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741 Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the USA [Residential List]

Fiber optic internet is still uncommon in the United States. Service is mostly provided by traditionally-DSL companies like Verizon and Frontier, but municipal fiber and Google Fiber have also started providing their own service. Even some cable companies like RCN have switched from coaxial cable to fiber optic lines. Because the service is fairly new, it tends to be fairly expensive. While providers can limit bandwidth in a number of ways, fiber optic internet is usually the fastest available internet in an area, and it usually boasts minimal packet loss and low latency.

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Residential Fiber Optic Providers List

Sorted by number of people that have service available (by footprint size).

Fiber Provider2016 Estimated Coverage (People)% of USA Population Covered
Summit Broadband1,922,2660.6%
Frontier Communications1,882,4570.6%
Cincinnati Bell865,7030.3%
TDS Telecom304,7420.1%
Broadview Networks293,1540.1%
Front Range Internet Inc.260,7850.1%
Lightbound LLC245,5650.1%
Horry Telephone Cooperative Inc.238,6940.1%
Google Fiber180,9780.1%
Home Telecom172,4810.1%
Jaguar Communications154,524Less than .1%
BendBroadband144,322Less than .1%
NGN129,857Less than .1%
Google Fiber Kansas LLC129,719Less than .1%
North State Communications124,543Less than .1%
LUS Fiber120,937Less than .1%
SureWest Kansas Operations LLC118,517Less than .1%
CDE Lightband117,733Less than .1%
East Ascension Telephone Company LLC110,570Less than .1%
NTS Communications Inc.104,730Less than .1%
NineStar Connect103,895Less than .1%
Nittany Media Inc.101,107Less than .1%
Benton PUD100,562Less than .1%
Troy Cablevision Inc.98,462Less than .1%
Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative89,763Less than .1%
Dalton Utilities89,655Less than .1%
PUD Kitsap82,571Less than .1%
Armstrong82,337Less than .1%
Jackson Energy Authority81,503Less than .1%
Comporium Communications73,078Less than .1%
Westelcom Network68,847Less than .1%
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services68,422Less than .1%
Iserv67,538Less than .1%
Firstlight67,096Less than .1%
Public Utility District of Chelan County66,680Less than .1%
Cascade Networks Inc.64,169Less than .1%
Paul Bunyan Telephone62,778Less than .1%
Rural Telephone60,617Less than .1%
Yadtel60,385Less than .1%
SANDWICH ISLES59,698Less than .1%
Greenlight57,929Less than .1%
Public Utility District of Grant County57,730Less than .1%
Eagle Communications Inc.56,654Less than .1%
Franklin County PUD #156,552Less than .1%
Primelink53,901Less than .1%
ENMR Telephone Cooperative53,141Less than .1%
Connextions Telcom48,724Less than .1%
South Slope Cooperative Communications48,643Less than .1%
Vyve Broadband47,763Less than .1%
Public Utility District of Grays Harbor County47,103Less than .1%
Community Fiber Solutions46,321Less than .1%
Quantum Communications46,286Less than .1%
US Internet45,750Less than .1%
Bulloch County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.44,597Less than .1%
Cedar Falls Municipal Communications Utility44,081Less than .1%
CT Communications Inc.43,520Less than .1%
WiValley43,205Less than .1%
Ritter Communications42,334Less than .1%
Co-Mo Connect41,983Less than .1%
HBC41,684Less than .1%
Allo Communications41,676Less than .1%
Ben Lomand; Volunteer First Services LLC41,512Less than .1%
Morristown Utility FiberNET41,480Less than .1%
Foothills Broadband41,064Less than .1%
Smithville Communications40,914Less than .1%
Parallax Systems40,821Less than .1%
Consolidated Telephone Company40,597Less than .1%
Mason County PUD #340,165Less than .1%
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.39,940Less than .1%
Burlington Telecom39,660Less than .1%
CityLink Telecommunications39,575Less than .1%
Farmers Telephone Cooperative39,383Less than .1%
WK&T Telecommunications Cooperative38,670Less than .1%
Solarus37,126Less than .1%
PBT Telecom Inc.36,988Less than .1%
NKTelco Inc.36,581Less than .1%
Consolidated Telcom35,763Less than .1%
