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Claire Bough
January 06, 2021
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AT&T At-A-Glance

Originally established as Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1877, shortly after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, AT&T has grown to be one of the nation’s leading internet service providers and offers a mix of fiber-enabled plans, basic internet plans and fixed wireless internet plans for customers in rural areas.

AT&T offers a wide variety of internet packages, meant to fit the needs of a range of consumers and their various price ranges or installation needs.

Type% of Population With AT&T% of Population With AT&T Available
Fiber and Hybrid-Fiber4.4%11%
Calculated using the latest data as of Q2 2020 from AT&T’s usage reports

AT&T Internet Overview

AT&T Fiber offers download speeds close to 1,000 Mbps. Fiber internet is essential if you have a large home with many users or if your work and personal activities require fast speeds. AT&T’s fiber plan offers unlimited data and most users will enjoy a download speed around 940 Mbps. The Fiber 1000 plan starts at $60/mo. with a 12-month contract. 

Depending on your location, you may only have certain packages available to you, so AT&T can’t always guarantee a higher internet speed.

When you choose an AT&T internet plan, you can opt for self-installation or have an AT&T technician install your service. The company will provide an AT&T Gateway, which is a combination modem and router. For most plans, you’ll have a $5-$10/mo. equipment rental fee. As an AT&T customer, you’ll also have access to nationwide WiFi hotspots if you need to stay connected on the go.

PlanStarting Price*Connection Type
Fiber 100$49.99/mo.Fiber
AT&T Internet$40.00/mo.Fiber/Copper Hybrid
Internet 300$45.00/mo.Fiber
Internet 1000$60.00/mo.Fiber
AT&T Fixed Wireless$49.99/mo.Fixed Wireless
*Prices increase after 12 months.


AT&T TV isn’t cable TV or a traditional streaming service. Instead, it combines both by offering on-demand programs through the AT&T TV app and 5,000 additional apps through the AT&T TV streaming box. AT&T TV partnered with Google Assistant to allow you to surf live TV channels faster than before. Currently, AT&T TV offers six packages starting at $59.99/mo. 

If you’re looking for the best deals with AT&T, consider bundling your internet and TV. Through bundling, you can save up to $20/mo. and enjoy unique offerings like unlimited data, a Visa Rewards Card, HBO Max and more. 

AT&T Bundles

Those looking to save should consider investing in one of AT&T’s many bundle packages. When you bundle TV (either AT&T TV or DIRECTV) and internet into one bill with AT&T, you get an unlimited data credit, free installation on new TV and internet services and are guaranteed to save at least $10/mo. on existing services.

Internet + AT&T TV Entertainment Package

Starting at $94.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • 65+ channels, live TV, on-demand titles, 500 hours cloud DVR storage
  • Unlimited streaming, no internet data caps
  • AT&T TV device w/Google Assistant

Call to order 1-877-387-6961


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Internet + DIRECTV Entertainment Package

Starting at $89.99/mo

Prices may vary by location

Plan Includes

  • 160+ channels, live TV, 500 hours cloud DVR storage
  • Internet speed up to 100 Mbps
  • Free installation

Call to order 1-877-387-6961


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AT&T Phone

AT&T offers standalone phone plans starting as low as $19.99 for domestic calling in North America and $41.99 for international coverage. By bundling your phone plan with AT&T internet or TV, you can save money each month while also enjoying customer perks like Visa Rewards Cards. 

AT&T’s phone bundles start at $77.99 for phone and internet, which includes unlimited nationwide calling. If you’d like to bundle internet, phone and TV you can pay for the triple play package that starts at $114.97. With the triple play package, you’ll enjoy DIRECTV Entertainment and waived fees for equipment. 

AT&T Availability

AT&T internet service is offered in 21 states. To find out if you can get service in your area, check your availability by ZIP code.

AT&T Customer Satisfaction Ratings


Overall, AT&T’s internet services have fairly high customer satisfaction ratings. It ranked second in the 2020 edition of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), a yearly survey of 300,000 consumers about their satisfaction with goods and services that they use the most.


AT&T internet scored 68%, which was a 1% decrease over the previous year. That score put them above Xfinity and below Fios (Verizon). 

AT&T Frequently Asked Questions

How much is AT&T television services per month?

AT&T TV, the company's family of streaming multichannel television services, starts at $59.99/mo.

How much is AT&T internet by itself?

Without bundling, AT&T offers all of its internet plans starting at $35/mo. If you’re looking to bundle, your cheapest option starts at $94.99/mo. for AT&T TV and 100 Mbps Internet.

Does AT&T service my area?

AT&T offers internet services in 21 states. In each location, services may vary. Some customers have access to a broad range of internet options, while others may only have limited DSL connectivity. To find out if AT&T covers your area, provide your ZIP code in DecisionData’s availability finder.

What services does AT&T offer at my address?

AT&T offers different services for different locations. To find out what’s available at your home, enter your address at AT&T.

What is AT&T?

AT&T is a telecommunications company that offers wireless, internet and TV plans. It’s the world’s largest telecommunications company, and it offers services for users throughout the U.S and beyond.

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