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913 DSL Providers in the USA [Full List]

DSL is the most widely-available internet service in the United States. With speeds from below 1 Mbps to 40 Mbps and above, speeds vary wildly depending on where you live. DSL is delivered over a traditional copper phone line to a DSL modem that alters signals to send and receive internet packets. This is in contrast to cable companies like Comcast and Charter that use thicker coaxial cables to provide internet and TV service. Cable is usually faster than DSL, but DSL is often less expensive. TV service cannot reliably be delivered over phone lines, but some of the DSL companies below (Verizon, Frontier, etc.) do offer fiber optic service with TV in some select areas.

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DSL Providers in the United States

Sorted by number of people that have service available (by footprint size).

DSL Provider2016 Estimated Coverage (People)% of USA Population Covered
Frontier Communications17,944,6765.6%
FairPoint Communications3,310,3901.0%
Cincinnati Bell2,191,8370.7%
On-Ramp Indiana1,870,4860.6%
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,432,4090.4%
ProTronics Technologies Inc.1,415,9190.4%
Silver Star Communications1,410,9790.4%
TDS Telecom1,401,1430.4%
TEC of Jackson Inc1,100,5980.3%
Axiom Technologies1,082,9360.3%
Hawaiian Telcom936,1950.3%
Alaska Communications916,9630.3%
Biddeford Internet Corporation707,7830.2%
Broadview Networks675,2440.2%
Megagate Broadband573,7640.2%
XO Communications566,3000.2%
NTS Communications Inc.556,1090.2%
JAS Networks456,0960.1%
Allied Telecom Group380,0170.1%
Blue One Communications368,5030.1%
JAB Broadband353,3990.1%
Hancock Communications Inc.327,6290.1%
Comporium Communications327,5310.1%
Freedom Ring Communications281,1670.1%
Clearwave Communications LLC272,2520.1%
Jaguar Communications241,9650.1%
Horry Telephone Cooperative Inc.233,6180.1%
Fairnet LLC231,9760.1%
Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications230,3030.1%
North State Communications222,3030.1%
Sovernet Communications218,7080.1%
ISP Management Inc.204,0140.1%
I-2000 Inc.197,3470.1%
KDSI Internet Services171,9870.1%
Dakota Carrier Network171,0320.1%
Big River Telephone LLC166,2530.1%
Pathwayz Communications152,980Less than .1%
Comteck of Indiana Inc.149,591Less than .1%
Fibernet Direct149,093Less than .1%
Quantum Communications148,933Less than .1%
NU-Telecom142,833Less than .1%
Xchange Telecom141,735Less than .1%
Farmers Telephone Cooperative136,120Less than .1%
702 Communications134,802Less than .1%
Hickory Tech Corporation130,555Less than .1%
Matanuska Telephone Association Inc.129,857Less than .1%
Ben Lomand; Volunteer First Services LLC128,959Less than .1%
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc.121,946Less than .1%
Arvig Communication Systems117,898Less than .1%
Yadtel117,643Less than .1%
Brandenburg Telecom LLC115,745Less than .1%
Xpress America Internet112,529Less than .1%
United Communications111,330Less than .1%
Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative111,116Less than .1%
Lumos Networks LLC110,099Less than .1%
Eastex Telephone Cooperative Inc.108,351Less than .1%
LUMOS NETWORKS INC105,733Less than .1%
InfoWest Inc.105,462Less than .1%
LISCO103,753Less than .1%
CoastCom Inc102,041Less than .1%
AcenTek96,913Less than .1%
D&P Communications Inc.93,793Less than .1%
Wyoming.com92,031Less than .1%
Telscape Communications91,578Less than .1%
Northern Telephone and Data88,369Less than .1%
Supernova Systems Inc.87,709Less than .1%
Alteva86,749Less than .1%
Parallax Systems86,386Less than .1%
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation85,513Less than .1%
Visionary Communications Inc.85,436Less than .1%
Orbitcom Inc.84,650Less than .1%
OneSource Communications83,805Less than .1%
TEC83,795Less than .1%
Sacred Wind Communications Inc.82,032Less than .1%
FiberComm80,385Less than .1%
Connextions Telcom80,073Less than .1%
Granite State Telephone78,629Less than .1%
Golden West Telecommunications77,887Less than .1%
MidIowa Net77,431Less than .1%
Microtech-tel76,214Less than .1%
Joink71,665Less than .1%
Web Fire Communications71,651Less than .1%
New Paris Telephone Co. Inc.70,881Less than .1%
Brandenburg Telephone Company67,577Less than .1%
ATMC67,326Less than .1%
Strata Networks65,919Less than .1%
DFT Communications/Netsync65,371Less than .1%
BigRiver.net64,411Less than .1%
NexGen Communications63,996Less than .1%
Westelcom Network62,736Less than .1%
Star Telephone Membership Corporation62,152Less than .1%
SRT Communications Inc.62,089Less than .1%
ETC Communications LLC61,913Less than .1%
Douglas Fast Net60,695Less than .1%
Monmouth Telecom60,665Less than .1%
Otelco Inc.59,570Less than .1%
VCI INTERNET59,116Less than .1%
FTC Diversified Services Inc.58,916Less than .1%
Christian Hill Farm LLC58,514Less than .1%
LUMOS TELEPHONE INC57,819Less than .1%
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative Inc.56,021Less than .1%
AF Connect55,960Less than .1%
Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Inc.52,304Less than .1%
Daystarr Communications LLC51,566Less than .1%