Mountain Telephone35,691Less than .1%
West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.35,076Less than .1%
OPTINET34,576Less than .1%
Winn Telecom33,689Less than .1%
AllensTV33,154Less than .1%
Cameron Communications32,009Less than .1%
Beehive Broadband31,436Less than .1%
Endeavor Communications30,968Less than .1%
Golden West Telecommunications30,186Less than .1%
MachLink29,246Less than .1%
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative28,995Less than .1%
Planters Communications LLC28,995Less than .1%
LUMOS TELEPHONE INC28,831Less than .1%
PRTC28,578Less than .1%
Shentel28,536Less than .1%
En-Touch Systems Inc.28,472Less than .1%
Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County28,211Less than .1%
Datavision Communications28,121Less than .1%
North Central Telephone Cooperative27,901Less than .1%
LISCO27,349Less than .1%
Venture Communications Coop.27,149Less than .1%
Windstream26,513Less than .1%
Vision Communications26,339Less than .1%
Etex Telecom25,658Less than .1%
Pineland Telephone Company Inc.25,645Less than .1%
Zito Media25,529Less than .1%
RT Communications Inc.25,414Less than .1%
Sunman Telecommunications Corporation25,344Less than .1%
Dakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative25,319Less than .1%
Smart City25,178Less than .1%
FairPoint Communications24,996Less than .1%
Highland Telephone Cooperative Inc.24,947Less than .1%
PVT Networks24,937Less than .1%
Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.24,925Less than .1%
North-State Telephone Co.24,593Less than .1%
Daystarr Communications LLC24,402Less than .1%
MDTC Communications Inc.23,409Less than .1%
Slic Network Solutions23,362Less than .1%
Public Utility District of Okanogan County23,229Less than .1%
Star Telephone Membership Corporation23,128Less than .1%
North Alabama Electric Co-op22,900Less than .1%
Alliance Communications22,718Less than .1%
ComSouth22,695Less than .1%
Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.22,625Less than .1%
Strata Networks22,568Less than .1%
Swiftel Communications22,375Less than .1%
Bluffton Telephone22,015Less than .1%
Farmers Telecommunications Corporation21,797Less than .1%
Harris Broadband LLP21,459Less than .1%
Guadalupe Valley Communication Systems21,431Less than .1%
BEK Communications Cooperative21,252Less than .1%
Westphalia Broadband Inc.21,216Less than .1%
Ashland Fiber Network21,068Less than .1%
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation20,970Less than .1%
North Dakota Telephone Company20,969Less than .1%
Ringgold Telephone Company20,957Less than .1%
Alaska Communications20,735Less than .1%
Accelplus20,644Less than .1%
Emery Telecommunication & Video Inc20,625Less than .1%
Bryan Municipal Utilities20,365Less than .1%
Wabash Mutual Telephone Company20,309Less than .1%
CC Communications20,268Less than .1%
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation19,516Less than .1%
WT Services Inc.19,352Less than .1%
Volo Broadband19,332Less than .1%
Xchange Telecom19,311Less than .1%
Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative19,239Less than .1%
South Plains Telephone Cooperative19,214Less than .1%
MINet19,194Less than .1%
ATMC19,123Less than .1%
All West Communications Inc.18,685Less than .1%
SCTC18,579Less than .1%
Brantley Telephone Inc.18,384Less than .1%
CoMPAS Cable18,218Less than .1%
D&P Cable Incorporated18,081Less than .1%
Canby Telcom17,959Less than .1%
Bardstown Cable TV17,933Less than .1%
Tullahoma Utilities Board17,829Less than .1%
Hood Canal Communications17,764Less than .1%
Lumos Networks LLC17,682Less than .1%
New Visions17,681Less than .1%
Pendleton Fiber Company17,577Less than .1%
C Spire Fiber17,330Less than .1%
Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.17,324Less than .1%
PUD Pend Oreille17,312Less than .1%
Premier Communications17,105Less than .1%
Triangle Communications17,065Less than .1%
TCT West Inc.16,790Less than .1%
Reedsburg Utility Commission16,789Less than .1%
Fibersphere16,347Less than .1%
FTX Networks16,085Less than .1%
ValuNet16,079Less than .1%
Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative Inc.16,068Less than .1%
