instead, it’s an online-only, streaming-based service, similar to Netflix or Sling TV. And just like Sling, you can access both live TV and on-demand programming. 

What channels are on AT&T TV? 

A full-fledged TV service, AT&T TV offers a full range of channels – between 65 and 130 for your everyday viewing, including FOX, NBC, ESPN and AMC. There's also a full complement of kids' channels, and in some areas, you can get local programming, including local sports. Other premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, EPIX and more may be available for an extra fee. For the full list of channels, visit AT&T’s website

Is AT&T TV right for you?

There are so many streaming services out there, it can be tough to sort them all out. But AT&T's TV service offers plenty of package options and channels — there's something for everyone. Compare AT&T TV to DIRECTV and other live TV options in your area to see what's best for you.

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