BEVCOMM50,352Less than .1%
Grand Valley Telecommunications Inc48,750Less than .1%
Citizens Telecommunications Company of Nevada48,391Less than .1%
SHENTEL48,371Less than .1%
Home Telecom48,182Less than .1%
DTC Communications47,850Less than .1%
PRT Communications47,535Less than .1%
Harrisonville Telephone Company47,033Less than .1%
HickoryTech44,043Less than .1%
Nemont Telephone Cooperative Inc.43,822Less than .1%
CT Communications Inc.43,520Less than .1%
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation43,476Less than .1%
TruVista42,702Less than .1%
San Isabel Telecom Inc.42,427Less than .1%
ORCA Communications42,117Less than .1%
Plant Telephone Company42,100Less than .1%
Etex dot net41,678Less than .1%
Mosaic Telecom41,667Less than .1%
Internet Solver41,519Less than .1%
PRTC41,399Less than .1%
North Central Telephone Cooperative41,163Less than .1%
StarLinX Technical Services41,096Less than .1%
Axxis Communications40,994Less than .1%
Leaco40,763Less than .1%
Green Mountain Access40,686Less than .1%
Reliance Connects40,182Less than .1%
Hargray Telephone39,463Less than .1%
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative38,981Less than .1%
WK&T Telecommunications Cooperative38,670Less than .1%
Montana Sky Networks38,157Less than .1%
IdeaOne Telecom38,001Less than .1%
Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.37,686Less than .1%
Ringgold Telephone Company37,646Less than .1%
Eastern Oregon Telecom37,474Less than .1%
Sierra Telephone Company Inc.37,430Less than .1%
Nsight Telservices37,329Less than .1%
Consolidated Telephone Company37,310Less than .1%
Sandhill Telephone Cooperative36,656Less than .1%
Pulaski White Rural Telephone Coop. Inc.35,798Less than .1%
Vermont Telephone Company34,235Less than .1%
Dobson Telephone Company McLoud Division34,004Less than .1%
Fidelity Telephone Company33,882Less than .1%
EONI.com33,298Less than .1%
Cyber Mesa Telecom33,254Less than .1%
CITIZENS33,171Less than .1%
Hill Country Telephone Cooperative Inc.33,120Less than .1%
Emery Telecommunication & Video Inc33,076Less than .1%
Pioneer Wireless Inc.33,009Less than .1%
Flint Cable Television32,993Less than .1%
Peoples Telephone Cooperative Inc.32,872Less than .1%
3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative Inc.32,820Less than .1%
CentraCom32,427Less than .1%
Paul Bunyan Telephone32,264Less than .1%
Action Communications32,254Less than .1%
Brindlee Mountain Telephone32,149Less than .1%
NITCO31,689Less than .1%
South Slope Cooperative Communications31,330Less than .1%
Fremont Communications31,300Less than .1%
BTC Broadband31,199Less than .1%
RT Communications Inc.31,070Less than .1%
OnlineNW30,444Less than .1%
Great Plains Communications Inc.30,200Less than .1%
Palmerton Telephone Co29,385Less than .1%
Huntel Inc.29,063Less than .1%
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative28,995Less than .1%
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc.28,805Less than .1%
NVC28,494Less than .1%
WOW!28,492Less than .1%
Cross Cable LLC28,066Less than .1%
Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative27,848Less than .1%
PGTELCO INTERNET27,603Less than .1%
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative Inc.27,372Less than .1%
CC Communications27,122Less than .1%
NEFCOM26,357Less than .1%
Vision Communications26,339Less than .1%
Ritter Communications26,259Less than .1%
PTCI26,066Less than .1%
Cimarron Telephone Company26,043Less than .1%
Colorado Valley Communications Inc.26,043Less than .1%
Taylor Telephone Cooperative Inc.26,004Less than .1%
Oxford Telephone and Telegraph25,734Less than .1%
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone25,521Less than .1%
Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp.25,452Less than .1%
Pioneer Communications25,342Less than .1%
Franklin Telephone Co. Inc.25,340Less than .1%
Foothills Broadband25,313Less than .1%
Smart City25,178Less than .1%
Armstrong24,969Less than .1%
South Central Utah Telephone Association Inc24,895Less than .1%
CP-Tel Network Services24,846Less than .1%
West River Telecommunications Cooperative24,296Less than .1%
Ardmore Telephone Company24,256Less than .1%
Telephone Service Company23,522Less than .1%
Sebastian – Kerman23,361Less than .1%
The North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company23,010Less than .1%
Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.22,970Less than .1%
Yelcot Telephone Company22,393Less than .1%
Swiftel Communications22,368Less than .1%
Coalfields Telephone Company Inc.22,344Less than .1%
Nebraska Central Telephone Co.22,327Less than .1%
Primelink22,213Less than .1%
Ponderosa Telephone Company22,192Less than .1%
Chickasaw Telephone Company21,892Less than .1%
Baldwin Telecom Inc.21,742Less than .1%
Salina Spavinaw Telephone Co. Inc.21,730Less than .1%
Rainier Connect21,412Less than .1%
Northwest Communications21,407Less than .1%
Fulton Telephone Company Inc21,219Less than .1%
SOUTH CENTRAL TELCOM21,119Less than .1%
Wilkes Telephone and Electric Co.21,016Less than .1%
Lincolnville Telephone Company21,002Less than .1%
ENMR Telephone Cooperative21,000Less than .1%
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation20,782Less than .1%
