Washington, DC Home Security Systems and Alarms – plus Crime Stats

Washington, DC


Home Security Recommendation

strongly-recommended-whiteHome security is strongly recommended in Washington due to very high violent crime rates and very high non-violent crime rates. Monitored home security systems have been shown to protect individuals and families more effectively than personal defense, fake stickers, and most other anti-theft measures.

Washington, District of Columbia reported 7,880 violent crimes in this most recent year, which is very high for a city with about 646,449 people. That violent crime rate – 1219 violent crimes per 100,000 people – is 3.2 times higher than the national average.

There were also 5,087 reported property crimes in Washington, or 4574 per 100,000 people. This is a very high rate of property crime for the United States: 78% higher than the rest of the country.

Overall, Washington reported 5,793 total crimes, which is 78% higher than the rest of the nation. Our recommendation of “strongly recommended” for this city is based on these facts.

Professional Home Security


Company 36-Month Avg. Price 36-Month Avg. Price w/Camera Minimum Contract App Rating Pricing Transparency Link
1. Frontpoint $38.63 $58.27 12 months 4.2 Good Visit site
2. Link Interactive $34.77 $48.49 36 months 4.4 (Third party) Good Visit site
3. SimpliSafe $23.46 $33.68 No contract 3.4 Excellent Visit site
4. Scout $28.71 $34.23^ No contract 3.9 Excellent Visit site
5. Monitronics $39.09  $48.82 36 months 4.4 (Third party) Good Visit site
6. LiveWatch $40.67 $55.67 12 months 4.4 (Third party) Good Visit site
7. AlarmForce $39.99 $60.51 36 months 3.4 Good Visit site
8. Protection 1 ~$45 ~$55 36 months 3.1 Mediocre  Visit site
9. ADT Must call Must call (Est. $67) 36 months 3.2 Poor Visit site
10. Protect America Must call Must call 36 months 3.1 Poor Visit site

Last updated 9/16/2016

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DIY Home Security

DIY systems lack the monitoring and professional service of the companies above, but alarms may still help residents protect themselves.

Fortress Security Store

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Features: Land-line with power; easy to install within 60ft.

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Amazon Rating: 4.1

Features: Landline and cellular for extra security; pet friendly.

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SimpliSafe2 – Unmonitored

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Features: Cellular technology with battery back-up; no contract.

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Smart Things 2

Amazon Rating: 3.5

Features: Not a great interface, but lots of WiFi devices.

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All Amazon ratings as of 9/24/2016


Washington Violent Crime Details

Violent crime rates include murder, rape, robberies, or assaults.

Violent crime per 100,000 residents 1219
(very high)
  Murders 103
  Rapes 393
  Robberies 3,660
  Assaults 3,724

Washington Property Crime

Non-violent crime rates were calculated using burglaries, thefts, and stolen vehicles. We do not include arson here unless someone was injured, since our goal is to discuss personal and property safety in Washington.

Nonviolent crime per 100,000 residents 4574
(very high)
  Burglaries 3,314
  Thefts 23,108
  Stolen Vehicles 3,147

Read more about this data here.

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