Reliance Connects15,971Less than .1%
Mitchell Telecom15,845Less than .1%
BTC Broadband15,688Less than .1%
Citizens of Kecksburg15,638Less than .1%
Granite State Telephone15,590Less than .1%
Garden Valley Telephone Company15,489Less than .1%
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association15,485Less than .1%
Indianola Communication Agency15,460Less than .1%
ImOn Communications LLC15,242Less than .1%
Scottsboro Electric Power Board15,096Less than .1%
United Communications14,991Less than .1%
Mahaska Communication Group LLC14,816Less than .1%
RTC Communications Corp14,801Less than .1%
Vernon Telephone Cooperative Inc.14,765Less than .1%
Arvig Communication Systems14,765Less than .1%
Otter Tail Telcom14,709Less than .1%
Molalla Communications Company14,587Less than .1%
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc.14,540Less than .1%
Hargray14,225Less than .1%
Direct Communications Cedar Valley14,175Less than .1%
ORCA Communications14,150Less than .1%
Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.14,102Less than .1%
RTC Communications13,921Less than .1%
Wildflower Internet13,862Less than .1%
Silver Star Communications13,861Less than .1%
West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative13,848Less than .1%
Wamego Telecommunications Company Inc.13,753Less than .1%
Wikstrom Telephone Company13,750Less than .1%
Ketchikan Public Utilities13,713Less than .1%
Marshall Municipal Utilities13,652Less than .1%
PSC13,581Less than .1%
Reservation Telephone Cooperative13,547Less than .1%
Laurel Highland Telephone Company13,513Less than .1%
Merr.com13,296Less than .1%
GTI13,296Less than .1%
Comspan Communications Inc.13,282Less than .1%
AcenTek13,277Less than .1%
NetQuincy13,248Less than .1%
BEVCOMM13,196Less than .1%
Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation13,160Less than .1%
Western Iowa Networks12,969Less than .1%
Twin Valley Telephone Inc.12,907Less than .1%
North Penn Long Distance Company12,848Less than .1%
CP-Tel Network Services12,781Less than .1%
Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp.12,713Less than .1%
Federated Telephone Cooperative12,614Less than .1%
Lake Connections12,113Less than .1%
Fibernet Monticello11,722Less than .1%
City Light Gas & Water Office11,637Less than .1%
Home Town Cable Plus11,475Less than .1%
Southwest Michigan Communications Inc.11,450Less than .1%
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company11,437Less than .1%
Ralls Technologies11,422Less than .1%
Turtle Mountain Communications11,381Less than .1%
BTC Multimedia11,362Less than .1%
Duo County Telephone Cooperative Inc.11,334Less than .1%
Empire Access11,221Less than .1%
OneSource Communications11,203Less than .1%
Bijou Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.11,063Less than .1%
SandyNet11,047Less than .1%
Pulaski Electric System11,003Less than .1%
UC2B10,972Less than .1%
The Tri-County Telephone Association10,914Less than .1%
Norvado10,849Less than .1%
Yucca Telecom10,778Less than .1%
OmniTel Communications10,772Less than .1%
State Telephone10,644Less than .1%
Hometown Cable Company LLC10,637Less than .1%
New Hope Telephone Cooperative10,619Less than .1%
WK&T10,574Less than .1%
FTTH Communications10,558Less than .1%
Hometown Utili-com10,485Less than .1%
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative Inc.10,425Less than .1%
EPBNET10,377Less than .1%
EC Fiber10,353Less than .1%
Amherst Telephone Company10,351Less than .1%
Tri-County Communications Cooperative10,338Less than .1%
Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company10,197Less than .1%
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative10,170Less than .1%
3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative Inc.10,056Less than .1%
TriCounty Telecom10,036Less than .1%
TruVista10,030Less than .1%
City of Chanute10,004Less than .1%
Highland Communication Services-HCS9,951Less than .1%
Midstate Communications9,914Less than .1%
AdamsWells Telecom9,837Less than .1%
Diamondnet9,816Less than .1%
Albany Mutual Telephone Association9,815Less than .1%
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association9,734Less than .1%