Dunbarton Telephone Company Inc.20,775Less than .1%
Cameron Communications20,708Less than .1%
Arvig20,660Less than .1%
Beaver Creek Telephone Company20,507Less than .1%
Long Lines20,305Less than .1%
Michigan Access Inc.20,119Less than .1%
Highland Telephone Cooperative Inc.20,099Less than .1%
Warwick Online20,037Less than .1%
Brainstorm Internet19,867Less than .1%
Duo County Telephone Cooperative Inc.19,837Less than .1%
Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.19,793Less than .1%
North Central Communications19,748Less than .1%
State Telephone19,671Less than .1%
Hart Telephone Company19,557Less than .1%
BIT COMMUNICATIONS19,521Less than .1%
Barry County Telephone Company19,441Less than .1%
Trumansburg Telephone19,367Less than .1%
Scatter Creek InfoNet Inc.19,197Less than .1%
24-7 Telcom Inc.19,091Less than .1%
Whidbey Telecom18,838Less than .1%
Big Bend Telephone Company18,790Less than .1%
Alma Telephone18,753Less than .1%
Otelco Telephone LLC18,638Less than .1%
Geneseo Telephone Company18,585Less than .1%
East Ascension Telephone Company LLC18,544Less than .1%
Triangle Communications18,497Less than .1%
Wabash Mutual Telephone Company18,394Less than .1%
Fort Randall Telephone Company18,292Less than .1%
Molalla Communications Company17,950Less than .1%
Camellia Communications17,639Less than .1%
jamadots17,596Less than .1%
Southeastern IN Rural Telephone17,536Less than .1%
Volcano Internet Provider17,524Less than .1%
MHTC17,266Less than .1%
TVN.net17,187Less than .1%
Canby Telcom17,167Less than .1%
YHTI17,085Less than .1%
Loretto Communication Services Inc.16,894Less than .1%
Lumos Networks16,801Less than .1%
Empire Telephone Corp.16,741Less than .1%
Reservation Telephone Cooperative16,709Less than .1%
Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company16,573Less than .1%
Millry Communications16,567Less than .1%
Direct Communications Cedar Valley16,499Less than .1%
NATCO16,423Less than .1%
Brazoria Telephone Company16,108Less than .1%
Central Texas Telephone Cooperative Inc.15,992Less than .1%
Western Iowa Telephone15,971Less than .1%
KM Telecom15,811Less than .1%
Alphacomm.net15,785Less than .1%
The Pottawatomie Telephone Company Inc.15,679Less than .1%
RACC Enterprises LLC15,635Less than .1%
up.net15,482Less than .1%
Ontario Telephone Company15,459Less than .1%
South Plains Telephone Cooperative15,378Less than .1%
Chesnee Communications15,359Less than .1%
Mobius Communications Company15,303Less than .1%
Arkansas Telephone Co.15,269Less than .1%
Turtle Mountain Communications15,172Less than .1%
KTIS14,716Less than .1%
Otter Tail Telcom14,709Less than .1%
Progressive Rural Telephone14,678Less than .1%
Fibercomm L.C.14,674Less than .1%
Ironton Telephone Co14,611Less than .1%
Benton Cooperative Telephone Company14,550Less than .1%
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association  Inc.14,234Less than .1%
Joink LLC14,183Less than .1%
Pine Telephone Company14,104Less than .1%
Kentec Communications Inc14,086Less than .1%
Ketchikan Public Utilities13,878Less than .1%
Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation13,815Less than .1%
ACT13,729Less than .1%
Central Scott Telephone Company13,639Less than .1%
Winn Telecom13,584Less than .1%
Garden Valley Telephone Company13,576Less than .1%
GTI13,510Less than .1%
ComSouth13,467Less than .1%
West Plains Telecommunications Inc.13,422Less than .1%
West Carolina Tel13,421Less than .1%
The Middleburgh Telephone Company13,414Less than .1%
Livingston Telephone Company Inc.13,370Less than .1%
Hopper Telecommunications Co.13,367Less than .1%
Premier Communications13,287Less than .1%
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation13,246Less than .1%
Alpine Long Distance LC13,223Less than .1%
TelAlaska Inc.13,162Less than .1%
XIT Communications13,127Less than .1%
Alaska Power & Telephone13,116Less than .1%
Madison Telephone Company Inc.13,013Less than .1%
Hamilton County Telephone Coop12,937Less than .1%
Goldfield Access Network LC12,833Less than .1%
Adams Telephone Co-Operative12,789Less than .1%
The Siskiyou Telephone Company12,725Less than .1%
Hanson Communications12,563Less than .1%
North Penn12,501Less than .1%
Totelcom Communications LLC12,459Less than .1%
Clear Creek Mutual Telephone Company12,430Less than .1%
MDTC Communications Inc.12,312Less than .1%
Horizon Chilicothe Telephone12,302Less than .1%
Totah Communications Inc.12,292Less than .1%
Wikstrom Telephone Company12,276Less than .1%
Wabash Independent Networks Inc.12,251Less than .1%
KTC PACE12,241Less than .1%
HardyNet12,238Less than .1%
Blountsville Telephone12,054Less than .1%
SCTC11,974Less than .1%
Unitek Inc.11,958Less than .1%
Range Telephone Cooperative Inc.11,859Less than .1%
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.11,805Less than .1%
ITS Telecom11,727Less than .1%
Walnut Hill Telephone Co11,671Less than .1%
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative11,620Less than .1%
All West Communications Inc.11,484Less than .1%
Solarus11,483Less than .1%
TCT West Inc.11,471Less than .1%
Sunman Telecommunications Corporation11,435Less than .1%
Bluffton Telephone11,369Less than .1%
