Internet Service Discounts for Military Service Members

DecisionData Team
October 12, 2021

Veterans and active-duty military personnel are some of our most cherished citizens, as they risk their lives to keep us safe. To show support and appreciation for this, many companies will offer discounts to them. Most of these discounts will be offered to both active-duty personnel and veterans, and sometimes even spouses. 

It can be tedious to keep up with all the monthly household costs that one can have. One of these major expenses in numerous households would be that of the internet. Fortunately, there are numerous internet service providers that offer great discounts for military personnel no matter where they live. Let’s take a look at some of the discount programs offered for those currently in the military and veterans. 

Internet providers with military discounts

Verizon Military Discount

Verizon offers a few different discount packages for active-duty military and veterans. Their base high-speed internet and phone package will be discounted $60 a year. Verizon’s Double Play package, which includes the internet and a choice of phone or TV will also have a $60/year discount. The Fios Triple Play package, which includes internet, phone, and TV will have a $120/year discount. Active duty and veterans can easily apply online for these discounts. 

AT&T Military Discounts

The telecom giant AT&T also offers great discount programs for military personnel and veterans. The AT&T Signature Program gives 15% off of monthly service charges for internet, phone, and TV. Both veterans and active duty can apply online with the appropriate ID, but it may be easier for veterans to visit an AT&T store. 

Xfinity/Comcast Military Discount

While it is not like the other service discounts above, Xfinity does offer its own form of bonus for military. They do not offer any actual discount for service charges, but active-duty personnel and veterans will receive a prepaid Visa card. They will also be given an Xfinity coupon, which can be used as a credit toward their bill or to rent/buy movies. 

Veterans Advantage Programs

Some of these discounts will be offered by applying directly with the provider, but others may be exclusive to Veterans Advantage members. Veterans Advantage is a company that has partnerships with organizations in numerous industries to provide savings for veterans. Many of the companies above are already a partner of Veterans Advantage, along with a few additional ones. 

Frontier Communications Service Discount

Active duty military and veterans who sign up for a new account through Frontier Communications with the VA discount program can choose between two discounts. The first is $10 off per month on Triple Play plans, and other being $5 off of Double Play plans, both of which equate to $120 off a year. 

Mobile hotspot provider saving options

Mobile hotspots are quite prominent these days and can actually provide pretty decent speed. This is why some people may opt to forego home internet access and just connect their devices to a hotspot. Here are some mobile carriers that offer great discounts as well in case hotspotting is the route you decide to go. 

AT&T Military Savings

In addition to the package discounts that AT&T offers above, they also have some great mobile service discounts. Veterans and active-duty military families can get 4 lines for only $27 a month. They are also currently having a military appreciation month in which you can get an IPhone for free after purchasing an IPhone 8 64GB on a qualifying plan. 

Sprint Deals for Military Service Members

Sprint offers significant discounts for veterans and active-duty military. In fact, they can save 50% off family lines when switching to Sprint. There are also a few other benefits that Sprint offers for military personnel and veterans, such as discounts through Sprint Perks, as well as services and equipment for those with hearing loss. They also have the Deployed Military Program, which allows customers to stay on their plan and keep the same phone number for up to 3 years. 

T-Mobile Military Deals

T-Mobile has been a bit unpredictable when it comes to their military discounts, but they currently offer a couple of good ones. They call these the Magenta Military Plans, with the basic plan offering 4 lines for only $25 per line and the Magenta Plus plan, which offers 4 lines at $35 per line. The Magenta Plus offers HD streaming, more mobile hotspot data, and two times the data speed. 

How to get your military internet discount

Unfortunately, it can sometimes take jumping through a few hoops to get the military discount that you deserve. Here are a couple tips that can help you to get your discount as quickly and easily as possible. 

  • Always Ask Questions

  • Never be afraid to ask questions. If you get denied the first time, be sure to ask why and what you need to be qualified. Sometimes it can be as simple as a missing piece of identification, or call a manager if you need to. In addition, some military discounts are very poorly advertised. Even if there is not a military discount advertised, always ask to make sure you get it. By asking, you could also find additional options or discounts that you may qualify for.

  • Come Prepared

  • Whether signing up online or going to a store, make sure to bring the proper paperwork and ID. Most places will accept a Veterans ID card or active duty ID, but some may need additional documents, such as a DD Form 214.

  • Watch Out for Hidden Conditions

  • This can also come under the heading of asking questions, but be sure to find out the terms of the discount. Some of these discounts can come with conditions like longer contract terms. Check with multiple providers to ensure that you are getting the best plan for you and one that will offer a proper discount.

Hopefully, this helps you find the right fit in internet service for you and your family.