Pathway Com-Tel Inc.9,607Less than .1%
West Central Telephone Association9,601Less than .1%
Pembroke Telephone Company Inc9,440Less than .1%
Wittenberg Wireless9,435Less than .1%
Myakka Communications9,345Less than .1%
Partner Communications Cooperative9,310Less than .1%
Lonsdale Telephone Company Inc.9,301Less than .1%
West Plains Telecommunications Inc.9,243Less than .1%
ITS Telecom9,166Less than .1%
Granby Telephone Company9,129Less than .1%
Socket Telecom LLC9,058Less than .1%
TEC8,984Less than .1%
US SONET8,902Less than .1%
The North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company8,881Less than .1%
Arkwest Communications8,832Less than .1%
Champlain Telephone Company8,804Less than .1%
Highlands Fiber Network8,798Less than .1%
Networkmaine8,761Less than .1%
Cogent Communications Inc.8,740Less than .1%
Shawnee Telephone Company8,738Less than .1%
Telephone Service Company8,554Less than .1%
KM Telecom8,519Less than .1%
Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services8,486Less than .1%
Sumner Communications8,442Less than .1%
Park Region Mutual Telephone Company8,400Less than .1%
Blue Valley Tele-Communications Inc.8,359Less than .1%
Ballard Telephone Cooperative8,295Less than .1%
Westel Fiber8,258Less than .1%
Wilkes Telephone and Electric Co.8,224Less than .1%
Manti Telephone8,157Less than .1%
Cross Cable LLC8,074Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company7,942Less than .1%
MTCO7,937Less than .1%
SRT Communications Inc.7,816Less than .1%
Huxley Communications Cooperative7,724Less than .1%
Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation7,653Less than .1%
Adams Networks Inc.7,492Less than .1%
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company7,471Less than .1%
Baldwin Broadband LLC.7,440Less than .1%
Liberty Communications7,336Less than .1%
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation7,330Less than .1%
Heritage Telephone Company7,316Less than .1%
MVDSL7,314Less than .1%
Lake Region Electric Cooperative Inc.7,233Less than .1%
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc.7,135Less than .1%
DJK Link Inc.7,060Less than .1%
Pioneer Communications7,014Less than .1%
Dobson Telephone Company McLoud Division7,002Less than .1%
Southeast Nebraska Communications6,975Less than .1%
Chariton Valley Telecom Corp.6,885Less than .1%
Delhi Telephone6,836Less than .1%
Bloomer Telephone Company6,807Less than .1%
Union Springs Telephone Company6,783Less than .1%
Race Communications6,782Less than .1%
WestTel Systems6,764Less than .1%
Coon Valley Farmers Telephone Company6,710Less than .1%
GBT Communications6,652Less than .1%
Chazy & Westport Telephone Corp6,602Less than .1%
Wilkes Telecommunications6,580Less than .1%
SCTelcom6,544Less than .1%
PTCI6,497Less than .1%
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative Inc.6,438Less than .1%
PogoZone6,431Less than .1%
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative6,423Less than .1%
Home Telephone Company Inc.6,356Less than .1%
NEPSK Inc.6,326Less than .1%
Arvig6,261Less than .1%
Citizens Telephone Cooperative Inc.6,235Less than .1%
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority6,175Less than .1%
Chariton Valley Telephone Corp.6,157Less than .1%
Falcon Broadband Inc6,115Less than .1%
Sebastian – Audeamus6,003Less than .1%
TrioTel Communications Inc.5,984Less than .1%
NineStar Communications5,979Less than .1%
QCOL Inc5,979Less than .1%
Brindlee Mountain Telephone5,968Less than .1%
Harrisonville Telephone Company5,954Less than .1%
GRM Networks5,948Less than .1%
Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company5,913Less than .1%
Glenwood Telephone5,861Less than .1%
OnlineNW5,831Less than .1%
Casair Inc.5,820Less than .1%
Ligonier Telephone Company5,776Less than .1%
RST Fiber5,746Less than .1%
Westex Telecom5,717Less than .1%
Fundamental Holdings Corp.5,680Less than .1%
LiveAir Networks5,659Less than .1%
West River Cooperative Telephone Company5,643Less than .1%
TVN.net5,642Less than .1%
Monarc Technologies LLC5,591Less than .1%
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc5,570Less than .1%
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company5,528Less than .1%
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation5,508Less than .1%
Time Warner Cable5,495Less than .1%
Wabash Independent Networks Inc.5,494Less than .1%
Monmouth Telecom5,488Less than .1%
KTC PACE5,484Less than .1%
Level 3 Communications5,471Less than .1%
Tularosa Communications Inc.5,458Less than .1%
Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company5,406Less than .1%
Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative Inc.5,367Less than .1%
Buckeye CableSystem5,311Less than .1%
ghValley.net5,279Less than .1%
M33 Access5,251Less than .1%
Pinnacle Communications5,247Less than .1%
F&B Communications Inc.5,239Less than .1%
Sharon Telephone Co.5,180Less than .1%
Runestone Telephone Association5,123Less than .1%
Pioneer Wireless Inc.5,108Less than .1%
Delcambre Telephone Co. LLC5,106Less than .1%
Pine Telephone Company5,098Less than .1%
Vernon Communications LLC5,058Less than .1%
Florida Cable5,023Less than .1%
Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association4,999Less than .1%
Hills Telephone Company4,959Less than .1%
RTEC Communications4,956Less than .1%
SCC Networks4,948Less than .1%
Hickory Telephone Company4,875Less than .1%
Windomnet4,846Less than .1%
Benton Cablevision Inc.4,770Less than .1%
PUD Pacific4,763Less than .1%
Alpine Long Distance LC4,757Less than .1%
North Penn4,724Less than .1%
Conxxus LLC4,722Less than .1%
Plant Tifnet4,716Less than .1%
Twin Valley Communications Inc.4,681Less than .1%
Wiggins Telephone4,665Less than .1%
Valley Telecommunications4,660Less than .1%
SCIO Mutual Telephone4,652Less than .1%
Nemont Telephone Cooperative Inc.4,602Less than .1%
City of Williamstown Cable & internet Service4,594Less than .1%
Lincoln County Telephone System4,524Less than .1%
Citizens4,496Less than .1%
Country Cablevision4,462Less than .1%
Midwest Connections4,405Less than .1%
Castle Cable TV4,399Less than .1%
UTMA4,357Less than .1%
liNKCity4,346Less than .1%
Lavaca Telephone Company Inc.4,315Less than .1%
Goldfield Access Network LC4,296Less than .1%
Rainbow Communications4,268Less than .1%
Personal Touch Communications4,261Less than .1%
Communications 1 Network Inc.4,211Less than .1%
Public Utility District of Clallam County4,204Less than .1%
Gtelco4,182Less than .1%
Lathrop Telephone Company4,148Less than .1%
City of Glenwood Springs Community Broadband Network4,056Less than .1%
Red River Rural Telephone Association Inc.4,045Less than .1%
Vogtmann Engineering Inc.4,021Less than .1%
Veracity Networks4,010Less than .1%
New Knoxville Telephone Company4,000Less than .1%
KanOkla Networks3,997Less than .1%
DTC Communications3,992Less than .1%
TMLP Online3,936Less than .1%
FJ Communications3,919Less than .1%
BRMEMC.net3,898Less than .1%
Grantsburg Telcom3,838Less than .1%
Oregon Telephone Corporation3,796Less than .1%
Empire Telephone Corp.3,758Less than .1%
Griggs County Telephone Company3,756Less than .1%
South Central Utah Telephone Association Inc3,729Less than .1%
USA Communications3,712Less than .1%
Monon Telephone Co. Inc.3,679Less than .1%
Allband Multimedia LLC3,663Less than .1%
Sycamore Telephone Company3,649Less than .1%
Cimarron Telephone Company3,645Less than .1%
CTS Telecom3,634Less than .1%
All West Communications3,617Less than .1%
Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative Inc.3,575Less than .1%
MTC Technologies3,570Less than .1%
Interstate Communications3,543Less than .1%
WOW!3,516Less than .1%
Columbus Telephone Company3,516Less than .1%
Peoples Telecommunications LLC3,494Less than .1%
Red River Rural Telephone Association3,472Less than .1%
Coaxial Cable TV Corp3,463Less than .1%
Anne Arundel Broadband3,454Less than .1%
HTC3,433Less than .1%
ACI3,433Less than .1%
Gardonville Telephone3,431Less than .1%
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association3,423Less than .1%
Wheat State Telephone Inc.3,398Less than .1%
Ottoville Mutual Telephone Company3,366Less than .1%
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone Inc.3,334Less than .1%
Santel Communications Cooperative3,316Less than .1%
Topsham Communications3,294Less than .1%