West Side Telecommunications11,174Less than .1%
Mark Twain Rural Telephone Company11,153Less than .1%
Hamilton Telephone Company11,150Less than .1%
Nortex Communications11,077Less than .1%
Otelco Mid-Missouri LLC11,014Less than .1%
WK&T11,013Less than .1%
Chariton Valley Telephone Corp.10,941Less than .1%
Westel Systems10,926Less than .1%
North Dakota Telephone Company10,880Less than .1%
Southern Kansas Telephone Company Inc.10,837Less than .1%
Bloomingdale Communications Inc.10,759Less than .1%
Tele-Media Solutions10,652Less than .1%
Mid Century Telephone Cooperative10,603Less than .1%
Brazos Internet10,591Less than .1%
PSC10,557Less than .1%
Manti Telephone10,555Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company10,534Less than .1%
Pigeon Telephone Company10,498Less than .1%
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc10,487Less than .1%
Connecticut Education Network10,486Less than .1%
Cherokee Telephone Company10,462Less than .1%
United Communications Association10,436Less than .1%
Champlain Telephone Company10,403Less than .1%
S&T Communications LLC10,368Less than .1%
PAETEC Communications Inc.10,357Less than .1%
Townes Telecommunications Services Company10,342Less than .1%
Liberty Communications10,297Less than .1%
Pineland Telephone Company Inc.10,213Less than .1%
Wichita Online Inc.10,184Less than .1%
West Texas Rural Telephone Coop Inc.10,176Less than .1%
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative10,126Less than .1%
LiveWire Networks Inc.10,030Less than .1%
Pembroke Telephone Company Inc9,950Less than .1%
Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc.9,939Less than .1%
Northern Telephone Cooperative Inc.9,803Less than .1%
South Canaan Telephone Company9,787Less than .1%
Steelville Telephone Exchange Inc.9,670Less than .1%
MTC Technologies9,658Less than .1%
Northwest Telephone Cooperative Association9,658Less than .1%
Palmetto Telephone Communications9,646Less than .1%
West Central Telephone Association9,601Less than .1%
Madison County Telephone Company Inc.9,541Less than .1%
Personal Touch Communications9,535Less than .1%
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association9,532Less than .1%
McDonald County Telephone Co9,511Less than .1%
Falcon19,505Less than .1%
Mulberry Cooperative Telephone CO. INC.9,441Less than .1%
Barbourville Online9,435Less than .1%
Albion Telephone Company9,368Less than .1%
Inter-Community Telephone Company9,346Less than .1%
Oneida County Rural Telephone9,342Less than .1%
Lipan Telephone Company9,300Less than .1%
Seneca Telephone Company9,209Less than .1%
OmniTel Communications9,204Less than .1%
WNM Communications9,169Less than .1%
Westphalia Broadband Inc.9,151Less than .1%
Granby Telephone Company9,129Less than .1%
GulfPines Communications9,118Less than .1%
Grand Telephone Company9,116Less than .1%
Union Telephone9,110Less than .1%
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company9,066Less than .1%
Hinton Telephone Company8,938Less than .1%
Delta Telephone Co. Inc.8,926Less than .1%
MVDSL8,884Less than .1%
Santel Communications Cooperative8,883Less than .1%
Internet Colorado8,759Less than .1%
Chazy & Westport Telephone Corp8,748Less than .1%
Piedmont Communications8,740Less than .1%
Central Oklahoma Telephone Co. LLC8,646Less than .1%
CALAVERAS INTERNET8,629Less than .1%
Nelson Telephone Cooperative8,605Less than .1%
Lakeland Communications Inc.8,567Less than .1%
Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc.8,521Less than .1%
Delhi Telephone8,505Less than .1%
MGW NETWORKS LLC8,492Less than .1%
Pinpoint Communications Inc.8,431Less than .1%
Kaltelnet8,415Less than .1%
Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative8,413Less than .1%
Park Region Mutual Telephone Company8,400Less than .1%
Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company8,396Less than .1%
Ohio.Net Internet Providers8,384Less than .1%
Albany Mutual Telephone Association8,376Less than .1%
Newport Telephone8,185Less than .1%
NewWave Communications8,185Less than .1%
Haviland Telephone Company Inc.8,178Less than .1%
Citizens Telephone Company of Higginsville Missouri8,155Less than .1%
Lumos Networks of West Virginia Inc.8,142Less than .1%
MonCre Telephone Cooperative Inc.8,126Less than .1%
WTC Communications Inc.8,102Less than .1%
Ronan Telephone Company8,076Less than .1%
Egyptian Telephone Cooperative8,075Less than .1%
BPS Telephone Company7,921Less than .1%
Shoreham Telephone Company7,901Less than .1%
South Arkansas Telephone Company7,878Less than .1%
James Valley Telecommunications7,860Less than .1%
Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation7,698Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company7,680Less than .1%
Bruce Telephone Company Inc.7,585Less than .1%
Lake Livingston Telephone Company Inc.7,583Less than .1%
Ardmore Telephone Company Inc7,527Less than .1%
Ozark Telephone Company7,511Less than .1%
Inland Telephone Company7,477Less than .1%
Computer Sales & Services Inc.7,409Less than .1%
Runestone Telephone Association7,409Less than .1%
Campti Pleasant Hill Telephone Company7,391Less than .1%
Norvado7,362Less than .1%
ASTAC7,360Less than .1%
TriCounty Telecom7,352Less than .1%
