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Find Internet Providers in Your Area & Cable Providers by Zip Code

Unlike most sites, we show all 2,100+ TV and internet options: not just those who pay to be listed. Enter your zip code in the box below to see TV and internet providers in your area.

You'll see the following for all providers near your home:

  • Maximum speed offered by internet service providers in your area.
  • Upload speeds for each provider.
  • Whether the provider offers TV  or internet only.
  • How many people can actually get a given download or upload speed in that zip code.
  • A link to the TV or internet company's website.
  • Other useful stats on coverage, availability, and speeds for each provider and each zip code.

Give it a try! We've worked hard to get this info for ISPs in your zip code, and we hope you'll find it useful.

Cable & Internet Provider Areas

  • AT&T – The South, much of the Midwest, and California
  • XFINITY (Comcast) – The Atlantic coast, some of the Midwest, the Four Corners states, and the Northwest coast
  • Spectrum – The Pacific coast, Great Lakes region, Appalachia, and pieces of the Gulf coast
  • Verizon (FiOS and DSL) – The Northeast excluding New England
  • CenturyLink – A swath from Northwest to the Southeast.
  • Frontier Communications – Most coastal states and the Great Lakes area
  • Cox – California, the mid-South, and a few Pacific cities
  • Windstream – The Midwest and Southeast
  • Optimum – The New York bay area

Internet providers are not available in all areas. Internet service and speeds vary by zip code and even street. Cable TV service may be available in some areas, but not in others. The easiest way to see service for your address and what internet you can get is to enter your zip and then call, but the above shows major TV and internet providers and their major service operation areas.

Internet Stats for Zip codes

Maximum Speeds by Zip Code

The table below show the percentage of zip codes with download and upload speeds matching the speed on the left. For example, in the 1 Gigabit or faster range 18.2% of zip codes have at least one provider offering download speeds, and 11.7% of zip codes have gigabit upload speeds.

Speed Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed
.1 to 5 Mbps 1.1% 9.5%
6 to 10 Mbps 1.6% 12.8%
11 to 20 Mbps 2% 17.6%
21 to 30 Mbps 2.3% 10.5%
31 to 75 Mbps 1.9% 21.8%
76 to 100 Mbps 9.2% 3%
101 to 250 Mbps 14% 2.7%
251 to 500 Mbps 25% 0.4%
501 to 999 Mbps 22.9% 8.2%
1 Gbps or more 18.2% 11.7%
Unreported 0.2% 0.2%
Satellite only 1.7% 1.7

Typical speeds (speeds that most users can expect during peak usage) are almost always lower than the maximum advertised speed across all providers. Cable providers in particular tend to have lower actual speeds than advertised. Speeds will vary by location. When you enter your zip code above you'll see actual vs. advertised speed for each provider in your area.

Zip Codes with the Fastest Home Internet Service

Provider Type by Zip Code for Residential

The number of zip codes and the total number of people who can expect to find residential service at their homes by type.

Speed DSL Cable Fiber Any wired service
% Of zips with service available  93%  72%  28%  96%
% of the U.S. population served  90%  89%  25%  97%

Cable providers are far less likely than DSL providers to serve rural areas. Fiber optic providers are mostly in metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs.

Compare your zip code by entering it above. You may also browse Internet and TV providers by city if you're not sure what zip code you want info for. We recommend looking at your zip code as it will have the most accurate service and speed information for each provider.

Major Cities

TV and Internet Guides

To help you decide on which TV provider and which type of service is best, we've created a few helpful guides: