AT&T Internet Plans

Claire Bough
October 22, 2020

AT&T Internet Overview

A telecommunications giant that began life more than 140 years ago as a phone company, AT&T has long been known for innovation. Today, the company offers both DSL and fiber internet packages in 23 states. Ranked second behind Fios, AT&T earned an ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) score of 68/100 in 2020, indicating strong customer satisfaction.

A major benefit of AT&T internet is the range of speed options. Fiber internet offers speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 GB), which is perfect for gamers, binge-watchers and those who work or go to school from home. DSL service, with speeds up to 100 Mbps, is available in more areas than fiber and is plenty fast for many households.

For better value, consider bundling your AT&T internet services with AT&T TV or DIRECTV. With either TV service, you can get Gig internet for just $39.99/mo. for the first year. Other internet speeds may also qualify for a bundling discount.

Why AT&T Internet?

  • Fiber internet options – AT&T offers three fiber plans that range in speed. Fiber internet is the fastest and most reliable form of internet connection, so the option is great for business owners and anyone seeking better internet. 
  • Bundle packages – In addition to internet, AT&T also offers phone and cable TV services. By bundling your packages, you can save money and bring all your services under AT&T for simpler billing and access to customer service.
  • Nationwide hotspots – Every AT&T internet customer has access to nationwide hotspots for no additional charge. The hotspots offer a reliable way to use the internet while traveling. 
  • Low starting prices- AT&T internet plans start as low as $35/mo for DSL and Fiber. With a range of speeds, the starting price is cost-effective for most customers. 
  • High data caps – All of AT&T’s internet prices have a 1 TB data cap, except for the Internet 1000 fiber plan that includes unlimited data. For each plan, 1 TB is enough to stream 500 hours of video per month, so it’s a high cap for most users. 

AT&T Internet Plans and Pricing

AT&T internet plans run the gamut from small, basic plans for those who use the internet infrequently to huge plans designed for power users.

AT&T internet prices start at $35/mo. for both DSL and fiber, which are competitive with other providers of the same internet type (DSL or fiber), though they may vary by location. AT&T internet deals, with special pricing, are available for military members, veterans, college students and members or employees of various organizations.

AT&T home internet subscribers also have access to the company’s nationwide network of hotspots, allowing you to stay connected when traveling around the corner or across the country. These are not separate AT&T WiFi plans, but rather a perk of being an AT&T customer. And with the included Smart Home Manager app, you’ll be able to control your connected smart home devices from the palm of your hand, no matter where you happen to be.

Internet Basic 5DSL5 Mbps1 TB• Light browsing
• Downloading music
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Internet Basic 1.5DSL1.5 Mbps1 TB• Surfing the web
• Social networking
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Internet Basic 768DSL0.8 Mbps1 TB• Checking email
• Light web surfing
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Internet 100DSL100 Mbps1 TB• Streaming video
• Large file sharing
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Internet 50DSL50 Mbps1 TB• Stream, share videosCheck Availability
Internet 25DSL25 Mbps1 TB• Stream music on multiple devicesCheck Availability
Internet 18DSL18 Mbps1 TB• Sharing photos, videosCheck Availability
Internet 10DSL10 Mbps1 TB• Social networking
• Downloading music
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Internet 100Fiber100 Mbps1 TB• Gaming
• Streaming HD videos
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Internet 300Fiber300 Mbps1 TB• Streaming on multiple devicesCheck Availability
Internet 1000Fiber940 MbpsUnlimited• Unlimited
• Serious online gamers
• Business use
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AT&T Fiber vs. DSL Internet

AT&T Fiber is entirely different from AT&T DSL. Fiber internet uses optical cables to send and receive data via encoded light signals. In addition to a modem and router, fiber internet requires you to have an optical network terminal (ONT) installed.

Fiber internet is faster and more reliable than DSL. But unlike DSL, which piggybacks on your existing phone lines, fiber-optic technology is expensive. AT&T is currently providing it only in limited urban areas, so you’ll need to check your ZIP code to see if it’s available in your neighborhood.

AT&T Internet Deals

$100 Visa Rewards Card

When new customers order their service online, they’ll be given a $100 Visa Rewards Card that can be redeemed at a variety of shops and restaurants. However, this deal is subject to change.

AT&T Smart Home Manager

All AT&T internet customers get access to the Smart Home Manager app, which lets you see who’s connected to your network, manage family screen time and change your network password from anywhere.

Bundle Your AT&T Internet

AT&T is one of the largest providers in the U.S. of internet, wireless and TV. By bundling all your services under AT&T, you can save money. Through bundling, you’ll also make your life easier by having to reach only one company for all your customer service needs. With bundle packages, AT&T customers save about $10/mo. and enjoy customer rewards like $300 in Visa Rewards Cards. 

Popular AT&T Internet Bundles


DIRECTV Entertainment All-Included + Internet 100


DIRECTV Entertainment + Internet 100 + Phone Unlimited


Internet + AT&T TV


AT&T Data Caps

AT&T’s internet plans come with 1 TB data caps. The Internet 1000 fiber plan is unlimited.

AT&T does charge a fee of $10 for every 50 GB by which you exceed your limit. However, they do offer the option to upgrade any of their plans to unlimited data for an additional $30/mo.

AT&T Internet Speed

AT&T offers a variety of internet speeds for all types of customers. The first step is choosing between DSL and Fiber. Fiber offers the most reliable internet connection, so it’s always the fastest option you can buy. The only caveat is that fiber connection isn’t widely available. You’ll only be able to choose AT&T Fiber Internet if it’s in your area. With DSL, most customers will still have enough speed for standard internet use, gaming, streaming, working and more. 

AT&T Internet Basic offers download speeds ranging from 0.8 to 5 Mbps. These are the lowest speeds you can choose from AT&T, so the prices are also the cheapest starting at $35/mo. With Internet Basic, you can check email and social media and surf the web. At 5 Mbps, you’ll be able to seamlessly download small music files and stream videos, though there may be some buffering time. Overall, the AT&T Internet Basic plans are for single-person households or light internet users. 

While AT&T’s Internet Basic plans are DSL internet, the company also offers some DSL plans that include greater speeds. Customers can choose speeds ranging from 10-100 Mbps depending on what’s available in each area. At 10 Mbps, your internet is suitable for about two users who use the internet for HD video streaming, downloads, surfing and more. As the speed grows to 100 Mbps, you’ll enjoy more reliable speeds as well as enough bandwidth for multiple users, large file downloads and HD gaming. 

AT&T offers three fiber plans that include the fastest download speeds. Customers can choose from 100, 300 or 940 Mbps. The 940 Mbps plan is the fastest, most reliable internet you can buy through AT&T. At 940 Mbps, you’ll have enough bandwidth for multiple users working from home and for serious gaming. 

AT&T Internet Fees and Equipment

Equipment rental

AT&T leases its AT&T Gateway, which is a modem and router combo, for $10/mo. 

Setup and installation fees

AT&T offers professional installation for new customers that costs a flat fee of $99. You can also opt for self-installation if your home is already wired for AT&T internet. 

Cancellation fees

You can cancel your AT&T internet service for any reason within 14 days of activation. After that time, there’s a $180 early termination fee. AT&T will prorate your fee by $15 based on the number of months your service is active. For example, your cancellation fee is only $15 if your service has been active for 12 months. 

Late payment fees

AT&T does charge late payment fees, but the amount varies by state. 

Data caps

All of AT&T’s internet plans include a 1 TB data cap except for the Internet 1000 plan, which is unlimited. If you go over your data, AT&T will charge you $10 for every 50 GB over, with a maximum charge of $100 a month for AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber and $200 for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet.

AT&T Customer Service 

If you need to reach AT&T customer service, you can do so in a variety of ways. One of the easiest is by phone at (800) 288-2020, available 24 hours a day. If you’re having a technical problem, you may want to run a speed test before you call so that you can give that information to the technician.

Pros and cons of AT&T internet


  • A variety of plans meant to meet the needs of many different consumers
  • Enough plans to meet a variety of price ranges
  • High customer satisfaction ratings


  • Limited service area
  • Plans do come with data caps
  • Few special deals are given in exchange for signing up for their services

AT&T Internet Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get AT&T internet only? Yes. AT&T offers a variety of both DSL and fiber internet plans. You can save some money by bundling your internet service with AT&T TV or DIRECTV services, but this is not required.
  • How much is AT&T internet? AT&T internet-only plans are $35/mo.
  • Does AT&T have unlimited WiFi? You can use a router to create a home WiFi network that allows you to wirelessly connect all your devices to the internet. In addition, all AT&T home internet subscribers have access to a national network of AT&T hotspots. This gives you unlimited WiFi access whenever you are in range of a hotspot, anywhere in the country.

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