Oklahoma Western Telephone Company7,311Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone Cooperative7,303Less than .1%
Green Hills Telephone ILEC7,289Less than .1%
Bloomer Telephone Company7,287Less than .1%
West River Telecommunications7,277Less than .1%
MTE Communications7,196Less than .1%
Union Telephone Company7,178Less than .1%
NineStar Communications7,131Less than .1%
Western Iowa Networks7,110Less than .1%
SCTelcom7,108Less than .1%
Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.7,084Less than .1%
Southwest Texas Telephone Company7,021Less than .1%
Citizens Telephone Corporation7,004Less than .1%
Decatur Telephone Co. Inc.6,935Less than .1%
Pine Belt Telephone Company Inc.6,859Less than .1%
Coon Creek Telecommunications6,849Less than .1%
Lincoln County Telephone System6,848Less than .1%
GRM Networks6,838Less than .1%
Bentleyville Communications Corporation6,715Less than .1%
Duo County Telecom6,706Less than .1%
Goodman Telephone Company Inc.6,668Less than .1%
Price County Telephone Company6,661Less than .1%
Mountain Telephone6,635Less than .1%
LaGrant Connections LLC6,620Less than .1%
Butler-Bremer Communications6,608Less than .1%
Ganado Telephone Company Inc.6,584Less than .1%
Oklatel Communications Inc.6,567Less than .1%
Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative Inc.6,535Less than .1%
GTel Teleconnections6,484Less than .1%
Orange City Communications6,475Less than .1%
Interbel Telephone Cooperative Inc.6,462Less than .1%
Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative Inc.6,455Less than .1%
Lackawaxen Telephone Co6,436Less than .1%
Le-Ru Telephone Company6,381Less than .1%
Genuine Telecom6,379Less than .1%
Springport Telephone Company6,372Less than .1%
Tularosa Communications Inc.6,369Less than .1%
OTT Communications6,332Less than .1%
SANDWICH ISLES6,298Less than .1%
CASSCOMM6,255Less than .1%
Sebastian – Foresthill6,244Less than .1%
Marianna and Scenery Hill Telephone Company6,232Less than .1%
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company6,190Less than .1%
Gtelco6,130Less than .1%
Suite224 Internet6,113Less than .1%
Filer Mutual Telephone Company6,075Less than .1%
Walnut Communications6,038Less than .1%
Wittenberg Telephone Company6,037Less than .1%
Ogden Telephone Company6,009Less than .1%
Sharon Telephone Co.6,008Less than .1%
Rural Telephone5,923Less than .1%
FastTrack Communications Inc5,889Less than .1%
Grantsburg Telcom5,864Less than .1%
PEMTEL5,842Less than .1%
Beggs Telephone Company Inc.5,841Less than .1%
Van Buren Telephone Company Inc.5,811Less than .1%
Hayneville Telephone Company5,792Less than .1%
Ellerbe Telephone Company5,714Less than .1%
Moundville Telephone Company5,653Less than .1%
Vernon Telephone Cooperative Inc.5,601Less than .1%
Northwest Communications Cooperative Inc.5,593Less than .1%
Hickory Telephone Company5,585Less than .1%
Industry Telephone Company5,571Less than .1%
Jefferson Telephone Company5,508Less than .1%
Moundridge Telephone Company Inc.5,499Less than .1%
Twin Valley Telephone Inc.5,495Less than .1%
Cozad Telephone Company5,419Less than .1%
Craw-Kan Telephone5,400Less than .1%
Ballard Telephone Cooperative5,399Less than .1%
Manawa Telephone Company5,394Less than .1%
Montrose Mutual Telephone Company5,352Less than .1%
Union Springs Telephone Company5,337Less than .1%
Poka Lambro Telecommunications5,327Less than .1%
Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.5,314Less than .1%
Gardonville Telephone5,264Less than .1%
Cal-Ore Telephone Co.5,250Less than .1%
NineStar Connect5,219Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Jesup Iowa5,208Less than .1%
Niagara Telephone Company5,143Less than .1%
Pymatuning Indep. Tel. Company5,140Less than .1%
Sycamore Cellular Telephone Company Bright Net5,138Less than .1%
Delcambre Telephone Co. LLC5,106Less than .1%
Waverly Hall Telephone LLC5,089Less than .1%
Nicholville Telephone5,065Less than .1%
Endeavor Communications5,008Less than .1%
Valliant Telephone Company4,990Less than .1%
Mt. Wheeler Power4,929Less than .1%
Lennon Telephone Company4,906Less than .1%
Toledo Telenet4,897Less than .1%
PVT Networks4,825Less than .1%
La Porte City Telephone Company4,798Less than .1%
ATC Communications4,762Less than .1%
Mount Angel Telephone Company4,757Less than .1%
Gervais Telephone Company4,732Less than .1%
Pennsylvania Telephone Co4,704Less than .1%
Pierce Telephone Co Inc4,699Less than .1%
Lakefield Telephone Company4,600Less than .1%
JBN Telephone Company Inc.4,549Less than .1%
F&B Communications Inc.4,529Less than .1%
Margaretville Telephone4,383Less than .1%
Blossom Telephone4,302Less than .1%
Range Telephone Cooperative Inc4,273Less than .1%
Coleman County Telephone Cooperative4,270Less than .1%
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company4,242Less than .1%
ACI4,226Less than .1%
Reasnor Telephone Company4,190Less than .1%
Mabel Cooperative Telephone Company4,175Less than .1%
UTMA4,129Less than .1%
Glenwood Telephone4,121Less than .1%
NEIT4,117Less than .1%
Bayou Cable Inc4,079Less than .1%
Medicine Park Telephone Company4,077Less than .1%
La Jicarita4,068Less than .1%
SCS Communications4,010Less than .1%
Topsham Telephone Company3,992Less than .1%
RC Communications3,976Less than .1%
Venus Telephone Corporation3,965Less than .1%
The Nova Telephone Company3,952Less than .1%
River Valley Telecommunications Coop3,944Less than .1%
Midstate Communications3,934Less than .1%
Kalida Telephone Company Inc.3,909Less than .1%
Comcell3,875Less than .1%
Ellington Telephone Company3,872Less than .1%
Oregon Telephone Corporation3,865Less than .1%
Noxapater Telephone Company3,857Less than .1%
Clear Lake Telephone Company LLC3,817Less than .1%
RTI Pend Oreille Telecom3,803Less than .1%
All West Communications3,738Less than .1%
Blanchard Telephone Company3,731Less than .1%
KLM Telephone Company3,731Less than .1%
Pattersonville Telephone3,670Less than .1%
MATI Networks3,639Less than .1%
Nehalem Telecommunications Inc.3,614Less than .1%
Griswold Cooperative Telephone Company3,593Less than .1%
Christensen Communications Company3,578Less than .1%
Schaller Telephone Company3,520Less than .1%
AdamsWells Telecom3,519Less than .1%
East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative3,519Less than .1%
Sand Creek Internet Company3,500Less than .1%
People's Telephone Company3,432Less than .1%
STC3,428Less than .1%
GBT Communications3,421Less than .1%
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association3,417Less than .1%
Glasford Telephone Company3,396Less than .1%
Bijou Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.3,371Less than .1%
Cambridge Telephone3,365Less than .1%
Henry County Telephone Company3,340Less than .1%
Shawnee Telephone Company3,337Less than .1%
BruceTel Communications LLC3,335Less than .1%
Hillsboro Telephone Company Inc.3,334Less than .1%
Pine Tree Networks3,332Less than .1%
Inutek3,306Less than .1%
Borderland Communications LLC3,293Less than .1%
Electra Telephone Company3,293Less than .1%
Westphalia Telephone3,242Less than .1%
Consolidated Telco Inc.3,240Less than .1%
Rural Telephone Company3,237Less than .1%
Preston Telephone Company3,235Less than .1%
Sytek Communications3,202Less than .1%
Red River Rural Telephone Association Inc.3,200Less than .1%
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative3,193Less than .1%
Arkwest Communications3,191Less than .1%
Miller Telephone Company3,182Less than .1%
Johnson Telephone Co.3,158Less than .1%
Hood Canal Communications3,147Less than .1%
Arthur Mutual Telephone Company3,143Less than .1%
Carnegie Telephone Company3,140Less than .1%
Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association3,097Less than .1%
Canadian Valley Telephone Company3,092Less than .1%
A-G Long Distance3,089Less than .1%
Price County Information Systems LLC3,048Less than .1%
Cooperative Telephone Company3,020Less than .1%
Haxtun3,019Less than .1%
Huxley Communications Cooperative3,000Less than .1%
Coltontel2,984Less than .1%
Central Cellular LLC/COTC Connections2,983Less than .1%
LaValle Telephone Cooperative2,965Less than .1%
FCTC2,952Less than .1%
Minburn Communications2,920Less than .1%
Atkins Telephone Company Inc.2,918Less than .1%
Dalton Telecommunications Inc.2,907Less than .1%
Springville Cooperative Telephone Association Inc.2,889Less than .1%
Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative2,859Less than .1%
New LisbonTelephone Company2,844Less than .1%
Amherst Telephone Company2,841Less than .1%
Glandorf Telephone Company Inc.2,836Less than .1%
Tatum Telephone Company2,813Less than .1%
Ducor Telephone Company2,805Less than .1%
New Knoxville Telephone Company2,790Less than .1%
Magazine Telephone Company2,749Less than .1%
XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,747Less than .1%
Winn Telephone2,734Less than .1%
Riviera Telephone Company Inc.2,728Less than .1%
Citizens Telephone of Hammond2,727Less than .1%
Barnesville Municipal Telephone2,722Less than .1%
Glenwood Telephone Company2,706Less than .1%
Navajo Communications Company Inc.2,702Less than .1%
Pine Drive Telephone Company2,690Less than .1%
PTC Communications2,689Less than .1%
Big Sandy Telecom Inc2,676Less than .1%
Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,674Less than .1%
Gridley Telephone Co.2,672Less than .1%
Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association2,659Less than .1%
Danville Telecom2,652Less than .1%
Mound Bayou Telephone and Communications Inc2,603Less than .1%
Ayersville Telephone Company2,588Less than .1%
Hancock Telephone2,572Less than .1%
Diverse Communications Inc.2,564Less than .1%
Louisa Communications2,557Less than .1%
Franklin Telephone Company Inc.2,537Less than .1%
Consolidated Telecom Inc.2,516Less than .1%
Farmers Mutual Telephone2,509Less than .1%
La Ward Telephone Exchange Inc.2,505Less than .1%
Monroe Telephone2,500Less than .1%
Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company2,496Less than .1%
Chapin Telephone Company2,493Less than .1%
La Motte Telephone Company Inc.2,477Less than .1%
Yeoman Telepone Company Inc.2,476Less than .1%
Rockwell Coop Telephone Association2,429Less than .1%
Ragland Telephone Company2,427Less than .1%
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company2,408Less than .1%
Yucca Telecom2,398Less than .1%
Ligonier Telephone Company2,395Less than .1%
Villisca Farmers Telephone Company2,394Less than .1%
Direct Communications2,386Less than .1%
Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op Inc.2,365Less than .1%
Rock Port Cablevision2,354Less than .1%
Carr Telephone Company2,349Less than .1%
Winthrop Telephone2,337Less than .1%
CTS Telecom2,333Less than .1%
Midstate Telephone Company2,329Less than .1%
Cordova Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,328Less than .1%
Wahkiakum West Television Inc.2,328Less than .1%
Keystone Communications2,317Less than .1%
Wheat State Telephone Inc.2,297Less than .1%
Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company2,291Less than .1%
Minnesota Valley Telephone Company2,268Less than .1%
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company2,267Less than .1%
Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company2,261Less than .1%
MoKan Dial Inc.2,244Less than .1%
Swayzee Communications2,233Less than .1%
Harmony Telephone Company2,224Less than .1%
Ringtel Communications2,222Less than .1%
MCTC2,203Less than .1%
Beresford Municipal Telephone2,170Less than .1%
Cascade Communications Company2,152Less than .1%
Choctaw Telephone Co.2,148Less than .1%
Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative2,142Less than .1%
Crown Point Telephone Corporation2,138Less than .1%
Fidelity Communications Services I Inc.2,131Less than .1%
Three River Communications LLC2,106Less than .1%
Shidler Telephone Company2,086Less than .1%
Olin Telephone Company Inc.2,084Less than .1%
Mechanicsville Telephone Company2,052Less than .1%
North English Cooperative Telephone Company2,007Less than .1%
Pineville Telephone Company2,003Less than .1%
Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative Inc.2,001Less than .1%
Sac County Mutual Telephone Company2,000Less than .1%
Oregon Farmers Mutual Telephone Company1,990Less than .1%
Titonka-Burt Communications1,975Less than .1%
Custer Telephone Cooperative Inc.1,973Less than .1%
Valley Telecom Group1,968Less than .1%
Tri County Telephone Association Inc.1,951Less than .1%
DTE1,938Less than .1%
Farmers Telephone Company1,938Less than .1%
S&A Telephone Company Inc.1,934Less than .1%
North Texas Telephone Company1,896Less than .1%
Sully Telephone Association1,893Less than .1%
Readlyn Telephone Company1,870Less than .1%
Roome Telecommunications Inc.1,833Less than .1%
Atlantech Online Inc.1,828Less than .1%
Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative Inc.1,823Less than .1%
FJ Communications1,805Less than .1%
BWTelcom1,799Less than .1%
Leaf River Telephone Company1,779Less than .1%
Wamego Telecommunications Company Inc.1,775Less than .1%
Geetel Communications1,742Less than .1%
Blanca Telephone Company1,734Less than .1%
Miles Cooperative Telephone Association1,729Less than .1%
West River Cooperative Telephone Company1,728Less than .1%
Peace Valley Telephone Co. Inc.1,724Less than .1%
Southwest Oklahoma Telephone Company1,721Less than .1%
Waldron Telephone Company1,713Less than .1%
Mud Lake Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.1,709Less than .1%
Minerva Valley Telephone Company Inc.1,690Less than .1%
Halstad Telephone Company1,684Less than .1%
Falcon Broadband Inc1,674Less than .1%
Valley Telecommunications1,672Less than .1%
Access One1,665Less than .1%
Hubbard Co-op Telephone Association1,644Less than .1%
Rice Belt Telephone Co1,627Less than .1%
Mutual Telephone1,626Less than .1%
Kennebec Telephone Company Inc1,624Less than .1%
Moultrie Independent Telephone Company1,622Less than .1%
Diode Communications1,608Less than .1%
Humboldt Telephone Company1,598Less than .1%
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority1,576Less than .1%
WT Services Inc.1,574Less than .1%
Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone1,557Less than .1%
Reynolds Telephone Company1,554Less than .1%
Richmond Telephone Company1,524Less than .1%
Viola Home Telephone Co.1,517Less than .1%
NEXTLINK WIRELESS INC.1,470Less than .1%
Georgetown Telephone Company Inc.1,463Less than .1%
Curtis Telephone Company Inc.1,454Less than .1%
Darien Telephone Company Inc.1,450Less than .1%
Valley Telephone Company1,435Less than .1%
Fort Randall Cable Systems Inc1,405Less than .1%
Tonica Telephone Company1,403Less than .1%
New Windsor Telephone Company1,402Less than .1%
St Paul Telephone1,392Less than .1%
S&T Telephone Cooperative Association Inc.1,386Less than .1%
Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company1,371Less than .1%
Ridgeville Telephone Company1,367Less than .1%
Crossville Communications1,363Less than .1%
Bright Net BRT1,361Less than .1%
Skybest Communications1,358Less than .1%
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company1,346Less than .1%
Mapleton Communications Management Utility1,322Less than .1%
Pine Telephone Systems Inc.1,315Less than .1%
Wyoming Mutual Telephone Company1,315Less than .1%
Hot Springs Telephone Company1,307Less than .1%
CTC1,297Less than .1%
Wolverton Telephone Company1,286Less than .1%
Lincoln Telephone Company Inc.1,279Less than .1%
Pioneer Communications Company1,279Less than .1%
Oregon-Idaho Utilities Inc.1,254Less than .1%
Crosslake Communications1,241Less than .1%