Grand Mound Communications3,267Less than .1%
GTel Teleconnections3,259Less than .1%
Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative3,210Less than .1%
Nortex Communications3,200Less than .1%
PCTelecom3,164Less than .1%
Panora Telco3,114Less than .1%
Union Telephone Company3,099Less than .1%
CASSCOMM3,092Less than .1%
Antietam Cable Television Inc.3,081Less than .1%
Kentec Communications Inc3,065Less than .1%
Inside Connect Cable3,060Less than .1%
H&B Communications Inc.3,039Less than .1%
Craw-Kan Telephone3,018Less than .1%
Cascade Communications Company3,012Less than .1%
Steelville Telephone Exchange Inc.2,991Less than .1%
Coltontel2,984Less than .1%
Splitrock2,973Less than .1%
Poka Lambro Telecommunications2,963Less than .1%
Hartelco2,942Less than .1%
Plains Cooperative Telephone Association Inc.2,937Less than .1%
Yukon Waltz Telephone Company2,928Less than .1%
Siren Telephone Company Inc.2,927Less than .1%
NATCO2,913Less than .1%
Woodstock Telephone Company2,912Less than .1%
Morris Broadband LLC2,891Less than .1%
Swisher Telephone Company2,891Less than .1%
Minburn Communications2,880Less than .1%
Dumont Telephone Company2,868Less than .1%
ProCom2,838Less than .1%
Butler-Bremer Communications2,823Less than .1%
S&T Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.2,815Less than .1%
IVUE2,814Less than .1%
Darien Telephone Company Inc.2,803Less than .1%
Wilson Telephone Company Inc.2,791Less than .1%
Walnut Communications2,787Less than .1%
Interbel Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,773Less than .1%
CTI Fiber2,715Less than .1%
Mutual Telecommunications2,710Less than .1%
Spring Grove Communications2,697Less than .1%
Union River Telephone Company2,688Less than .1%
Vermont Telephone Company2,680Less than .1%
Corn Belt Telephone Company2,661Less than .1%
Spring Valley Telephone Company Inc.2,613Less than .1%
Nelson Telephone Cooperative2,594Less than .1%
KCnet2,574Less than .1%
Stanton Telecom Inc.2,569Less than .1%
Home Telephone Co.2,561Less than .1%
Albion Telephone Company2,556Less than .1%
Lakeland Communications Inc.2,514Less than .1%
Cunningham Telephone & Cable2,502Less than .1%
Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company2,496Less than .1%
Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone2,494Less than .1%
Ellington Telephone Company2,475Less than .1%
Epic Touch Company Inc.2,472Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company2,468Less than .1%
Concept Communication Corp.2,466Less than .1%
Atlantech Online Inc.2,449Less than .1%
Choicetel LLC2,443Less than .1%
Custer Telephone Broadband Services2,369Less than .1%
Spencer Municipal Utilities2,343Less than .1%
BTC Communications2,316Less than .1%
Sebewaing Light and Water2,285Less than .1%
Emily Cooperative Telephone Company2,271Less than .1%
XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,254Less than .1%
Blountsville Telephone2,254Less than .1%
Clarks Telecom2,236Less than .1%
West River Telecommunications Cooperative2,233Less than .1%
Public Utility District No. 1 of Skagit County2,231Less than .1%
Lost Nation – Elwood Telephone Company2,228Less than .1%
Smithville Telephone Company Incorporated2,206Less than .1%
Nyecom Teleservices2,180Less than .1%
NVC2,180Less than .1%
Medicine Park Telephone Company2,166Less than .1%
Grand Telephone Company2,159Less than .1%
Skybest2,155Less than .1%
NEIT2,148Less than .1%
S&T Communications LLC2,147Less than .1%
Beaver Creek Telephone Company2,142Less than .1%
Green Mountain Access2,140Less than .1%
KanOkla Telephone Association Inc.2,139Less than .1%
FUSION2,132Less than .1%
LUMOS NETWORKS INC2,078Less than .1%
Three River Telco2,054Less than .1%
Cambridge Telephone Company2,051Less than .1%
QCOL2,045Less than .1%
Cal-Ore Communications Inc.2,044Less than .1%
Palo Cooperative Telephone Association2,025Less than .1%
Sytek Communications1,991Less than .1%
jamadots1,988Less than .1%
Nunn Commuication LLC1,981Less than .1%
Northwest Communications Cooperative Inc.1,956Less than .1%
Green Hills Telephone ILEC1,954Less than .1%
ElbertonNET1,950Less than .1%
Winn Telephone1,942Less than .1%
