How to Contact Spectrum Online

Spectrum is an internet service provider that is most popular on the Pacific Coast, the Great Lakes area, Appalachia, and parts of the Gulf Coast.  Their services include internet, TV, mobile, and home security. No matter what you use Spectrum for, it is likely that you will need to contact the company at some point.  Here are all the different ways you can do that.

Call Spectrum

The classic customer service method, Spectrum can be called at (833) 267-6094.  This is the general helpline that can be used during normal business hours. Call this number if you aren’t sure which one to use, and you will be redirected as needed.

Spectrum has several other phone numbers for specific situations.  Dial (888) 628-6114 to sign up for Spectrum. 1 (833) 780-1880 is for customer service and technical support.  You can press *99 to bypass the voice-activated system and choose your option by number instead. 

Use 1 (833) 267-6094 to pay your bill over the phone.  Once you are on the call, enter your Spectrum phone number and then say “bill pay” to be connected to the billing department.  If you are moving, call 1 (855) 363-4902 to switch your Spectrum services to your new address.

For information on Spectrum’s accessibility services, call (844) 762-1301.  Business customers should dial 1 (866) 892-4249. For mobile phone support, call 1 (833) 224-6603.

If you were originally a Time Warner Cable customer before their merger with Spectrum, call 1 (800) 892-4357.  If you were a Bright House Networks customer, call 1 (855) 222-0102.

You can also find out if your area is experiencing an outage by calling 1 (833) 267-6094.  Once you call and enter your phone number, ask “Am I in an outage?” The voice-activated system should let you know if your area is experiencing an internet, cable TV, or home phone problem.

Before you call Spectrum, you should have the following things ready:

  •         Your account number
  •         The phone number associated with your account
  •         The last four digits of your Social Security number
  •         Billing and service addresses
  •         Explanation of the problem you are experiencing and what you have tried already
  •         Pen and paper or something else to take notes with

Chat Online

If you would rather not talk on the phone, you can reach Spectrum through their online chat.  This can connect you to a virtual assistant or an agent depending on your need. It is likely that no agents will be available overnight, but the chat feature is available 24/7.

To chat with Spectrum online:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the box on the left side with the heading “Ask Spectrum.”
  3. Click on the button that says “Launch Ask Spectrum.”
  4. A chat window will open and prompt you to enter your zip code to continue.

To access the online chat from a web search:

  1. Search Google for “spectrum.”
  2. Find the box on the right side with the title “Charter Communications.”
  3. By “Customer service chat,” click on the link that says “Online Chat.”
  4. You will be taken to the contact page of Spectrum’s website.  If the chat window doesn’t open automatically, click on the tab in the bottom right hand corner that says “Ask Spectrum” or follow steps two through four above.

Social Media

Young people, rejoice: Spectrum has accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Although they may respond to messages and comments on all these profiles, Spectrum only advertises their Twitter as a help service.  The handle @GetSpectrum tweets out service and product updates.

Visit a Store

If you are the rare person that doesn’t want to chat online, direct message through social media, or even call, you can visit a Spectrum store and troubleshoot with an employee face to face.  To find the store nearest you:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down near the bottom where there are four boxes across the page.  Find the one on the right with the heading “Spectrum Stores.”
  3. Click on the “Find a Store” link.
  4. Enter your zip code or allow the site to use your location to find your local Spectrum store.

Other Online Support

If you want to try to solve your problem on your own, you can find resources to help you on Spectrum’s website.  Login to your account at and browse the Spectrum Support Library.

If you are a Spectrum mobile customer, there is a specific landing page for your tech support and other needs.  Go to to access this. The webpage includes a search tool to find the answers you need by keyword.  It also has popular topics – both broad and more specific – that you can use, including:

  •         Getting started

o   Plan and package options

o   Back up your device

o   Spectrum mobile activation

  •         Account and billing

o   Auto pay information

o   Manage your voicemail

o   WiFi calling

  •         Coverage and network

o   Spectrum mobile coverage

o   Connect to Spectrum WiFi hotspots

o   Data usage FAQs

  •         Device

o   Device troubleshooting

o   Device help and tutorials

o   Protection plan FAQs

You can also get help right from the contact page of Spectrum’s website –  There is a search feature to help you find the information you need. There are also solutions to frequently asked questions including:

  •         How do I check if there’s a weather outage in my area?
  •         How do I sign into my account?
  •         I have questions about my bill. What’s included in my bill?
  •         How do I view my channel lineup or TV package?
  •         My internet connection is slow and I often lose my connection. How can I fix this?
  •         Does Spectrum offer accessibility solutions?
  •         I’m moving. What do I need to do?

The contact page also has direct links to weather outage information.  These can be found

  1. In one of the four boxes near the bottom of the webpage with the title “Weather Outages.”
  2. In the black section at the very bottom of the page on the right side by the lightning bolt where it says “Get Weather Outage Info.”