Red River Rural Telephone Association1,241Less than .1%
Holway Telephone Company1,220Less than .1%
Sledge Telephone Co. Inc.1,220Less than .1%
Beehive Broadband1,207Less than .1%
New Edge Holding Company1,207Less than .1%
Rothsay Telephone Company Inc.1,195Less than .1%
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company1,194Less than .1%
Dell Telephone Cooperative Inc.1,193Less than .1%
IAMO Telephone Company1,188Less than .1%
Griggs County Telephone Company1,187Less than .1%
ATC1,165Less than .1%
Midstate Communications Inc.1,161Less than .1%
Glenwood Network Services Inc.1,153Less than .1%
La Harpe Video & Data Services Company Inc.1,140Less than .1%
Wauneta Telephone Company1,140Less than .1%
SignalPoint Communications Inc.1,133Less than .1%
Castleberry Telephone Company Inc.1,125Less than .1%
McNabb Internet1,112Less than .1%
New Florence Telephone Company Inc.1,108Less than .1%
Smithville Telephone Company Incorporated1,099Less than .1%
Union Wireless1,059Less than .1%
HTC Communications1,056Less than .1%
Farmer's Telephone Company of Batavia1,053Less than .1%
Bergen Telephone Company1,048Less than .1%
Milaca Local Link1,033Less than .1%
Hawkeye Telephone Company1,031Less than .1%
Massena Telephone Company1,031Less than .1%
Scranton Telephone Company1,031Less than .1%
Heartland Net1,023Less than .1%
Consolidated Telcom998Less than .1%
K & M Telephone Company Inc.977Less than .1%
Casey Mutual Telephone Company976Less than .1%
Martelle Communications Co-op975Less than .1%
Goldfield Telephone Company959Less than .1%
Wilson Telephone Company Inc.952Less than .1%
Mainstay Communications939Less than .1%
Roberts County Telephone Coop. Assn939Less than .1%
North-State Telephone Co.920Less than .1%
Interstate Communications914Less than .1%
Templeton Telephone Company892Less than .1%
Terril Telephone Cooperative868Less than .1%
Tata Communications (America) Inc.862Less than .1%
Vaughnsville Communications856Less than .1%
Green Hills Telecommunications Services847Less than .1%
Arcadia Telephone Cooperative831Less than .1%
Alma Telephone Company779Less than .1%
Sierra Communications (a subsidiary of Baca Valley Telephone)776Less than .1%
ghValley.net761Less than .1%
Siren Telephone Company Inc.761Less than .1%
Prairieburg Telephone Company Inc.740Less than .1%
Mitchell Telecom732Less than .1%
Xfone USA Inc.726Less than .1%
SawNet709Less than .1%
Tanager Telecom709Less than .1%
Hartman Telephone Exchanges Inc.683Less than .1%
Lone Rock Cooperative Telephone Company661Less than .1%
Sharon Telephone Company660Less than .1%
Fenton Co-Op Telephone Company659Less than .1%
Covad Communications Company658Less than .1%
Southern Montana Telephone Company630Less than .1%
Eagle Telephone System INC629Less than .1%
Palmer Mutual Telephone Company627Less than .1%
Express Internet625Less than .1%
Nemont625Less than .1%
Killduff Telephone Company622Less than .1%
Cambridge TelCom Services Inc.597Less than .1%
Helixtel.com587Less than .1%
GOES Telecom563Less than .1%
St. John Telephone562Less than .1%
Onslow Cooperative Telephone Association554Less than .1%
Oneida Telephone Exchange541Less than .1%
Lynnville Telephone Company506Less than .1%
Datavision Communications501Less than .1%
Summit Broadband495Less than .1%
North Country Broadband486Less than .1%
Peetz Cooperative Telephone Company463Less than .1%
City of Faith Telephone Company449Less than .1%
Superior Telephone Cooperative441Less than .1%
Leonore Mutual Telephone Company426Less than .1%
Home Telephone Co.387Less than .1%
Skyline Telecom Inc.383Less than .1%
Center Junction Telephone Company370Less than .1%
Prairie Networks LLC364Less than .1%
Chebeague.net349Less than .1%
Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc.347Less than .1%
Border to Border Communications Inc.340Less than .1%
Hancock Telephone Co338Less than .1%
Rico Telephone Company293Less than .1%
Scott County Telephone Company274Less than .1%
Chugwater Telephone262Less than .1%
Fishers Island Telephone Corp244Less than .1%
Consolidated Telecom234Less than .1%
Fort Mojave Telecommunications Inc.230Less than .1%
Peoples Telecommunications LLC207Less than .1%
PCTelecom193Less than .1%
Diller Telephone Company191Less than .1%
H&B Communications Inc.191Less than .1%
Smuggler's Notch Water Company185Less than .1%
Searsboro Telephone Company164Less than .1%; Woolstock Mutual Telephone Association155Less than .1%
Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.145Less than .1%
Beehive Telephone Co. Inc.120Less than .1%
Pinnacles Telephone Co.113Less than .1%
Absaraka Cooperative Telephone Co. Inc.99Less than .1%
United Telephone91Less than .1%
Wilkes Telecommunications85Less than .1%
Plateau Telecommunications Inc.81Less than .1%
Fort Mojave Telecommunications Inc66Less than .1%
Meriplex Communications Ltd.66Less than .1%
Peetz Communications LLC45Less than .1%
Roberts County Telephone Cooperative Association45Less than .1%
Hat Island Telephone Company42Less than .1%
S&T Telephone Coop Assoc Inc41Less than .1%
Albion Telephone Company Inc.25Less than .1%
Southeast Nebraska Telephone Company22Less than .1%
Rural Telephone Service Company Inc.20Less than .1%
Union River Telephone Company3Less than .1%