Mount Angel Telephone Company1,912Less than .1%
Mobius Communications Company1,911Less than .1%
Bridge Point Communication1,892Less than .1%
CALAVERAS INTERNET1,828Less than .1%
Crosslake Communications1,826Less than .1%
Barry County Telephone Company1,786Less than .1%
Clarence Telephone Company1,783Less than .1%
Alliance Communications Cooperative Inc.1,783Less than .1%
C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association1,771Less than .1%
Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.1,768Less than .1%
Guthrie Center Communications1,750Less than .1%
IAMO Telephone Company1,744Less than .1%
Mainstay Communications1,731Less than .1%
Pine Telephone Systems Inc.1,727Less than .1%
Plateau Telecommunications Inc.1,708Less than .1%
Haefele TV1,705Less than .1%
PGTELCO INTERNET1,696Less than .1%
Wahkiakum West Television Inc.1,675Less than .1%
Bernard Telephone1,645Less than .1%
La Harpe Video & Data Services Company Inc.1,643Less than .1%
HTC Communications1,642Less than .1%
People's Telephone Company1,641Less than .1%
up.net1,636Less than .1%
Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company1,634Less than .1%
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative1,630Less than .1%
ATC Communications Inc.1,626Less than .1%
Kennebec Telephone Company Inc1,624Less than .1%
Colo Telephone Company1,623Less than .1%
Cooperative Telephone Exchange1,605Less than .1%
Lincolnville Telephone Company1,578Less than .1%
Taylor Telephone Cooperative Inc.1,558Less than .1%
LaValle Telephone Cooperative1,546Less than .1%
Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company1,514Less than .1%
River Valley Telecommunications Coop1,512Less than .1%
Stratford Mutual Telephone Company1,489Less than .1%
PTC Communications1,479Less than .1%
Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association1,473Less than .1%
Southwest Telephone Exchange1,471Less than .1%
Lenox Municipal Utilities1,465Less than .1%
SOUTH CENTRAL TELCOM1,461Less than .1%
Miles Cooperative Telephone Association1,456Less than .1%
NEFCOM1,453Less than .1%
Christian Hill Farm LLC1,434Less than .1%
StarVision1,385Less than .1%
Barbourville Online1,376Less than .1%
Madison Telephone LLC1,370Less than .1%
Ridgeville Telephone Company1,367Less than .1%
Filer Mutual Telephone Company1,337Less than .1%
Northland Communications Inc.1,329Less than .1%
DTE1,329Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Jesup Iowa1,321Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company of Moulton IA1,306Less than .1%
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company1,271Less than .1%
Keene Valley Video1,270Less than .1%
Hillsboro Telephone Company Inc.1,248Less than .1%
Central Oklahoma Telephone Co. LLC1,231Less than .1%
Oneida Telephone Exchange1,218Less than .1%
First Step Internet LLC1,207Less than .1%
First Step Internet1,196Less than .1%
Rothsay Telephone Company Inc.1,195Less than .1%
BWTelcom1,187Less than .1%
Delta Telephone Co. Inc.1,175Less than .1%
United Farmers Telephone1,158Less than .1%
Sledge Telephone Co. Inc.1,136Less than .1%
Rebeltec Communications LLC1,122Less than .1%
Halstad Telephone Company1,116Less than .1%
Gorham Telephone Company1,110Less than .1%
Blanca Telephone Company1,102Less than .1%
JBN Telephone Company Inc.1,099Less than .1%
Diode Communications1,096Less than .1%
Arrowhead Electric Cooperative Inc.1,092Less than .1%
Rockwell Coop Telephone Association1,073Less than .1%
FTC Diversified Services Inc.1,044Less than .1%
Duo County Telecom1,042Less than .1%
A-G Long Distance1,041Less than .1%
LaHarpe Telephone Company Inc.1,041Less than .1%
Olin Telephone Company Inc.1,036Less than .1%
Southern Kansas Telephone Company Inc.1,030Less than .1%
Toledo Telenet1,018Less than .1%
McDonald County Telephone Co1,010Less than .1%
Radcliffe Telephone Company1,002Less than .1%
Lakeside Telephone Company Inc.1,000Less than .1%
Click! Network995Less than .1%
Milaca Local Link977Less than .1%
Wilkes Communications965Less than .1%
Mulberry Cooperative Telephone CO. INC.965Less than .1%
Newwave Communications963Less than .1%
Skybest Communications956Less than .1%
Wintek Corporation952Less than .1%
Jefferson Telephone Company934Less than .1%
Shen-Heights TV Associates Inc.923Less than .1%
Royal Telephone Company913Less than .1%
Readlyn Telephone Company899Less than .1%
IAMO Telephone Company Inc.892Less than .1%
Axiom Technologies876Less than .1%
Tanager Telecom866Less than .1%
Nelsonville TV Cable Inc.834Less than .1%
Piedmont Communications806Less than .1%
Cozad Telephone Company806Less than .1%
Valley Telephone Company803Less than .1%
MI-Connection796Less than .1%
Bretton Woods Communications788Less than .1%
Fort Mojave Telecommunications Inc.759Less than .1%
Lumos Networks of West Virginia Inc.750Less than .1%
S&A Telephone Company Inc.749Less than .1%
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company749Less than .1%
STC748Less than .1%
Oran Mutual Telephone Company737Less than .1%
Baldwin Nashville Telephone Company Inc.721Less than .1%
Wauneta Telephone Company720Less than .1%
Mid Century Telephone Cooperative716Less than .1%
Range Telephone Cooperative Inc.705Less than .1%
Avolutia LLC683Less than .1%
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company672Less than .1%
Allband Communications Cooperative652Less than .1%
St Paul Telephone646Less than .1%
Central Iowa Broadband638Less than .1%
SCTelecom589Less than .1%
Cable Communications of Willsboro582Less than .1%
La Motte Telephone Company Inc.579Less than .1%
Direct Communications558Less than .1%
Reynolds Telephone Company557Less than .1%
Big Bend Telephone Company530Less than .1%
Gervais Telephone Company522Less than .1%
Raw Bandwidth Telecom Inc.520Less than .1%
North Country Broadband519Less than .1%
St. John Cable516Less than .1%
Sacred Wind Communications Inc.493Less than .1%
Baca Valley Telephone Company483Less than .1%
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.465Less than .1%
Hartman Telephone Exchanges Inc.464Less than .1%
Eagle Telephone System INC451Less than .1%
Hopkinsville Electric System440Less than .1%
La Jicarita437Less than .1%
Volcano Internet Provider405Less than .1%
Farber Telephone Company402Less than .1%
DFT Communications/Netsync387Less than .1%
Flint Cable Television368Less than .1%
Tri County Telephone Association Inc.363Less than .1%
XIT Communications346Less than .1%
Minerva Valley Telephone Company Inc.344Less than .1%
Border to Border Communications Inc.340Less than .1%
BruceTel Communications LLC333Less than .1%
Manawa Telephone Company304Less than .1%
MTE Communications270Less than .1%
Yukon Telephone Co Inc.254Less than .1%
YHTI251Less than .1%
Consolidated Telecom235Less than .1%
Horizon Chilicothe Telephone229Less than .1%
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company226Less than .1%
City of Faith Telephone Company221Less than .1%
New Windsor Cable TV Inc.219Less than .1%
West Texas Rural Telephone Coop Inc.217Less than .1%
Wolverton Telephone Company215Less than .1%
MGW NETWORKS LLC207Less than .1%
Terral Telephone Company191Less than .1%
Smuggler's Notch Water Company185Less than .1%
Springville Cooperative Telephone Association Inc.158Less than .1%
K & M Telephone Company Inc.150Less than .1%
Valley Telecom Group143Less than .1%
Geneva Broadband LLC132Less than .1%
Elkhart Telephone Co. Inc.130Less than .1%
RC Communications113Less than .1%
The Middleburgh Telephone Company105Less than .1%
Blue Valley Telecommunications Inc.104Less than .1%
Cambridge Telephone103Less than .1%
Algona Municipal Utilities91Less than .1%
Atlantic Broadband89Less than .1%
Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.88Less than .1%
Oregon-Idaho Utilities Inc.78Less than .1%
Easton Utilities Commission78Less than .1%
Western Montana CommunityTel77Less than .1%
Dell Telephone Cooperative Inc.76Less than .1%
Great Plains Communications Inc.72Less than .1%
Cogent Communications Group72Less than .1%
Consolidated Telco Inc.55Less than .1%
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative38Less than .1%
Rural Telephone Service Company Inc.27Less than .1%
Northwest Communications26Less than .1%
Southwest Texas Telephone Company3Less than .1%
Westel Systems3Less than .1%
CentraCom3Less than .1%